10 Best Cell Phone Booster For Verizon

There are many reasons why one would require a signal boost. It might be because you are traveling upcountry or you live in rural areas where the signal reception is poor. Some geographical factors, such as hilly and mountainous regions can drastically affect the signal strength. In these cases, your signal provider might not have any towers in the vicinity. In fact, even if you are close to the towers, there can be static induced interference.

Regardless of your situation, you are much likely to appreciate a faster connection, whether for casual or official communication. Verizon, being one of the largest network providers in America, is not only convenient but also has affordable rates. In as much as this is the case, you will find yourself in a situation where you require a signal boost to help with your communication.

Fast forward, why would you need a Verizon cell phone booster? How do you pick the best one? Find out the answers to these and more questions in our comprehensive guide for the 10 best cell phone boosters for Verizon.

How a Verizon Cell Phone Booster Works

The key function of a cell phone reception booster is to get the signals around you and amplifying it to be much better. The signal is then rebroadcasted to your device, at an area where there is no reception, or it is generally weak. To work, the cell phone signal is first captured by the outside antenna. It is then amplified by the repeaters through the internal antenna and rebroadcasted across your building, car, etc. To understand the concept behind the functionality of these boosters, you should know that cell phone signals are typically waves. Like the AM and FM radio types. Anything under the sun can block your cell phone waves, among other things;

  • Cell tower distance
  • The building materials used in the building, i.e., radiant barriers, metal, bricks, and other conductive materials
  • Internal building obstructions
  • Outside interference such as trees, hills, mountains, etc.
  • Weather can also significantly impact the signal reception for your network

Taking such factors into consideration, cell phone signal reception might not just be a problem with the rural areas. Urban cities and towns might also experience a network downtime. However, there are also cell phone signal boosters for rural areas which are specifically made to amplify shallow signals.

With a cell phone signal booster, you can enjoy more explicit calls, faster internet browsing, downloads, and uploads. This is basically how signal boosters work on networks with all platforms including; GSM, EVDO, TDMA, CDMA, HSPA+, UMTS, and LTE.

Types of Signal Boosters

There are essentially two types of cell phone boosters;

  1. Analog Signal Repeaters : These consist of the majority of signal repeaters in the market today. They use traditional technology to amplify the carrier frequency. Such boosters are sold with an external antenna and cable kit; hence, installation is required. Analog boosters can give you up to 63dB to 70Db.
  2. Smart Signal Repeaters : These digital repeaters use a more powerful baseband processor to ‘clean’ the signals before they are rebroadcasted. They might come a bit pricey but will bring you a stronger signal reception of up to 100dB.

While boosting your signal reception, these repeaters have their limitations. Some of which are;

  • They cannot increase the internet strength provided by your internet providers
  • They cannot work outside your car or building whose reception it was supposed to cover

How to Pick the Best One Cell Phone Signal Booster

There is no one size fits all when choosing the best signal repeaters. With many top-notch signal boosters in the market, it might be daunting picking the right one. Here is a comprehensive way you can use to pick the best signal receiver;

  • The needed coverage area : The first factor to take into consideration is the coverage area you need for the signal to be amplified. Will you need your entire home covered or it is just a specific area? When you have energy sufficient windows, the signals will have a hard time reaching to you. Moreover, basements often have problems having a strong signal reception. There are also cell phone signal repeaters which are built for a single room or shorter coverage, while others have a wider reach.
  • Gains in decibels provided by the signal booster : It is no brainer that the more powerful the signal boost is, the stronger the reception. A signal booster with a 100dB output is better than one with a 60dB output.
  • The strength of the outside signal : The signal strength outside the place you wanted the signal to be boosted also determines the type of booster you will get. You can use a signal meter or call a technician to come and measure it for you. Furthermore, these installers have vast knowledge and expertise and will advise you on the best location to install the antenna.
  • The length of the cable included in the repeater kit : The cable length provided for the repeater kit is more important than many people know. Essentially, for every 100 feet of every cable used, the signal strength decreases by approximately 3.9 Db. The cable which runs from the exterior antenna to the signal amplifier ought to be as short as possible.
  • Number of users supported : How many people intend to benefit from the signal booster? A stronger repeater can comfortably withstand several users at any given time.
  • Channels and multi-bandwidth support : If you are planning on getting a cell phone signal repeater for a busy home or workplace, you should consider the number of devices using a wireless connection. The best signal booster can switch frequencies to minimize interferences from other electronic gadgets.
  • Product support provided by the manufacturer : Tech support is always one of the most significant considerations when choosing the ideal product. For the best signal repeaters, look for at least two years of warranty on the product and money-back guarantee from the sellers.

