6 Verizon Wireless Deals For New Customers

Verizon is among the best cell phone provider for many reasons. The carrier not only provides fast network speeds but also the best Verizon wireless customer service. That aside, it is a cheaper and deal-friendly cell phone carrier. That said, the carrier is looking out to increase coverage by providing several Verizon wireless deals for new customers.

The company had initially stopped offering unlimited data plans for new customers but surprised every user in February 2017 when they began offering a new unlimited plan. This move made all other major cell phone carriers change their plans to remain competitive. Apart from relaunching the unlimited package, Verizon also revamped its non-unlimited post-paid plans to match existing Verizon phone deals for existing customers.

Verizon wireless trades on various Virgin mobile assurance wireless phones and a key provider of most Verizon cell phones for seniors. That said, most new customers of Verizon Wireless tend to be seniors, looking to enjoy the affordable plans for their phones. Below are some of the best Verizon wireless deals for new customers and existing customers worth considering.

6 Best Verizon Wireless Deals For New Customers Should Not Miss Out

1. Verizon Prepaid Plans

The company offers several unmatched Verizon wireless prepaid plans for new customers looking to purchase smartphones without contracts and existing clients who already own phones. The plans start at $30 per month for various basic services. They may not be the cheapest plans on the market but come with decent features and a backing of the best network coverage around the country. Among the best Verizon prepaid plans include;

  • $65 Prepaid Unlimited Smartphone Plan : The $65 Prepaid plan is neither the cheapest not most feature stocked unlimited plan available on the market. This plan gives users unlimited data on this best network carrier without undergoing credit check. It also comes with unlimited texting to more than 200 international places. However, there are other less expensive options on other carriers, which feature HD streaming and hotspot allowance.
  • $45 prepaid Smartphone Plan : If you are looking for a high-data Verizon prepaid plan, consider the $45 prepaid Smartphone Plan. This Verizon wireless deals for new customers comes with unlimited talk and text coupled with 16GB data. This is plenty for moderate smartphone users. Besides, remaining data can be rolled over to the next month.
  • $35 Prepaid Smartphone Plan : The $35 Prepaid Smartphone Plan is probably the cheapest prepaid plan provided by this network carrier. The deal comes with unlimited text, talk and 6GB modest data allotment. If you use your phone mainly for calls and texting, this could be the best plan of choice. The plan comes with an “Unlimited together” feature, which gives users free calling to more than 70 countries.
  • Prepaid Family Plan : The Verizon prepaid family plans allows for multi-line family usage. The family pairs unlimited text, talk and data. Those who opt for unlimited family plan will pay $240 for all the four lines. However, pricing for the other plans is straightforward and is as follows;
First/original line$70 unlimited$50 for 8GB$40 for 3GB$30 for 500MB
2nd Line$50 unlimited$35 for 8GB$30 for 3GB$30 for 500MB
3rd Line$50 unlimited$35 for 8GB$30 for 3GB$30 for 500MB
4th Line$50 unlimited$35 for 8GB$30 for 3GB$30 for 500MB

2. Verizon Post-Paid Limited Data Plans

Unlimited deals are the best options compared to new Verizon wireless plans for those who have large families. However, if you need a plan to use with one or two phone lines and data is not your biggest concern, you can find some amazing deals.

All the Verizon post-paid plans feature unlimited calls and texts to numbers within US. They also support carry-over data. Therefore, if it happens that you don’t use all the high-speed data before your monthly cycle lapses, they can carry forward to the next monthly period. Besides, if you need high-speed data before the end of your current period, you can subscribe for 1GB with only $15.

All the plans in the Verizon Post-Paid option feature “Verizon calls Safety Mode.” This basically means that if you run out of the high-speed allotment before completing your monthly billing cycle, you can continue using the phone. However, access to Verizon’s Network will be at a lower speed.

Pricing for the Verizon Post-Paid starts as low as $35 for 2GB per month to $50 per month for 4GB. There is also a $70 monthly offer for 8GB. Note that Verizon’s pricing is not all-inclusive. Therefore, there might be additional extra fees or taxes that appear on your bill with any of these plans. Active or retired members of the military enjoy a 15% discount off the standard wireless monthly plans.

3. Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans

Moving on, Verizon Wireless offers interesting unlimited plans at a surprising low price. The carrier offers four options of unlimited plans that suit internet enthusiast who spend more time on the internet. The four plans are discussed below;

Verizon Start Unlimited Plan : 

The Verizon Start Unlimited is slightly a stripped down plan that comes with several features. The plan starts with $70 per month with an AutoPay feature. However, if you don’t use AutoPay, the carrier charges an extra $5 to the bill. The plan costs $120 for two lines per month, $135 for three lines monthly, $140 for four lines monthly and $150 per month for fives lines.

The plan includes unlimited 4G LTE with up to 480p video streaming, calls and texts in the US, unlimited text, talk and data in Mexico and Canada. It also has a free six-month trial period for Apple Music Streaming Service. That aside, you can access Verizon’s 5G service if you have a compatible phone for $10 extra per month.

