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The demand for gift cards has been rising over the years. Many of us buy these plastic cards for special occasions, and especially around holiday times. It is because they are convenient and easy gifts, more so for hard to shop for people or those you don’t know well. Today, eGift cards are among the most popular presents to receive. Anyone can buy e-Gift cards online instantly, but, unlike the physical plastic gift card, both sending and delivery happen electronically, as a code. For example, you can gift someone by sending a virtual gift card through text message, smartphone app, email, or social media.

Retailers and marketers often use digital gift cards as a marketing strategy to return existing customers or attract new ones to the store. When you purchase e-Gift cards online, delivery time can be almost instantaneous. However, it can take up to twenty-four hours in some cases, depending on the retailer. A gift has two options if they want to use the digital present. You might have to upload the mobile gift card to your account or provide its numbers during check out at an online store, depending on the retailer.

You will want to show the electronic gift card on your digital device before redeeming it at the register. Moreover, some retailers allow giftees to print out the card and bring it into the store. However, note that some e-Gift cards are online-use-only. So, it’ll make sense to call the retailer’s customer care to verify details. In this post, we will highlight the top ten best e-Gift cards to buy online instantly. Also, we’ll go over various types of digital gift cards, including what to consider to buy e-Gift cards online instantly.

Top 10 Best Buy e-Gift Cards Online Instantly Reviews

Gift-giving should be more straightforward with gift cards because they reduce the need to worry over the tastes of your recipient or the items they might already have. To back that up, gift cards have been the most preferred type of present for the thirteenth consecutive year in 2019. But, contrasting statistics show a billion dollars’ worth of plastic and electronic gift cards being unspent annually. It means not all digital gift cards are the same.

So, to help you buy e-Gift cards online instantly that won’t go unused, we have come up with the ten best virtual gift cards across different categories.

1. Amazon Digital Gift Card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
400 to 500Image$1 to 2000Email, Text, MsgOnline

What can you get with an amazon gift card? Better still, what can’t the Amazon digital gift card get? Giftees can buy nearly anything from the popular rapid egg cooker to the highly sought-after Apple watch, and the favored instant pot, among others. There’s practically something for everyone and any occasion at this e-store. And if your recipient does not have a subscription to Amazon Prime, they could use the gift card to purchase a membership and receive all benefits that come with the on-demand video service, including fast delivery and free product shipping. The best part is you can buy cheap gift cards at Amazon, from as low as $1.

2.  Walmart Electronic Gift card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
100 to 200$5 to 200EmailBoth

Do you want to give a present to someone who has everything? Well, an electronic gift card to Walmart might be picture-perfect. Whether they need clothes, beauty products, home décor, groceries, or anything in between, they’ll always find something to catch their eye at Walmart. Besides, the prices are just unbeatable. You will be surprised at the variety of products that are cheaper at this online retailer than at Amazon. And you can buy discounted gift cards too, from as little as $5.

3. Target e-Gift Card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
51 to 75$5 to 200Email, Text Both

Target memes are plenty with good reasons. The store is famous as a place where American consumers go to kill their budgets. But when your giftee visits Target next, whether, for tissue paper or a million other things, they won’t be feeling guilty courtesy of your selfless present. If anything, a Target virtual gift card just begs for use on all items they didn’t need but certainly wanted.  Gifters can buy a Target gift card from only $5.

4. iTunes Gift Card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
2 to 9$10 to 200EmailOnline

Surprise the music lover on your giftee list with access to their entire favorite tunes thanks to an iTunes gift card. You can choose to it the perfect and hottest-paired gift of the year through the Apple AirPods. If not, maybe the latest AirPods Pro would make an even better match for your recipient. You can purchase an iTunes e-Gift card from Amazon from $25.

5. Starbucks Digital Gift Card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
51 to 75$5 to 100EmailNoBoth

There is always that friend who swears they cannot go without their daily latte flavor. If you have given away trying to convince them how a quality espresso machine might save them time and cash, a Starbucks mobile gift card could be the next best option. They will be thanking you when their work alarm goes off a bit too early on the following day. Secure your giftee’s Starbucks e-Gift card from Amazon for only $25.

