How To Get Free Cell Phone Service Without Paying

It seems everyone today has a cell phone that they carry everywhere. However, cell phone bills can be quite expensive, especially if you end signing-up for the wrong plan. The most important part of having a mobile phone, however, is how to get free cell phone service without paying. When cell phone services compare to the pricey local landline plans of the yesteryear’s, which were a luxury, most people cannot begin to fathom the idea of getting a cell phone service with no charges.

We have heard of free deals for the device itself, such as the free phones from straight talk. Nonetheless, accessing free service for cell phones has been a nightmare for most consumers. With mobile virtual network operators no longer giving contracts, even cell phones are getting more difficult to find without paying. Therefore, imagining how to get free cell phone service for life might seem like a way out of this world. But in the current situation, there are shortcuts to nearly everything in life. As such, if you know how to access a free cell phone service without any charges, then you can do it.

As inevitable as it was, cell phones are now the most essential consumer product in the marketplace. If you do not have a mobile phone already, you can check out our useful resource on cell phone financing bad credit. You can even use the free cell phone service with one of the devices from companies financing bad credit. While some people incur hundreds of dollars in cell phone monthly charges, you do not have to do that because of these plans carrying free cell phone service.

Plans With Free Cell Phone Service

how to get free cell phone service without paying

Although there are multiple free, legit ways to access cell phone service for free, there are also plenty of scams you might encounter. Scams are often prevalent in such areas, where consumers feel desperate to cut costs. One of the most popular frauds today is on how to hack cell phones to get free service. You have probably heard of some hack for Android devices that will magically avail free internet to users.

You are likely to find results about that topic if you look for ways to access free internet for your cell phone. In most cases, the information comes in the form of tutorials detailing how to hack a cell phone or browser to receive free data on the device. Unfortunately, that method has left most consumers crying foul. Many have ended up harming their devices to the extent of being completely unusable.

Some scammers do it differently. Beware of offers inviting you to buy into a hacking guide or any other service that is should supposedly grant you access to free internet on your cell phone. Don’t fall for those cheap tricks by scammers who only want to take your money and run. Here are legit ways on how to get free cell phone service without paying. You can also use our cell phone for free from government resources for free cell phones and services for low-income families. With the options below, you can get a free or extremely cheap cell phone plan that does not damage your device.

1. FreedomPop Basic Plan

This is one of the free cell phone services in the market. With the Basic 500 plan from FreedomPop, you will bid farewell to monthly bills. The plan comes with a one-time activation fee costing $49.99. Once you pay the fee, you can begin enjoying this deal. The plan often entails:

  • 500 MB data
  • 500 texts
  • 200 minutes of countrywide calls

You will want to be careful not to exceed the allotment. Going over the limits usually attracts charges. Therefore, always remember to keep track of your usage.

Apart from the bucks you save every month on cell phone service, FreedomPop gives out Alcatel OneTouch Conquest smartphone without charges. The free $150-worth certified pre-owned device accompanies your free phone service.

Besides, it is not a bad device after all. It comes with a 16-hour battery life in usage mode, and a 500-hour battery life while on standby. In addition, it features a 5-inch touchscreen. For pictures, you get both a selfie and a rear camera.

2. Cell Nuvo

Cell Nuvo provides free monthly phone service coverage. No monthly payments, and on the free plan, get 2,500 credits at no cost. The credits usually transform into data, calls, and text.

  • A text message uses 1 credit
  • A minute of calling uses 10 credits
  • 1 MB of 4G LTE data uses 10 credits

You get all the above without incurring any costs. While it sounds like one of the too good to be true deals, it is a legitimate way to get free cell phone service. This is the basic plan by Cell Nuvo, commonly known as the Infinite plan. This is a great place to check when you need a cell phone service but cannot afford to pay for it.

3. FreeUp Mobile

This plan avails one month’s free service when you shift to their network. FreeUp Mobile’s starter plans include free 500 minutes talk-time or opt for 500 texts with 100MB of data.

Once you are done with the first free month, continuing with the start plan costs $10 a month. Otherwise, you can choose to upgrade to one of their premium plans. The most expensive plan by FreeUp Mobile costs $40. It comes with unlimited data, text, and talk-time. There are other plans as well. Simply choose what will work best for your case.

Besides the affordable plan, users can earn points using their app. This will go a long way towards making the plan even cheaper. Using the FreeUp rewards app, users can shop online, refer friends, and take surveys to increase their points, which can go towards their monthly bills. You can significantly decrease your monthly bill or even clear it using the rewards system.

4. Sprint Unlimited Free One Year Plan

Sprint is one of the carriers that provide unrestricted texts, calls, and data for a year. The plan is not for life but can save consumers hundreds of dollars. The plan entails:

  • $12 advance payment
  • Unrestricted, calls, data, and texts
  • Come with your phone plus phone number
  • Zero activation fee

To be eligible for this offer from Sprint, make sure your phone is unlocked. In addition, the phone must meet the specifications of devices using Sprint’s network. It is essential to know that sim cards are not free. They often come at a cost of $2.99 for every sim card as well as another $10 as handling fees.

Unlimited hotspot tethering data

Sprint has another deal to enable friends and family to gain access to a customer’s cell phone. It carries 10 GB of high-speed data. The plan features:

  • Unrestricted hotspot data
  • 10 GB 4G LTE data

This is an ideal choice for family members in need of extra data, families with teens, or those that use the device communally.

5. Q-Link Wireless

Q-link wireless is one of the Lifeline Assistance free government cell phone service providers. With this service, qualifying consumers get a free cell phone carrying 500 minutes plus unrestricted texts every month. You can as well rollover any unused talk-time minutes to the new month.

Q-link wireless provides its consumers with a bonus program for referring friends. Every referred friend earns you 100 bonus minutes. Q-link can also provide a free cell phone.

How To Access A Free Cell Phone

All five plans above gravitate towards how to get free cell phone service without paying. However, you might have more interest in a free cell phone. When it comes to free cell phones, you have many options to consider.

You could be wondering why there are plenty of free cell phone options in the marketplace. Could it be that certain carriers are trying to get you into signing up for their plan? Although you will be paying monthly charges for the plans, you end up with a free cell phone. Therefore, be sure to determine what matters most to you.

Always be keen on the deals you find in the market. A few providers will seem like they are giving out a free phone, only for you to pay for it for many years. In other instances, you might just be leasing the phone for a couple of years. In that case, the phone was not as free as you had thought. Be sure to scrutinize the details of your free phone and accompanying service plan before signing up.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in how to get free cell phone service without paying, be sure to pursue the legit ways we have highlighted. There are free government cell phone plans for low-income families. You can check your eligibility for one of those programs in your state. However, you will want to keep away from the shortcuts and scams that will only lead to you damaging your phone, and in some cases lose hard-earned cash.