How We Picked And Tested Best Cell Phone Boosters

We sampled a number of the most popular and best-selling repeaters on Amazon in our partner labs. Both the uplink and downlink gains of all these boosters were tested and ranked according to their performance.

We had our specialists have real-world experience with the products and their feedback in terms of; the number of users supported, range covered, strength, and ease of installation were all used to pick the best signal boosters.

Top 10 Best Cell Phone Boosters for Verizon

All the products we review have been thoroughly tested before we recommend them to you. We have an outstanding reputation on only providing the best to our readers. Try out, and we assure you that you will thank us for the suggestions.

1. Cel-Fi GO X Signal Booster For Verizon

This is a ‘provider-specific’ powerful booster, making the top of our list. According to the manufacturers, it is the only single carrier cell phone signal boost with up to 100dB. Even though it amplifies one carrier at a time, it has a 40dB more gain when compared to other boosters.

Apart from ensuring that you no longer experience dropped calls, slower internet browsing, uploads, and downloads, the product is also very to install, with almost ‘everything’ you need to be provided.

Cel-Fi GO X Signal Booster For Verizon
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  • The only 100dB single carrier cell phone signal booster
  • Amplifies a signal 40dB more than many other amplifiers
  • Everything for installation is provided for, including extras such as a lightning surge protector and an antenna mount.
  • It does not need a wired internet connection
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Lifetime technical customer support
  • Wall-mounted panel antenna kit
  • This model only boosts the Verizon LTE signal and not the older 2G CDMA signals
  • For better performance, you ought to have at least one bar of LTE signal
  • There should be at least -115 dBm RSRP signal strength

2. SureCall Fusion4Home Verizon Signal Booster

This yagi and whip package has impressive coverage of up to 2000 sq. feet for its price. It is one of the most affordable signal boosters for Verizon on this list, while still ensuring a consistent and clear signal is achieved. The outdoor yagi antenna provides for more accurate signal-grabbing.

SureCall Fusion4Home Verizon Signal Booster
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  • Improves 4G data speeds
  • Covers one or two rooms (Up to 2000 sq. feet)
  • Improves the signal of the cellular device while also boosting the battery life
  • Supports multiple users simultaneously
  • Sturdy metal construction for durability
  • Quite affordable
  • Has a minimal coverage range

3. weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104 Verizon Cell Phone Booster

This is probably one of the best consumer cell phone signal boosters you will ever get. It boosts your LTE and 3G connectivity to up to 32 times better than the initial strength, for fewer dropped calls.

Faster internet connectivity and more explicit phone calls are evident with its powerful 70Db gain. The weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104 covers a larger area, ideal for use at homes and at workstations, with a range of up to 7,500 feet.

weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104 Verizon Cell Phone Booster
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  • Whole home coverage for up to 7,500 sq. feet
  • Frustration-free set up
  • Automatic gain settings
  • Works very well for Verizon
  • Up to 70dB gain
  • All components for installation are provided for
  • Consumes very little battery power, providing an additional 2 hours talk time
  • Only works best when there is some signal to work with

4. SureCall Flare Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit Verizon

Covering a range of 2,500 sq. feet, this is the answer to dropped calls and slower internet connection. The device supports up to eight users using it simultaneously. The manual gain adjustments are used to amplify a specific wireless band. The indoor booster is a combination of both style and functionality with the plastic shell adding more to it.

SureCall Flare Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit Verizon
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  • Has a noise figure of 7 dB
  • Covers up to 2,500 sq. feet
  • Uses a manual gain adjustment
  • Very affordable
  • Up to 8 users using simultaneously
  • There ought to be some signal for there to be a boost

5. A Anntlent Cell Phone Signal Booster For Verizon

With this product, you can be assured that your signal stays strong throughout the day, due to its automatic gain control for automatic optimization. It is one of the best options for someone on a tight budget. If the outside signal is strong enough, the device can cover a range of up to 5,000 sq. feet.

The outdoor antenna has an impressive gain of 7 to 10 dB. The oscillation elimination feature is noteworthy as it not only helps in improving the clarity of sound but also boosts the internet signals. Even as it supports a multiple of devices simultaneously, it still ensures that the signal does not drop at any point, thanks to the maximum output power of 20 dBm and a maximum gain of 64 dB.

