How To Get Free Phones From Straight Talk

Mobile phones are undeniably our most used accessories. It is unfortunate how rarely, however, they are rendered affordable to the general public. Free phones from Straight Talk, however, have come to save you from painful excess spending and we are here to report it.

Companies like Straight Talk have arisen in the past few years to offer Americans an alternative to expensive smart-phones and ludicrous payment plans. Their plans offer nation-wide internet service and unlimited call time at a fraction of the cost of current industry leaders. This is not to say they do not work alongside these giants; as you are to read further in this article, straight talk phones that use Verizon towers, for instance, are among their most distributed products.

But if you are tired of signing up to plans and not getting anything in return but a new debit in your account, no need to depart this page: your pain is understood. This is why we are happy to offer you guidance on how to obtain gleaming, factory-reconditioned Straight talk wireless phones entirely free of charge.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the free phones, however, you may want to know about the general benefits of signing up for a straight-talk plan. You will also want to know how each plan differs from the other, and which plan is best suited for your budget. We will also provide you with an additional resource on exciting deals such as the Straight Talk mobile hotspot plans, which are certain to best compliment your new phone. If you’re uncertain whether Straight Talk will have the phone models you need, make sure to go through our straight talk phone compatibility article first.

A Little Background On Straight Talk

The Straight Talk company is only 4 years old. However it’s beginning steps have been nothing but baby-ish; instead, it joined the telecommunication market with a bang, introducing a nation-wide price-dropping bridge between phone users and America’s best network companies. Basically, you may think of Straight Talk as a holder of top network coverage willing to offer you membership at – let’s face it – a fraction of the price Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint would.

While it isn’t entirely clear the deals Straight Talk has concluded with Verizon, it is our educated guess that the company purchases mass-scale airtime from the 4 leading networks in the country. This airtime must be subjected to heavy discounts, for it is then re-sold to the consumer against a small monthly membership fee, in the form of a free internet or free phone calls (or both).

A variety of retail giants such as Walmart sell Straight Talk phones and deals both at their physical and web locations.

Joining Straight-Talk

Straight Talk runs nationwide. Therefore, the joining process is easy. You need not worry about contracts; Straight-talk proposes non-binding agreements to its users. These agreements are relatively flexible to financial or usage changes.

Joining Straight Talk consists of 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose a phone from Straight Talk’s wide selection of devices. You may also opt to keep your own.
  2. Purchase a compatible SIM activation kit
  3. Select a monthly plan (listed below)
  4. Visit their website to activate your phone online.

You should note that thought Straight Talk will help you save, it will also offer you a variety of premium devices. Though the prices will remain competitive, some of the higher-ticket phones such as the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S9 are available at their e-stores and retail stalls.

If you are looking to save when you buy straight talk phones, however, you may want to check out their selection of new smart-phones for under $100.

You will then have to select a monthly plan. Your choice can be any of the following:

  • $30 All You Need Plan : 1,500 nationwide call minutes, unlimited nationwide texts and 100 MB of free data
  • $35 Unlimited Plan : Unlimited calls nationwide, unlimited texts nationwide, unlimited data nationwide (first 3GB of data will be at 4G/3G speeds and will fall at 2G from there on)
  • $45 Unlimited Plan : Unlimited calls nationwide, unlimited texts nationwide, unlimited data nationwide (first 25 GB of data will be at 4G/3G speeds and will fall at 2G from there on)
  • $55 Ultimate Unlimited Plan : Unlimited calls nationwide, unlimited texts nationwide, unlimited top-speed data nationwide (straight talk may review your account after a 60 GB+ monthly data use, as a violation of their terms and services. However, this does not hinder the video-watching experience, as users can still benefit from about 2GB worth of fast-loading, DVD-quality video every day for a full month!)
  • $60 Unlimited International Plan : unlimited calls nationwide, unlimited texts nationwide, unlimited data nationwide (first 3GB of data will be at 4G/3G speeds and will fall at 2G from there on), unlimited international calls to Mexico, Canada, China, and India mobiles, unlimited international calls to over 1,000 landline destinations, 400 call minutes to Claro Guatemala Subscribers.

Note : Add-on data is sold at $5 per GB.

Straight Talk Free Phones

Straight Talk appears to have decided to take steps a little further in 2019. Now, by switching to Straight Talk’s unlimited plans – which start at only $35 – you can have a new phone, entirely free of charge!

All you need to begin is to text ‘FREE’ to 611611 and an LG, Alcatel or ZTE phone could be yours. Straight Talk is now welcoming new users to its community by offering free phones with their nationwide plans. As you have read above, you can register for an unlimited service plan for as little as $35 a month. You will not be required to sign any contract. You will not have to pay activation fees or provide credit checks, either. Instead, you will have to agree to 3 months of auto-refill, which will amount to about $100-$105.

