10 Cheap Verizon Phones For Sale Without Contract

Some years back, finding a phone with no contract from Verizon was not possible. Whenever you bought a phone from this carrier, it was on condition that you must sign at least two year contract. These days, Verizon has a pack of both contracts and no contract cheap unlocked and locked phones for sale. However, contract free phones are the most preferred. This is because using them has freedom to sell and replace your phone, they have no termination or cancellation fee, low monthly bills, and easy to upgrade your phone anytime you feel like.

Without Contract Unlocked phone means that a particular phone is not limited to a specific carrier’s network. That means you can use SIM cards from different carriers on that phone to text, receive or make calls without any barrier. Unlike unlocked, locked phones are restricted to a single carrier.

Are Unlocked And Non-contract Phones The Same?

Unlocked and non-contract phones have little similarities because both are not limited to a specific phone provider’s services. Nevertheless, these phones are different. Non – contract means your phone is not locked to a certain carrier’s data, call, or text plans. I mean, you can purchase a certain plan and retract from it any time with no cancellation fee.

Unlocked phone, on the other hand, means that your phone is not locked to a specific carrier’s network. That means you are free to swipe SIM cards from one provider to the other easily without restrictions.

Advantages Of Unlocked Phones

  • With these phones, it is easier to switch between several networks.
  • You can easily use the phones in another country with no additional charge.
  • Unlocked phones give room to easily replace or upgrade your phone.
  • They have high demand. As a result, they are built with high technology and advanced features.
  • They have high resale value.

Disadvantages Of Unlocked Phones

  • These phones are more costly compared to locked phones.

Top 10 Best Cheap Verizon Phones For Sale Without Contract

There are several cellphone providers. Among them, Verizon offers amazing services. They provide cheap and affordable phones that fit everyone’s budget. Below is a list of the cheap Verizon phones for sale with no renewable contract.

1. LG K20V

If looking for a cheap noncontract phone to buy, then consider LG K20V. It is compatible with Verizon wireless, with no renewable contract and no cancellation fee. Going for less than 100$, this phone boasts of a 5.3-inch screen display for notifications, images, and video display. Talk of pictures; it has a clear high quality 13 MPS back camera for clear images both at night and day.

It runs under android 7.0 and is designed with a rigid metal frame for durability and 2800 mAh long-life battery. Its storage capacity is also sufficient ranging at 16 GB, 2 GB RAM, and an extendable memory card slot.

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  • It is available with no renewable contracts.
  • It is cheap and affordable to acquire.
  • In case of any mechanical problem, Verizon can fix the phone for you.
  • It has sufficient storage capacity.
  • It has quality cameras with filters that produce attractive photos.
  • It is locked to Verizon network.

2. HTC 10 EVO

This is another great no-contract phone from Verizon. Its services are non-renewable, allowing you to replace or upgrade your phone anytime you wish to. It has low cost to purchase, listing it among the cheapest phones from amazon.

The phone allows the user to enjoy a wide range of features. For instance:

  • It has 5.5 high resolution screen display with super technology that allows it to produce a variety of 16 different colors.
  • Boasts of high quality 16 MP rear and 8 MP front cameras to promote clear recording of moments.
  • It has sufficient internal storage of 32 GB, 3 GB RAM and additional memory card slot.
  • It is built with a long life 3220 mAh li-po battery that can extend up to two weeks without recharge.
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  • Cheap and affordable.
  • No renewable contract.
  • It has additional external memory space.
  • Inbuilt with long life batteries that extends for long without recharge. This enables you to conserve energy and stay on even during power outrage.

3. Jitterbug Smart 2

It is also among the cheapest, no-contract Verizon smartphones, with easy-to-use features and best cell phone designed for seniors. It is inbuilt with 13 MP back camera, 5.5 inch display screen, and high hearing aid compatibility. In addition, the phone has 16 GB internal memory, a memorable card slot that can hold up to 32 GB, and long life battery.

Jitterbug Smart 2
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  • is cheap with no renewable contract.
  • It is easily available in stores and online shops like amazon and best buy.
  • It has easy -to- use features making it fit for seniors.
  • Long life battery.
  • It Quality cameras for clear photos.
  • 16 GB internal storage is not sufficient enough for huge file storage.

4. Nokia 2V

Through Verizon, you can purchase this great brand at a cheap price.  It has no renewable contract giving users the freedom to replace or upgrade to a better phone.

From the great Nokia brand, this phone has amazing features henceforth, preferred by many. It has big entertainment screen that features 5.5-inch screen, big enough to display writings, images and videos without strain to view.

It also has an amazing powerful speaker for videos and music fans. Its battery is 4000mAh that gives the user consistent 4 to 5 days of texts, browsing, and making calls without recharge. This helps to conserve energy.

Talk of camera, Nokia 2V is designed with a quality 8 MP back camera for clear images. It has the latest dual-processor: snapdragon 425 and android Oreo processor to enhance smooth running, sufficient storage space, and tight phone security.

Nokia 2V
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  • Runs under the latest processor.
  • Cheap, affordable with no service cancellation fee.
  • Long life battery that helps to conserve energy.
  • Its camera is not very clear.

