5 Best Front And Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision

In our current generation, manufacturing of cars has been improved with many different kinds of technology that includes the input of dash cam in them. This has greatly improved some of our driving skills and made it safer to drive in different angles of our roads. In the market, purchasing these front and rear dash cam with night vision can also be quite confusing since there are many companies competing for their sales therefore one may not really know the appropriate one but do not worry because I will take you through the 5 best front and rear dash cameras in the current market.

Many have been used to only front and rear dash cam but due to intense pressure in advancing technology, it has been facilitated with night vision. When this night vision property works alongside the sensor technology still in the cameras, driving at night has greatly improved safety since the driver immediately gets alerted of, he/she gets into the wrong lane or nears an object too close. For drivers, the cameras have made it easier for their parking since the rear cameras automatically show the field of view at the back in the screen where the driver is sitting hence even the side mirrors in this case are not that necessary.

After your vehicle is parked, the front and rear dash cameras automatically record every movement and action around your car. This has, in turn, made it safer not only for our personal cars but also for the surrounding close ones. Advantageously, most of these front and rear dash cams have been input with other new amazing features like GPS navigation, Wi-Fi, and massive storage not to ever worry about, therefore be keen on the below gadgets.

What to know before choosing a rear dash cam

  • Parking mode: Your front and rear dash cameras should have the parking mode technology to enable it to detect any movement or vibration around your car when parked. This will then portray any knock on your car and hence keep your car secured. The parking mode can either be manual, whereby it mainly uses motion detection technology or automatic parking mode where it mainly uses GPS technology for vibration detection. Night vision also facilitates the parking mode.
  • SD memory card: Your front and rear cams should come with a removable SD card to store the pictures or video footage at any moment.
  • Inbuilt GPS: Your front and rear dash cam should uncompromisingly come with an inbuilt GPS system. The GPS is very significant for it doesn’t lie. It clearly shows where your vehicle was situated at the time of the incident. This also can be used by the car owners to show exactly where their cars are keeping track of their employees.
  • Installation: The front and rear cams should come with a power cord that is plugged into the cigarette lighter therefore should be long, about 1.4m to 4.9m long, though it could be hard-wired also.
  • Auto start and auto-stop technology: The front and rear dash cams should be auto-start and auto-stop enabled. This means that it should be able to detect power coming in therefore start recording and when power is switched off hence stop the recording.
best front and rear dash cam with night vision

Why should you get a dash cam?

The front and rear dash cams are quite important to install. Below are some of the reasons:

i) You have first hand evidence information in case of an accident

Your dash cam having been installed in the windscreen of your car will allow you to record each and every movement on powering on your car. This therefore will show straight evidence in terms of footage when you get involved in an accident. This is one of the main reasons why drivers have chosen to install the dash cameras.

ii) Monitoring your employee

For the business people who have bought and hired out their cars, they should not be worried about their safety since after installation of the rear and dash cams, they only need to monitor the GPS of the cars online. This has greatly reduced car theft by employees.

ii) Disciplining drivers

On our roads, there are many arrogant drivers who can’t be corrected by kind words but only by law. The dash cams are nowadays used to give evidence to the police in footage for drivers who have abusive language or those who are poor overtakers.

iii) To prevent fraud

Many cases have been reported with both the victims claiming that it was not their fault. Some drivers just cause intentional accidents so as to extract money from the other party. These cases have recently been reduced due to first-hand evidence from the front and rear cams.

Top 5 best front and rear dash cam with night vision

1) VAVA Dual front and Rear dash camera

First, we have the VAVA Dual 1920X1080P FHD and front and Rear dash camera (2560*1440P single front) for cars. It has an international star rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and has a total population review of 1177 people. The VAVA has the Wi-Fi technology mainly for GPS navigation and monitoring.

VAVA Dual front and Rear dash camera
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VAVA also has 24-hour parking mode for optimum security built in a 320mAh battery. It has the night vision technology with a Sony sensor that clearly depicts 3D image videos at night. It contains the G-Sensor, WDR and also the loop recording ability. It can hold a 128GB card enough for several years’ storage.

The VAVA dash front cam has 360-degree Swivel Angle to clearly capture all movements around it and record in-car conversations. The dash cam also has a snapshot button that sits on the steering wheel button that allows you to quickly capture the unexpected and record instantaneous short videos.

  • Has a GPS navigation
  • It has the 360-degree Swivel Angle ability
  • Holds an SD card of up to 128GB
  • Has night vision
  • Has the parking mode
  • The snapshot button has a slow response

2) Rexing V3 dual camera

The Rexing V3 dual camera is the second dash cam that has a 4 star worldwide rating with a total review of 352 people. The camera has an inside cabin infrared high night vision that is fully HD of 1080P. It is Wi-Fi enabled with built-in GPS and has a super capacitor.