Free Straight Talk Phones & The Payment Plans You Will Need


Flip phones may seem a little outdated, and yet we are bound to always love them. When it comes to this model, perhaps it is the nostalgia, perhaps it is the fact that the price is unbeatable – it is free! The Alcatel MYFLIP comes entirely free of charge with a 3 month subscription to ANY of the service plans mentioned above. This means that this phone, unlimited data nationwide and unlimited calls nationwide can be available to you for 3 whole months for only $105.

Though it is an old model, the Alcatel MYFLIP has not aged one bit. It offers you all the vital features of a functional phone; from email to 4G web, you can use every essential smartphone tool on this ideally-sized gadget. This phone is ideal if you’re looking to avoid the bulk and complexity of recent touch-screens. Besides, the flip-phone design offers easy call pick-up/hang-up tactile screens can often struggle with. You’d never have to panic-wipe your hands to pick up a call again.

A unique point of this phone is the durability of its make. Because of its compact design, it is practically crack-proof.

Phone Features

  • 4G LTE Internet Speed
  • 8” QVGA (320X240) TFT-TN Display
  • A 2MP Back camera with a 60 degree angle
  • Battery equipped with a 10-hour talk time battery
  • A Memory of 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM
  • 13”x2.08”x0.74” dimensions
  • Weighs 4.16 ounces
  • Battery made from Lithium-ion 1350mAh
  • A standby period of up to 12 days
  • Uses a KaiOS Operating System

The retail price of the Alcatel MYFLIP is about $30. Therefore, getting a free Alcatel MYFLIP on the All You Need Plan is practically a steal. This phone is an ideal pick for the dynamic user in need of quick, easy and effective communication.


Now there’s a model worth an immediate subscription! If you are looking for something a little more modern than a classic flip-phone, this is the device you may want to check out. You will need at least an All You Need service plan for this model.

The ZTE ZFIVE is essentially a smart-phone with an ultra-sleek design in standard smart-phone sizing. ZTE has for long dominated the market as a provider of affordable, functional phones with the newest features and a durable casing. The ZTE has an HD 5.0” display which allows you to surf the web and watch your favorite videos as comfortably as if you were using a model worth ten times the price. This model is perfect for those seeking functionality and quality on a small budget.

Phone Features

  • 4G LTE internet speed/Wi-Fi
  • A 5” HD display
  • A 5 MegaPixel back camera
  • A 2 MegaPixel front camera
  • 10 Hours of autonomous talk time
  • 16 GB of device memory + micro SDHC card slot
  • 2,200 mAh battery for up to 6 days of standby autonomy
  • 43 ounces of weight
  • 73”x2.83”x0.37” dimensions
  • A CDMA/LTE Band frequency technology
  • An M4/T4 Hearing aid

Upon a new subscription to the All You Need service, this phone is delivered to the new user with a battery, activation card and services, and quick start guides.

This phone is both ideals for internet-active adult and children heading back to school. It combines the functionalities of the most complex smartphones with the ease of use of original smart tablets. This phone usually retails for about $30, therefore obtaining it with a Straight Talk deal is a fantastic offer.

How To Get Free Phones From Straight Talk Wireless

You can find Straight Talk at Walmart, which is probably the most accessible retail outlet you will find. In order to find the closest Straight Talk phone outlet near you, visit the Straight Talk Wireless Portal. On this page, you will be asked to input your Zip Code or a full address, and the closest of the 3,000 WalMart stores currently featuring Straight Talk services will be mapped out.

At the Straight Talk physical location you select, you will be offered a variety of service plans, the most popular of which have been listed above. You will have to select a plan and a payment method. Then you will be required to pay the first month of service immediately, but the second and third compulsory months will be debited a full month and 60 days later.

You will then be provided with a call line (1-877-430-2355) through which you can activate your service. Once your service is activated, you can expect a swift delivery of your new phone.

Your new phone will come with the casing mentioned above, and a 1 year warranty.

Complimentary Services

Once the new phone is yours, you may want to make the best use of it with an additional Straight Talk plan. Straight talk mobile hotspot plans, for one, will equip your home with an internet connection that will allow you to stream endlessly from your new device.

The hotspot plans offered by straight talk also allow the use of several connected devices at home. This means your TV, phone, and laptop can all be connected to the device at once, and that for as little as $15 a month.

A Concluding Note

Straight Talk has until now earned a reputation as a provider of excellent offers. However, they may have now become a touch more than that: they are one of the few companies that still believe in the power of free stuff. As consumers, we love this for two reasons:

  • The goodies,
  • The sentiment of company appreciation.

Granted, you are unlikely to earn a free brand new iPhone out of any affordable offer. Straight Talk does not claim to flood its users with gifts and rewards. However, their offers are worth considering. Free phones from Straight Talk currently on offer for a short subscription deal are nothing short of functional. They will allow you to snap pictures, visit the web and communicate as effectively as you may with any other smart-phone, but at a much more enticing price-free!