6. Visa e-Gift card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
5 to 153Image$20 to 500Email, TextBoth

Unlike other virtual cards on our list, surprise your giftee with an e-Gift card they can use wherever Visa is accepted. With the virtual visa gift card, your recipient will shop nearly anywhere. But, keep in mind that the giftee can only use this card online.

And you can buy visa gift card with paypal. Simply choose the e-card’s dollar amount from $10 to $250, enter the receiver’s email address, followed by your name and a short forwarding message. After that, sign in to your PayPal account to complete the purchase.

7. American Express Gift card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
1 to 5Image$25 to $3,000EmailNoBoth

Are you wondering where to buy e-Gift cards online instantly? The Amex e gift card is a perfect solution to distribute digital rewards anywhere across the U.S. You can purchase the virtual card online and send it to the giftee’s email address in a few minutes of placing the order. The recipient can redeem their Amex mobile gift card online or through the phone at restaurants and retailers that accept Amex cards in the United States.

8. MasterCard Virtual Gift Card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
5 to 150Image$20 to 1000EmailNoBoth

Like the virtual visa gift card, the recipient can use a mastercard e-Gift card at multiple places, unlike store-specific gift cards that are only good at one store. Shopping with a MasterCard virtual rewards card is similar to buying with a debit or credit card. Depending on the online merchant, you can customize the gift card with pictures, the recipient’s name, or messages.

9. Disney e-Gift card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
1 to 3Image$25 to 500EmailBoth

Choose a different present by giving your recipient the gift of Disney Magic through the Disney electronic gift card. Your friends and family can get their favorite Disney products with the card. Send this card to any valid email address within minutes, although it could take a maximum of twenty-four hours to reach the destination.

The Disney virtual rewards card is available in increments of $25 up to $150. Moreover, you can opt for other denominations, including $500, $300, $250, and $200. With this card, you will help the giftee open the doors to a world of fun and entertainment from Disney by redeeming countrywide at the Disney Store site, Disneyland Resort, Disney Stores in the US, Walt Disney World Resort, and Disney Cruise Line, among others.

10. Sephora e-Gift card

Design TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
26 to 50Image$10 to 500Email, TextBoth

The Sephora e-Gift card comes in an array of designs from elegant to festive and customizable. Sephora’s virtual rewards cards are perfect for any special occasion such as holidays, graduations, birthdays, or weddings, and others. Recipients can redeem their cards online at Sephora’s JCPenny stores or in stores. The best part is that the cards have no redeeming charges or expiration dates.

The table below is a summary of how the top ten e-Gift cards stack up

RetailerDesign TypesCustom DesignAvail. AmountPlan DeliveryDeliver ByPrintOnline/In-storeAvail. Preview
Amazon400 to 500Image$1 to 2000Email + Text + MsgOnline
Walmart100 to 200$5 to 200EmailBoth
Target5 to 75$5 to 200Email +TextBoth
iTunes2 to 9$10 to 200EmailOnline
Starbucks51 to 75$5 to 100EmailBoth
Visa5 to 153Image$20 to 500Email+TextBoth
Amex1 to 5Image$25 to $3,000EmailBoth
MasterCard5 to 150Image$20 to 1000EmailBoth
Disney1 to 3Image$25 to 500EmailBoth
Sephora26 to 50Image$10 to 500Email+TextBoth

Everything You Should Know About e-Gift Cards

Do not confuse prepaid cards and e-Gift cards. While you will find both items next to each other in most stores, prepaid cards and rewards cards are very different products. First off, you can only use gift cards until you deplete their original balance. Moreover, giftees can sell gift cards online instantly if they have no use for them. There are plenty of gift cards exchange websites facilitating this kind of trade.