5. Motorola Moto E5 Go

Verizon also sale these great phones to interested buyers at a cheap price and with no renewable contract. It also comes with cheap Verizon prepaid plans that protect users from credit checks, activation fees and timely contracts. It boasts of 8MP light enhancement and autofocus back camera and 5 MP selfie camera to capture clear and quality images. Sufficient storage of your images is guaranteed.  It has an internal storage space of 16 GB and an additional external storage space that can hold 256 GB. It also boasts of a long life 2800 mAh battery and a rigid, tough, and water repellant case for pro9tection against splits and accidental falls.

Motorola Moto E5 Go
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  • It is made of waterproof and rigid materials hence, not prone to damage.
  • It is cheap, affordable without contract.
  • It has additional external storage space that can hold 256 GB.
  • It has less advanced features since it’s not new in the market.

6. ZTE blade Vintage

This is a cheap, super sleek Verizon phone without a contract. It is slim and comfortable to walk around with. It features 5 inch modern display screen, reliable quad-core processor, 2050 mAh long life battery, 16 GB internal storage and an extension memory card slot that can accommodate 256 GB. It operates under the latest Android 9 OS for easy navigation and use of applications.

ZTE blade Vintage
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  • Cheap, affordable, no contract.
  • Has an additional memory card slot for storage.
  • It operates under the latest android OS making it easy to use.
  • It has low quality front and back camera.
  • It is locked only to Verizon network.

7. Alcatel Avalon

Alcatel Avalon is locked under Verizon 4GLTE network. It is cheap, affordable with no renewable contract. It has 5.34 touch screen display and 5 MP rear cameras with internal filters for beautiful and attractive photos.  It guarantees sufficient storage for your documents and images, because of its huge 16 GB internal memory and an extendable 32 GB SD card slot.

The phone is beautiful and attractive. It features a smooth external appearance with beautiful finishing. Nevertheless, it’s hard, rigid, waterproof, and safe from easy damage or breakage.

 Alcatel Avalon
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  • It boasts of 1.4 GHz quad – core high speed processor.
  • It has long life 2460 mAh battery.
  • It has a fast processing speed.
  • Its camera is of lower quality.
  • It is limited to one carrier.

8. Orbic Wonder

Orbic wonder is compatible with Verizon prepaid plans at lower cost and no contract. It features a 5.5-inch screen display, strong t920 (108 ) resolution power for attractive displays with rigid screen protectors to keep your screen safe.

It comes with an 8 MP clear camera, internal storage of 16 GB, 2 GB ROM, and external micro SD storage up to 256 GB. It has android 7.1, high speed processor, and a 3000 mAh long-life battery.

Orbic Wonder
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  • Cheap affordable.
  • It has no renewable contract.
  • It has reliable and convenient features.
  • It is unlocked to several phone providers.
  • It has poor noise filters that disappoints when receiving calls in a noisy background.

9. HTC One M9

Are you looking for a cheap, affordable no-contract phone? This is one of the best phones to consider.  It features 5.0 screens with high tech that displays 16M multiple colors. It has 32 GB internal memory storage and 3 GB ROM. In addition, it has an extraordinary 20 MP crystal clear back camera and 4 MP front cameras. It also boasts of 2840 mAh that can last for several hours without recharge.

HTC One M9
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  • It is cheap, affordable with no renewable contract
  • It has sufficient storage.
  • It has a super amazing camera.

10. Samsung Galaxy s7

This great phone features 5.1 display screen with high-resolution power of 1440 ( 2560 ). It has a large 32 GB internal memo, 4 GB RAM, and an extendable memory card slot. Additionally, it has 12 MP, 8 MP back and front cameras respectively.

Not to forget, the phone operates under android 6 with room to upgrade to android 8. It also has a rigid, water and dust prove external cover that guarantees long life.

Samsung Galaxy s7
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  • Made with rigid external cover, it can stand water split and dusty environment without damage.
  • It has fast processor for reliability.
  • It is cheap, affordable and contract free.
  • It has an edge design that improves its appearance.
  • It has quality cameras that produce clear image.
  • It has reliable storage space.
  • More often, its outer screen is prone to damage and breakage when the phone overheats or overcharge.

FAQ – Verizon Phones With No Contract

Can You Get Free Verizon Cellphones With No Contract?

Verizon phones without contracts are costly to acquire. Therefore getting them for free is nearly impossible. However, Verizon can rent you the phone for free and pay later with monthly installments. I mean, they have rent to own services that allow financially strained customers to get their phones for free and pay later with monthly installments.

What Is The Best Way To Get New Verizon Cellphone With No Contract ?

Verizon must ensure your contract free phone is working perfectly before releasing it to you. It gives you few days for free trial in order to determine if the phone is in perfect working condition. In case of any default, Verizon allows you to return the phone for exchange. This is the best way to try a new Verizon cellphone with no contract.

How To Buy Verizon Phones With No Contract ?

To buy contract-free phones from Verizon, follow the following process;

  • Visit Verizon wireless official website; verizon.com.
  • From the site, click preorder, new customer then choose as an individual.
  • Enter your ZIP code and click next.
  • Click ‘device only’, shop your preferred phone and add to cart.
  • Feed your correct payment details and submit.
  • After payment, you will receive an email with more details on phone delivery or shipment.

Final Though

Verizon Wireless is a great phone service provider that sale contract and non-contract phones at cheap prices. Nevertheless, Verizon no contract phones are way better and most preferred. These phones give you the freedom to resale, replace or upgrade your phone. Therefore, consider above explained phones for quality services.