The First American Home Warranty Reviews

East or west home is best. You should go through all limits to ensure that one of your biggest investments is secured and protected. All homeowners who wish to get a piece of mind, knowing that they have protection for home-related costs that go beyond their insurance. As they age, appliances and other house systems can begin failing. Should the devices or systems be out of manufacturer warranty, the homeowner will be looking at hefty repair costs.

Home insurance companies only offer coverage for the structure of the home. Other systems and appliances are not catered for, not unless they are lost or damaged in an insurable event such as a sandstorm or warranty. Without coverage, many homeowners will have a deep dent made on their finances when a home system fails unexpectedly. The primary function of home warranties is to fill such financial gaps.

About First America Home Warranty

First America Home Warranty is a home warranty company which was founded in the year 1984. It is part of the First American Family group of companies. Home warranty service plans are offered, both to homeowners and real estate professionals. The company provides warranty plans for household items such as electronic appliances and other major house systems.

Serving over 550,000 customers, First America Home Warranty is available with a 24/7 claims assistance on phone or email. For homeowners, a basic and premier plan is available. When it comes to real estate professionals, there is basic and optional coverage. The optional coverage solely depends on whether the coverage caters to the seller or the buyer of the listing.

What Does the First American Home Warranty Cover?

The company, which has a substantial number of clients, has a wide range of coverage to offer. While being in service for the last three decades, First America Warranty Cover has gained a lot of clients who have spoken nothing short of how fantastic the service they have received is. Moreover, the company raises its premiums every few years, so any figures quoted in this post might change. Will this company caters to your needs, or will it fall in the list of the worst home warranty companies? Read on to find out more.

The Basic Plan

The basic plan starts at $28 per month covers the following;

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposer
  • Trash Compactor
  • Range/oven or cooktop
  • Microwave
  • Washer and dryer

The Premier Plan

At $44.50, you can opt for the premium plan which has all the following coverage, on top of what is on the basic plan;

  • Electrical system
  • Central heating
  • Ductwork
  • Central vacuum system
  • Plumbing system
  • Garage door opener
  • Water heater


You can opt for an upgrade for either of the plans;

  • Coverage for additional refrigerators (Extra $4 every month)
  • Well and well pump (Extra $9 per month)
  • Air conditioning service (Extra $9 per month)
  • Pool and pool equipment (Extra $15 per month)

How Much First American Home Warranty Pays

For you to fully understand how much the warranty company pays, you have to first know about the payout caps and service fees. Whenever you reach out to any warranty company for their services, they will send in a technician who will then come to assess the situation. At this point, you will be required to pay a service fee in that initial setup. You can think of it as a deductible.

In the majority of states, First America Home Warranty charges an average of $75 per visit from the technician. In some other few states, the rates could go as high as $100. If at all the replacement or repair you seek is covered by the home warranty, the next thing you need to be concerned over is the payout cap. This, again, will vary from region to region – state to state.

Payout Caps Limitations

When you sign up for a home warranty coverage, the payout fine print will only cover much. However, there are limitations which you have to brace yourself into running into at some point. Before signing a contract, it is paramount that you first understand everything that is written in it.

To fully access the details of the said contract, you will have to ask for a sample agreement when going through the quote process.

Here are some of the limitations you should watch out for when going through the details of a contract;

  • Electrical systems – there is no expense cap. However, the plan will also not pay for specific electrical issues arising from; alarm systems, doorbells, video, and audio recording devices, intercoms, etc. Moreover, damages which occur as a result of inadequate wiring capacity and issues brought about by power surges are also not included.
  • Garage door openers – no expense cap as well. The plan does not pay for remote controllers, hinges, springs, gate motors, and side rails.
  • Laundry appliances – still no expense cap. The plan does not include the payment for repairs to filter and lint screens, venting, damage to clothing, knobs, and dials.

Warranty Claims

After signing up at the First American Home Warranty, you will have to wait for at least 30 days before you file for your first claims. After the 30 days are over, you are eligible to file a complaint at any time of the day, using whichever communication channel you wish; whether by phone or online.

It is, however, advised that the majority of claims should be filed online, as you will have all the documentation you will need in case there is need to dispute the company’s decision at a later stage. If the customer support staff notifies you that the home warranty plan does not cover for your claims, then the conversation will end almost immediately.

However, if it is a valid claim which is covered by the warranty, a technician will be sent to your house to come and assess the situation. As mentioned earlier, the standard fee for most states is $75 for a technician.

After the service fee has been paid for, the technician will then fix or order for a replacement of the product in question – at no extra cost to you. This is one of those instances where you can discern whether your warranty is a great idea to protect your home or a complete waste of money; all depending on the nature of your claims.

In most cases, whenever a home warranty company fails to cater for a claim, the homeowner feels cheated, and this is very understandable. However, it is always good to check and understand the fine print well in advance before signing to it. You should know what is and what is not covered in the warranty – you may print a copy for your future references if you wish.

Companies such as The First American Home Warranty, do not breach their contracts and whenever they fail to honor a claim, then it probably isn’t their work. Correctly understanding the intricacies of your contract will help avert future misunderstandings.

Why the First American Home Warranty Can Deny Claims

Legally speaking, as long you signed into an agreement, then you are bound by it. Should the company deny to pay for your claims, chances are the contract you signed up with them provides that you will not be paid for them. If not provided for by the agreement, you have all the mandate and authority to sue the company.

Here are a few legitimate reasons this company can deny your claim for service;

  • The system is not covered – more than often, many people tend to forget, or do not know what plan they purchased for their home. This mostly happens when it was an agent who got the initial plan for you. For example, a basic plan doesn’t cater to plumbing issues, so when you phone the company about a broken or leaking pipe, you might get a direct denial.
  • Unpaid bills – some customers can default on paying for the coverage at some point. If this happens and you need to file a claim, you have given the company enough reason to deny your claims.
  • You have met the contract caps maximums – just like many other warranty companies, the American First Home Warranty company has maximums to be paid out on various systems. Even though the peaks are a bit higher than for many other companies, once you meet the cap maximums, your next filed claims might be automatically denied.
  • Maintenance standards not met – in most cases, when you sign up for the coverage of larger systems, you might be required by the contract to perform regular maintenance services. Should the damage which occurs be because you failed to honor your duty, the claims become rejected.

Grading First American Home Warranty

If you are confused about whether to sign up for a First American Home Warranty coverage, it is good to check out their pros and cons first.

  • Simple contracts: They can be easily understood, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever.
  • Lower premiums: This Company is on the lower end of the cost spectrum as compared to others.
  • Complaint resolution services with 24-hour customer service support
  • Reasonable caps
  • The warranty may cover issues caused by rust and corrosion
  • Monthly and yearly payment plans
  • Excluded coverage can be confusing to average consumers
  • Homeowners must use a contractor selected by the company
  • $75 or more service fee per item is quite costly

The Conclusion

With over 30 years of providing service to millions, the company has sure gained a lot of trust and experience along the way. With an extensive network of service providers, the company also offers comprehensive coverage for major systems and appliances. We recommend that you contact the company to check for your eligibility. Better still, check out the numerous honest reviews from real people before signing up for it.