On the other hand, prepaid cards are reloadable, serving similar functions to a debit card with a checking account. Also, prepaid cards come different fees. Therefore, giving one to a giftee in the place of a gift card may not offer as much value as you wanted.

Nevertheless, you must understand the two major types of gift cards;

1. Cash Cards

Companies such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover sponsor cash cards. So, cash cards have the greatest flexibility because you can use them almost anywhere; you would use a credit card. It is the same as having cash. You will even use them for online bill payments.

As a gift, nonetheless, they are the least personal choice you can find. Cash cards are simply a substitute for offering cash. Therefore, while your recipient might appreciate the present, it is not it may not be a perfect gift to give a close friend.

2. Store Cards

As the name suggests, store cards are specific to retailers like Amazon and Walmart. These cards offer the best solution, especially when looking to give a personal gift. It is an excellent way to show your giftee that you care and probably get to know their interests. On the downside, almost all stores offering gift cards have policies for the same. For example, you need to watch out for expiration dates, more so for gift cards from local stores. In some cases, you’ll learn from the fine print that the card loses value every month. Therefore, a voucher worth $50 might be worth $30 after several months of staying unspent.

Other types of gift cards include:

  • Gas gift card: Your giftee can take advantage of this reward card to get a full tank of gas with a $25 gift card.
  • Spa gift card: Get your spouse, sister, mom, girlfriend, or daughter this card for a chance to pamper themselves at their favorite spa.
  • Liquor store gift card: Do you know a friend or couple who loves to entertain or mix drinks? This gift card might just work for them.
  • Home maintenance gift card: Get this for someone who likes doing home projects or one who recently bought a house that needs some repair work.

Tips For Winning The Virtual Gift Card Game

It’s up to each customer to be a smart gift card user and giver. Keep in mind these three tips when selecting and redeeming virtual reward cards;

1. Flexibility

If you are looking for convenience as you buy e-Gift cards online instantly, consider getting cash cards. The giftee can use at any place that accepts major credit cards. Recipients can only redeem store gift cards at specific retailers. Besides, these retailers will not allow users to exchange their store cards for money.

2. Cost

Store cards are often the best for they carry their total purchase value, without extra fees. On the other hand, cash cards like MasterCard apply a fee upon issuing the card. For example, a cash card with a $50 face value can have an additional charge of between $1 and $5 for the gifter.

Moreover, cash cards will start applying a maintenance fee after one year, ranging from $2.50 to $5 every month. This can quickly drain the value of a card. So, recipients should use these cards within the first year of receipt to avoid ending with worthless gifts.

3. Expiration

Retailer-specific gift cards are an excellent choice when it comes to expiration dates. Most of them don’t come with an expiration date. But, if the retailer goes out of business, the cards become irredeemable.

Cash cards, on the other hand, have a five-year expiration date from the purchase or issuance date. Five years may seem like a long period. However, the card’s value can disappear quickly because of either maintenance charges or expiration, if you forget about it.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy e-Gift cards online?

You can buy e-Gift cards at multiple gift card stores online, including Gift Card Granny, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, among others.

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What stores have e-Gift cards?

You can e-Gift cards at nearly every major online retailer in the United States. These stores have in-house virtual gift cards, along with those from other brands.

Are e-Gift cards instant?

Yes. Unlike regular gift cards, e-Gift cards are instant because sending and delivering is through an electronic platform, including email and phone. However, in some cases, virtual cards can take up to 24 hours before reaching the recipient.

The Bottom Line

Virtual gift cards can simplify the gift-giving process, particularly for difficult to shop for people. Regardless, you’ll want to use due diligence before you buy e-Gift cards online instantly. Putting some thought into your card selection will ensure it does not go unused, or you don’t waste your money. Use an e-Gift card immediately after receiving it, so you don’t forget about it.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the exchange websites to trade it for a different card or other goods you might need. Most importantly, remember to look at any card you receive to see whether it has an expiration date or if any maintenance fees apply. And if you are sending an electronic card, consider letting the recipient know if there is a time limit in which to use the reward.

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