The Rexing V3 comes along with a 2.7” LCD screen that helps you connect with the cameras GPS. It contains a parking monitor that can be controlled by a mobile app. The cameras simultaneously record every movement around the car.

Rexing V3 dual camera
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The GPS logger marks the time, date, location and speed information at all times. The Wi-Fi property makes it possible to transfer all the images and videos to another device like a ohone or laptop. Its parking mode is 24 hours to detect vibration throughout for maximum security.

The supercapacitor is mainly built to withstand extreme climate conditions to allow smooth operations at high temperatures. It has loop recording to make the device to make new recordings to overwrite the old ones.

  • 24-hour parking mode
  • Contains a supercapacitor
  • Accompanied by a 2.7” LCD screen
  • High night vision
  • Contains a GPS logger
  • It can wifi connect
  • It is a little bit more expensive

3) Vantrue N2 Uber Dual Dash Cam

Vantrue N2 Uber Dual Dash Cam 1920X1080P is our third dash camera. It has 4.4 stars out of 5 and an international world review of 3749. It contains an infrared night vision, 2.5K 2560X1440P single font. Its camera has an angle view of 310 degrees. It has the car parking technology for maximum security by recording every vibration.

Vantrue N2 Uber Dual Dash Cam
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Its SD support ability is up to 2356 GB maximum which can last for several years. The Ventrue N2 is the best widespread dash cam for the uber and taxi drivers. It has stable performance due to its advanced NOVATEK NT96660 processor that makes it operate for a long time. It has a high resolution of 2560*1440P.

It has a better night vision mainly because of its additional infrared technology facing the passengers. It has an advanced parking mode of up to 310 degrees which ensures capture of almost all angles. The performance of the Ventrue N2 can also be improved by the manufacturers or suppliers.

  • Can hold up to 256GB memory
  • Added infrared in its night vision
  • Night vision enabled
  • GPS enabled
  • 310 degrees angle display
  • Its parking mode is not 24-operated

4) Apeman 1440 & 1080P

The Apeman 1440 & 1080P dual dash front and rear cam are for cars with 3-inch IPS screen. The Apeman has a star rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. It can support an SD card of up to 128GB maximum. It also contains a driving recorder with IR sensor night vision. It can motion detect since it has the parking mode technology.

Apeman 1440 & 1080P
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The front and rear cams have a clear resolution power and can be well viewed by cars having the3-inch IPS screens. The front and rear cams both have the picture mode whereby photos are randomly detected around the car hence good security.

Built-in G-sensor, the cams can automatically detect sudden collisions or sudden acceleration towards your car and therefore capture the scene clearly. This sensing property can also be adjusted. The camera also comes along with a car charger and its cables, a suction mount, a crowbar, a 3M hard mount, a USB cable, a sticker and a 6-meter rear cable.

  • Have both front and rear cams
  • Comes with all mounting tools
  • Clear IR night vision
  • The recordings are simultaneous
  • Maximum SD storage space ability is quite low

5) Crosstour dual lens

Our last dash cam Is the uber Crosstour dual lens dash cam. It has a 4-star rating with an international population review of 1935. It has the infrared night vision, can detect motion due to the parking mode technology. It also equipped with the G-sensor and WDR.

Crosstour dual lens
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The Crosstour can hold an SD card of up to 32 GB which is a little bit low though quite reliable which is to be formatted before use. It is not 24-hour functioning because it needs a power source to function though it has a battery basically for emergency backup recording.

The Crosstour has got a built in GPS module which enables the dash cam to record driving track, speed, longitude, time and latitude of all travelled locations. It has an intelligent parking mode which will only turn on after 30 seconds after detecting an external force, record then automatically turn off to save on power. It has got a super night vision and a high sensitivity image sensor and can show at a wide angle of up to 170 degrees.

  • Has infrared night vision
  • G-sensor facilitated by WDR
  • Has got the highest clarity of night vision
  • Fast auto capture ability
  • Has got the GPS module
  • Its SD storage ability is quite low

Bottom Line

From the above information about the top 5 best front and rear dash cam with night vision, one can clearly choose his or her favorite gadget according to taste. The importance of the dash cams has also been highlighted and thus more precautions can be taken to consideration.

The night vision, as shown above, is one of the most advanced current technologies to keep your car in perfect secured condition. Alternatively, other better gadgets can be found on other sites with even better features than the ones we’ve discussed above. All the above dash cams can be ordered from Amazon sellers all at affordable prices.