Best Apple Watch Monthly Payments Plans 2021

If you love technology and you keep tabs on the latest devices in the market then you can agree with me that Apple products are mind-blowing. Apple is a well-established tech company in the world and is among the top companies according to various statistics platforms. Apple is well-known to produce high-quality gadgets for its existing customers and also the products have a lot of features that can aid in your day-to-day activities. Apple has wide manufactured a variety of products but today we will focus on the Apple Watch. Today, I’ll guide you through the Apple Watch pay monthly plans in 2020.

As we all know a watch is for checking the time and date at certain points in the day but Apple Watch is a sophisticated watch. Apple Watch comes with various features, unlike the usual watch, you check the time. The Apple Watch, it comes with a fitness tracker, health tracker, communication apps, GPS technology and so much more. The Watch allows you to connect to the internet and you can sync it with your phone so that you can get notifications even if you are away from your smartphones.

The watch has an inbuilt processor that runs on highly developed technology and a suitable operating system so that you can navigate around easily. Due to these sophisticated features, the Apple Watch is expensive and you will have to part off with a huge amount of money of which it can bring a huge financial disaster if you are on a tight budget. If you desire to buy one then no need to worry as you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll take the Apple Watch to pay monthly plans that can help you pay for the watch without having to struggle to pay the full amount at once.  Various carriers have these programs that can help you out. Also, I’ll take on other ways you can get the gadgets from other methods.

Can you opt for the Apple Watch deals at the Apple Store?

The Apple Store is an ideal store to get the Apple products and to avoid getting counterfeit products as there are other tech stores that might sell fake devices to its customers which ruins Apple’s name. However, the Apple Store isn’t normally the go-to spot for Apple Watch as it is usually expensive.

Going to the Apple Store is an ideal option if you have an older Apple Watch series. Apple has a superb option for such individuals with the trade-in deal for consumers with older Apple watches. The offers allow you to trade in your Series 2 or 3 Apple watch for a new Apple Watch Series 5.

apple watch monthly payments

Why Apple Watch monthly payment plan is an ideal choice?

As we all know, getting an Apple Watch can cost you a fortune, and if you opt for paying the full amount you might end taking a big dent in your wallet. You should opt for the monthly option as you can get flexible monthly installments that you can bend into them easily.

Also, the monthly installment can help you save money and avoid being cashless at the beginning of the month. There are various companies that offer the “buy now pay later” option and don’t have strict requirements and you can apply for the product. Read ahead to find out the various companies that offer this option.

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The best companies that provide Monthly payment plans on Apple Watch

After extensive research with my colleagues, let’s go through the best carriers with reliable monthly payment plans on Apple watches.

1) Luthersales

Luthersaless is a lucrative sales company and is well-known to sell various commodities of Apple. You can get Apple laptops, computers, tablets, phones and watches. For the watches, the company offers from the first generation to the latest generation.

Luthersales has a favorable Apple Watch pay monthly plan as the Apple watch are quite an expensive gadget. The good thing about the company is that their leasing period is spread for one to three years thus allowing the buyer to pay in weekly or monthly installments.

Also, the company has no credit check on customers and they deliver the product to your doorstep. One thing you need to be aware of is that signing of the leasing agreement is involved and you can incur penalties when bleached.

To sign up for the Apple watch you need to follow the following:

  • Open and login to your account or you can register.
  • Apply: in your account, choose the watch you prefer and fill in the application form with authentic information.
  • Wait for the approval from the company
  • Once approved, you can choose the “buy now pay later” plan that you can afford and carefully read the terms and conditions on the plan.
  • Make the initial payment and it shall be delivered at your doorstep.
  • Continue leasing to own the item.

2) Experimax

Experimax is another ideal company is an ideal source of Apple Watch. The company sells a variety of Apple starting from the First Generation to the latest generation. It provides “buy now pay later” payment on these watches and the plans vary from each other depending on the value of the watch. Applying for the smartwatch is an easy procedure and you can follow the process below.

  • You need to sign up for an account at but you can also visit their local stores then you choose the ideal watch and place them on the cart.
  • Fill in and submit the application form then wait for approval from the company.
  • After, the approval you need to choose from the various plans offered and keenly read the terms and conditions.
  • Lease to own. Make the initial payment and wait for delivery and continue with the payment for ownership

3) Lease Ville

Lease Ville is a well-established company that also offers payment plans for Apple watches to interested buyers that can’t buy the watch at once. The plans offered vary as per the value and type of watch. Generally, the leasing period of these periods is spread over one year with weekly or monthly payments.

