10 Best California Lifeline Cell Phone Providers

Cell phones are increasingly becoming part and parcel of everyday life. Every US citizen at least needs a cell phone for calling, sending text messages, or data services. Like other US citizens, California residents also enjoy the fruits of lifeline assistance programs from various cell phone providers. The government contracts these service providers to provide free phones to those who can’t afford them. Below are some of the best California lifeline cell phone providers you can contact for lifeline services.

Top 10 Best California Lifeline Cell Phone Providers List

1. Access Wireless Cell Phone Provider

If you are a California resident and eligible for free government cell phones for low income individuals, you should try Access Wireless. The carrier has a good network coverage not only in this state but also in the other American States. Being a lifeline service provider, you must qualify for other government programs to be eligible for Access Wireless Plans.

What They Offer

  • Offers several free government phones
  • Additional benefits include 200MB data, unlimited texts, free 50MB data every month, and 1000 minutes talk time.
  • Wide network coverage
  • Wide array of compatible phones available
  • Unlimited talk time

2. Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Provider

Assurance Wireless is another free government smartphone provider that offers California free phones for seniors under the Sprint or Nextel Company. This provider is available in more than 35 states and seeking to improve their coverage to match its competitors. Like other network carriers, this company offers different plans based on the state.

Assurance wireless is currently the second-largest company in the country. To qualify for their services, you should be on a free government assistance program or live with a household income between 135-150% of the recognized poverty level. Note that California is the most populous state, and enjoys the best deals from nearly all the companies.

What They Offer

  • Free android smartphones with California lifeline phone number
  • Unlimited minutes in their Freedom Plan
  • 2GB data bundles
  • Unlimited texts

All these are available at no extra cost. That aside, you can subscribe to the Assurance Wireless top-up plan to enjoy more convenient offers such as topping up options from PayPal, debit, or credit card. You also enjoy international calls at a little fee on the plans.

3. EnTouch Wireless Cell Phone Providers

EnTouch Wireless joins the list of the best California lifeline cell phone providers for many reasons. It is a subsidiary of Boomerang Wireless and an active participant in the government’s lifeline assistance program. Apart from California, the carrier operates in 20 other states where residents get to enjoy their two available plans.

The two plans include;

  • The Non-Tribal Plan
    • Comes with unlimited talk and texts
    • Free cell phones
    • 500MB monthly data
  • The Tribal Plan
    • Has unlimited talk time and text
    • 4GB monthly data

From the two plans, customers using the Non-Tribal plan enjoy the most. Like other companies, the qualification criteria for this lifeline service is participating in one of the government programs such as Supplementary security income or Medicaid.

4. SafeLink Wireless Cell Phone Provider

SafeLink Wireless is another best California lifeline cell phone providers. The company has a presence in more than 40 states and reputable services. California residents can apply for their services, a new phone, and the following additional offers.

What They Offer

  • Unlimited internet
  • Caller ID notification
  • Free cell phone
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited voice calls and texts
  • Free 411 and 911 calling

The plans by SafeLink to its customers in California is cheaper compared to what SafeLink charges in other states. The reason behind this disparity is that California State pays for the additional subsidies while other states do not. This also explains why residents in California get more and better offers compared to the other American States.

5. SafetyNet Wireless Cell Phone Providers

SafetyNet Wireless is a relatively new lifeline service provider in California joining other best California lifeline cell phone providers. The carrier offers several plans for California residents who qualify.

What They Offer

  • Free government phones and smartphones
  • 5GB data bundle
  • Unlimited text and talk time

The company additionally has the “bring your own phone plan” that allows eligible customers to bring their own phone of choice free of charge. SafetyNet provides a free SIM card together with its configurations.

6. TruConnect Cell Phone Provider

TruConnect is another incredible lifeline cell phone provider that offers services in California and other states, which include Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Nevada, and Kansas. Like other mobile carriers, TruConnect offers better deals to California residents due to the state’s high reimbursement levels.

What They Offer

  • Unlimited voice and text plans
  • 500MB data bundles
  • Wide array of smartphones

To qualify for their services, you should provide satisfactory government programs participation and household income. The company might have a small name but is the firm behind Stalwarts, a leading provider of free government cell phones.

7. Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile offers free government lifeline smartphones to almost 20 states across the US. In the state of California, the company offers several provisions for its customers. To enjoy their services, you will have to bring your own smartphone. Their services slightly vary depending on if you chose a Tag Mobile given smartphone or Tag Mobile SIM.

What They Offer

  • Unlimited voice minutes
  • Unlimited texting
  • 2GB data bundle

Other states enjoy Tag Mobile services, though not as offered in California. Their plans include 750 minutes call time, 1GB Data, and unlimited texts. If you go for the Tag Mobile SIM plan, you get a free 2GB monthly data. For the smartphone plan, you get only a 1GB data plan. Qualification for either depends on the Federal Poverty Guides.

8. FeelSafe Wireless Cell Phone Providers

FeelSafe Wireless is a Lifeline cell phone provider that offers phone services to residents of California, Michigan, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Ohio, Oklahoma, and other US states. Like other lifeline cell phone providers, the company offers several services for California residents.

What They Offer

  • Unlimited talk time
  • Unlimited text
  • 2GB data bundle
  • 100 international SMS
  • 911 call services
  • Voice mail
  • Call settings including caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.

To apply for FeelSafe Wireless cell phones, you should make your application through their website along with proof of financial status. These include the W-2 forms, letter of unemployment, payroll, and other essential documents.

9. ReachOut Wireless Cell Phone Providers

ReachOut Wireless also falls into this category, helping low-income consumers get affordable or free phone plans. The company is one of the best cell phone providers of free government cell phones that helps financially disadvantaged families. You can qualify for the ReachOut Wireless services if your average family income is below 135% Federal Poverty standards.

What They Offer

  • Smartphone with 250 minutes
  • Low cost messaging
  • Calling services including voice mail and 3-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding

10. Telscape Communications

Telscape Communications is a relatively new cell phone providing company in California, especially to the central California community. The company focuses its efforts on low-income Hispanic citizens. Nonetheless, their programs are available to any other California citizen who qualifies for government lifeline services.

Like other mobile carriers, there are two ways of qualifying for this. First, you can qualify based on your household income, if it falls below the federally accepted poverty guidelines. Secondly, you can qualify for their services if one of your family members participates in one of the government’s assistance programs.

What They Offer

  • A free cell phone
  • With a fee of $2.50, customers get 300 minutes of talk and text time

Unlike other companies, there is a catch before enjoying Telscape’s services. The providers charge a one-time registration or activation fee of $62. If you qualify for their free government phone program, the fee is reduced to $32.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one apply to more than one cell phone service provider?

No. the government has a strict policy of one government cell phone for every household. That said, if you have applied for a cell phone from one service provider, then you cannot apply for one from another service provider.

Is it possible to switch service providers?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with what your current service provider offers, you can switch to another cell phone service provider. The process is known as Benefits Transfer and can be done upon the request of the lifeline program beneficiary. Once the transfer is complete, your initial service provider deactivates your services.

Bottom Line

Cell phone service providers partner with Lifeline Assistance programs to provide California residents with plans with different features. This means that free government cell phone plans that are available in your state could be different from what is offered in another state.

If you satisfy the government’s eligibility criteria, you can apply to one of the above-mentioned lifeline cell phone providers for their services. With it, you get to enjoy a new smartphone, talk time, text services, and data bundles for the internet in California. Always compare the services offered by various companies before making a choice.