Whatsapp Video Calls

WhatsApp is already known as the world’s most popular communication medium. But now, WhatsApp’s is expected to compete with services like Skype and FaceTime.

WhatsApp officially launched its video calling feature, And the features will be launched worldwide for its one billion users on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps over in the next few days. WhatsApp’s data security standards keep pace with new video calling features will not completely encrypted, Protecting the calls from listened Into Being.

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Beta users as Android users who had registered, as well as new updates to their messaging app WhatsApp’s, has added the video calling facility. For free video chat using the new feature, WhatsApp messaging platform developers are examining the possibility of the server.

WhatsApp Video Call

Deccan Chronicle reported on, Skype, Hangouts, and other video calling apps such as Whats App users can now use video chat. Beta users to bring new features, WhatsApp authorities, basically for the introduction of video calling services ultimately has the ability to test.

If you registered as “Beta Tester” Whats App allows you to make video calls. However, for him will have to click on the button calling. There is two options to be found, ‘voice’ and ‘audio’. In the feature, you can switch to the rear camera to the front camera. If you missed a video call and can be found in the Notifications. However, if you want to call back, click on the menu will be the same.