The good is that there is no credit check conducted to the customer and the earlier you pay the more you save. Also, the product is delivered at your doorstep at no fee and the leasing period is widely spread thus making the installments cheap and affordable.

However, if you delay in payment then you are liable to additional charges.  The applying process is similar to the other carriers, provided you provide the accurate information required. Check out their website at

4) FlexShopper, LLC

It is another company that provides monthly payment options on Apple Watch and is well-known at providing Mac Book no pro financing any credit check. FlexShopper sells a variety of Apple watches at different payment plans thus giving customers the chance to choose the affordable plan.

The application process is a very simple and easy process to acquire the watch on credit. The company does not have a credit check on customers and they deliver your product fast for free. Also, it has affordable monthly installments and even weekly installments. You need to keep the following in mind when buying the smartwatch;

  • You must be living in the US.
  • You must be 18 and above.
  • You must have a consistent paycheck.

Failure to observe these guidelines, you won’t be eligible for the watches.


  • Visit the company’s website at and shop for your desired watch.
  • Fill in the application and wait for approval.
  • After approval, choose the right plan that suits you and read the terms and conditions of the plan.
  • Pay the initial payment and continue leasing to own the gadget.

5) Electro Finance

Lastly, Electro Finance is a good company that offers good monthly payment plans for Apple Watches. It offers various plans that may vary due to the value of the watch. Not only does it offer monthly payment options but also it offers weekly payment options.

It has a widely spread leasing period of up to 12 months and there is no credit check on the buyer. Also, they deliver your product free of charge. The application process is easy. Check out their website at and open an account.

During application, while filling the application form you need to provide proof of identities like a social security number or government photo ID. After the approval, make the initial payment plans and wait for the delivery and ensure you continue with the leasing for ownership of the product.

Other alternatives for getting Apple Watch

If you are not satisfied with the Apple Watch to pay monthly plans then no need to worry as there are other methods of getting the smartwatch. Below are the best alternatives if you don’t qualify for the monthly option.

i) Freecycle

Freecycle is a popular website that you can ask for the help of anything you need. The website is made of generous well-wishers who would wish to donate items you need. If you can’t afford the Apple Watch then you can visit the website and make a request. Lady luck might fall on you and find someone willing to donate it to you.

ii) Loan Monkey

Loan Monkey is a well-established company and is an alternative way of getting Apple Watch despite the bad credit. The company links you to various reliable loan providers online and the unique thing about them there is no credit check.

At the website, you will fill an application form that you submit to them and later the company will link you to a potential lender and you acquire the cash loan that you require for the Apple Watch that you desire. You need to be keen on the terms and conditions and you should fully understand it before handing in the application form.

iii) Donations

As a US citizen, you can make donations which are a good option that you can get the smartwatch without strain. There is various donations that you can offer, for instance, Plasma donation. Not only are you saving someone’s life but also you get finances and purchase your preferred Apple Watch.

In some of the states, you get paid $50 per every donation you make which sounds absurd at first but isn’t it amazing, right? This can help you top up to the amount you have saved then you can purchase your Apple Watch.

iv) Save up money

In terms of saving money, you need to cut out your expenses to get enough money and you can get your Apple Watch with less strain. Though it can be tough sacrificing some of the expenses it is worth a shot. For example, if you have a constant monthly shopping budget you can cut out a third of it and add it to your savings. With these in mind you can save up month in two to three months and you will be smiling as you head to your Apple Watch.

v) Sell some of your stuff

If your household is filled up with a lot of stuff and you find unnecessary stuff at the moment then you can opt for this option. You can easily gather all the items in your house that you don’t use at all then you can post them on your social page and you can market the products superbly. You might find a good buyer at a good fee and you can save it up so that you can your Apple Watch.

Bottom Line

As you have seen various companies offer the Apple Watch pay for Monthly plans that will aid in payment for the customers. The companies mentioned above have good reputations and you can check out their website that is user-friendly and you can understand what you are been offered. Also, the companies offer affordable and flexible monthly and weekly installments. Feel free to leave your views in the comment section below.