A major drawback associated with this plan is the deprioritized 4G LTE data. With this, living in an area full of Verizon customers will be frustrating. This means that the amount of data you can use before your speeds are subject to slow downs during periods of network congestion. The other concern with the Verizon Start Unlimited is that the videos are limited to SD streaming.

Verizon Play More Unlimited :

The Play More Unlimited is a perfect plan for those who love streaming music, gaming and watching online videos. The package comes with a 5G access for phones with enabled 5G network. Unlike the Start package, this plan comes with 4k HD streaming ability and unlimited hotspot.

The 4G unlimited package features unlimited internet on 4G LTE with 25GB premium data. However, streaming capabilities are of 720p HD. The 720p is not the best, but better than the Start package with 480p. Additional features of both 5G and 4G LTE networks include unlimited text and calls, Mexico and Canada texts, calls and data and Verizon Up rewards.

This plan starts at $80 per month for a single line, $140 for two lines, $165 for three lines, $180 for four lines, and $200 for five lines per month subscriptions with AutoPay.

Verizon Do More Unlimited : 

The third Post-paid plan for Verizon is the Do More Unlimited, which is perfect for those who want high-speed internet for their phones, for either normal or business purposes. Just like the Play More package, this plan comes with both 4G LTE and 5G LTE packages. The 5G access includes a 5G phone with limited time offer. Services enjoyed with this include unlimited hotspot on 5G WIFI, 4k HD streaming and unlimited data on 5G network.

As for the 4G LTE network, you will enjoy unlimited 4G LTE with more than 50GB or premium data, unlimited mobile hotspot and relatively low, 480p DVD quality streaming. Additional features of this package include unlimited talk and text, Verizon up rewards, Canada and Mexico text, talk and data and 500GB of cloud storage. Prices for this package are similar to the previous Play More plan.

Verizon Get More Unlimited Plan : 

The Verizon Get More Unlimited Plan is the best plan if you are looking for a package with assuring performance and connectivity. With just $10 more than Play More and Do More Unlimited plans, you can get 75GB per month data, 30GB hotspot data and access to 500GB of Verizon Cloud.

The plan costs $90 for one line on AutoPay, $160 for two lines, $195 for three lines, $220 for four lines and $250 for five lines per month. This price is a recipe for 75GB or premium data per month, 720p video streaming ability, 30GB 4G LTE data, unlimited text and talks within US, unlimited text, calls and data in Canada and Mexico and free access to Apple music. There is also free 500GB cloud storage.

Regardless of the unlimited data plan of your choice, Verizon provides a provision for families to mix and match various unlimited plans. This enables children to use cheap plans as their parents benefit from the expensive plans, all under one account. Additionally, apart from the four plans discussed above, the carrier also offers a customizable plan for business consumers that begins from $45 per month for one line.

4. Verizon Just Kids Plan

This is among the recent plans that Verizon brought to the market. This was brought about by the absence of a perfect plan that can be bought exclusively for children. To get this plan, you should first sign up for one of the four Verizon’s unlimited plans, then include a Kids plan to your account. The plan features a 5GB of 4G LTE data monthly, unlimited texts and talks for a maximum of 20 contacts.

The kids plan costs $50 per month with AutoPay for two lines on one account, $80 for three lines  with two being the kids lines, $105 for four lines with three being kids lines and $100 for five lines with four being kids lines per month.

5. Verizon International Plans

Verizon is a global network carrier that also offers international plans. As you might have noticed, the above-mentioned plans covered only Mexico and Canada. However, if you need specialized plans for Canada and Mexico, you can subscribe to the $5 per day in Mexico and Canada or the $10 per day in more than 185 countries. Customers will also enjoy their existing talk, text and data plans.

That aside, Verizon has a monthly international plan for the non-unlimited customers looking to travel across more than 185 countries. For only $70 per month for single line, you get access to 100 minutes of talk time, 100 texts and 500MB data. A higher plan is the $130 per month for 250 minutes talk time, 1000 texts and 2GB data.

The carrier also has a Pay As You Go Plan for those on frequent international travel that come with varying rates. There is also a cruise ship pricing that applies to more than 400 cruise ships. The plans are quite expensive and range from $2.99 for calls per minute.

6. Verizon 5G Plans

The carrier also rolled out the 5G plans, though not available in all the states of US. Currently, customers can access 5G services for free once they sign up for either of their plans, including the Play More, Do More or Get More Unlimited plans. This is subject to having a compatible smartphone for the network.

The offer lasts for 10 months, after which Verizon will start charging $10 for 5G service per month. Note that the Start Unlimited Plan doesn’t have the 5G feature. Therefore, you will have to part with $10 if you want 5G incorporated into your Start Plan.

A Concluding Note

Choosing between either of the above-mentioned Verizon wireless deals for new customers can be challenging. This is especially to new customers. Existing customers  looking to upgrade their plans should also understand the various deals available before settling on one. If you want to share your Verizon Wireless plan with your friends and family, the best option is going for the Verizon Unlimited Plans.