A Anntlent Cell Phone Signal Booster For Verizon
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  • Boosts 4G LTE data signals for Verizon signals
  • Signal boost for multiple devices connected simultaneously
  • Indoor panel and outdoor LPDA antennas with the highest gain 7-10dB
  • Extensive area coverage of up to 5,000 sq. feet with a stronger signal
  • Automatic gain control amplifier
  • Oscillation Elimination and inactivity mode for better performance
  • 5-year warranty
  • 3-month replacement guarantee
  • Very affordable
  • The build is not very sturdy

6. weBoost Drive 4G-X RV 470410 Cell Phone Signal Booster

Whether you are moving or stationary, your vehicle should get the best cell phone signal wherever you are. This multi-user cell phone signal booster enables users to enjoy fast 3G and 4G LTE internet usage, offering the maximum gain strength allowed by the FCC for RV signal boosters of 50 dB. The kit comes complete with all the parts necessary for installation, which is also a straightforward step to undertake.

 weBoost Drive 4G-X RV 470410 Cell Phone Signal Booster
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  • 20 feet RG-6 cable with pre-installed connectors
  • 15 Sets of Cable Mounts
  • Offers up to 50 dB of gain
  • FCC certified
  • Extends the cellular signal range
  • Up to 2 hours of additional talk time
  • The product has been reported to break easily by some users

7. Mingcoll Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster

With better coaxial cables and at a lower price, this is a very easy-to-use signal booster which is very impressive at its functionality. It is also effortless to install with its plugging features. With a coverage range of 1500-2000 square feet, you are assured of getting signal boosts for up to 800 Mhz.

Mingcoll Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster
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  • Good-quality logarithmic antenna
  • Works with Verizon 4G LTE Band 13 network frequency
  • Coverage of 1500 to 2000 sq. feet
  • Easy installation
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • A bit pricey

8. A Anntlent Verizon 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster

With a notable advancement in the coverage range of up to 4,000 sq. feet, this product has a vast scope of effectiveness in the offices and home. The outdoor LPDA antenna has a gain of 7 to 10 dB, making it one of the best power signals made.

A Anntlent Verizon 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster
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  • The indoor directional panel and outdoor Yagi antennas have a high gain
  • Broad coverage of up to 4,000 sq. feet
  • FCC certified
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • 30 days of customer satisfaction
  • Easy to install
  • Supports multiple devices used simultaneously
  • Features an automatic gain control
  • Inactivity Mode and Oscillation Elimination for better performance
  • The materials used are not very sturdy

9. Phonelex Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you need to boost a cellular signal but you are running out of cash, the Phonelex cell phone signal repeater is your best shot. You will voice and 4G data support for Verizon phones, regardless of their platform; whether Android, iOS, and Windows. It has a maximum output power of 7.85 dBm and 17.70 dBm for uplinks.

The product will provide you with a maximum gain of up to 62 dB, making sure that you get the best user experience. One of the major concerns of these products is how to install and use. The Phonelex has you covered on that part. It is straightforward to install and use it, making it ideal for use by almost everyone.

It also comes with almost ‘everything’ you need to get you started including; an AC Adapter, the screws you need to mount the product, an indoor whip antenna, a directional antenna to be kept outside, and an easy to understand user manual.

Phonelex Cell Phone Signal Booster
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  • Designed for 4G LTE Band13 Verizon 700mhz cellular band
  • The maximum gain for the downlink is 62±2
  • The maximum gain for uplink is 60±2
  • Low operating temperature
  • Ultra-low noise receive
  • Covers up to 1500-2000 sq. feet with no obstacles
  • Affordable
  • 32-foot cable accompanies the outdoor directional antenna
  • One year warranty
  • It only works if Verizon bands are not switched

10. weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 Cell Phone Signal Booster

This is one of the most popular cell phone signal boosters for cars. The product comes with a powerful FCC maximum downlink power and a powerful uplink. You can be a distance away from the cell signal tower but still, have a good and usable signal.

The signal strength for multiple devices while connected simultaneously can be boosted up to 50 dB system gain – this is the maximum system gain approved by the FCC.

weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 Cell Phone Signal Booster
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  • Very effective at boosting Verizon cell phone signals
  • Strongest gain or boosting power allowed by FCC
  • Works wirelessly
  • Everything you need for installation is included
  • Up to 2 hours of extended battery life
  • Frustration-free set up
  • Supports multiple devices
  • 2-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Needs some cell phone signal before it could amplify it

Over to you

Regardless of your location, never have low connectivity spoil your day. Use our comprehensive guide to pick the best cell phone booster for Verizon today.