How To Identify The Worst Home Warranty Companies

A homeowner generally uses different types of home appliances and systems but these appliances may be damaged or need to be repaired and replaced any time. So the home warranty plan may be the best deal to manage economic challenge. In the United States of America, the number of home warranty company is on the rise with better consumer’s satisfaction and business reputation.

Last 5 years, this company’s growth rate has gone up by 3.3%. There are hundreds of home warranty companies and they are providing services like a home warranty of home appliances and systems. There are also thousands of questions made by the customers about their service. But not all company are best in terms of providing services according to contract.

The common question is are they professional to make sure better service in terms of a home warranty? Before choosing any home warranty company, the best suggestion should be who is best and who is worst. In some cases, a company may be reluctant to provide services written by the contract. So you need to know how to identify the worst home warranty companies.

Home Warranty Contract

In this modern age, the home warranty has been a crucial need as home warranty company are instantly managing your home due to any system fall of the home. They mainly cover repair and replacement of the household system and appliance.

Cost of The Home Warranty Plan

Investing a little of amount dollar may save you from different types of hassle and mental depression from your life. The average cost of the home warranty plan could be from $300 to $600 in a year. This cost may fluctuate according to your location and type of home warranty plan. Additionally, you need to renew the service plan annually. In some cases, the average cost of the monthly contract may stand from $20-$50.

There is another cost which is deductible. This cost is paid to the professional sent by the warranty company. This cost may be from $50-$100. In some cases, one visit may not be enough. Homeowners may need one more visit to repair appliances. In that case, visit cost can be less than the first visit. Some home warranty company may not charge on 2nd or more visit after 1st visit.

Home Warranty Company is always on the hotline and it is 24 hours open. They will provide the homeowner hotline number to make sure they are available at any moment. After getting your phone call, a professional is present to knock your door.

How To Identify The Worst Home Warranty Companies

Hundreds of home warranty companies are trying to get your attention. They are saying they are the best in the whole nation. But it is seen that after getting a home warranty contract, there is no match with the commitment of the home warranty company. In some cases, you are spending out of pocket in spite of yearly payment as well as monthly service charge. Here you are going to get some ideas on how to identify the worst home warranty companies.

worst home warranty companies

More Cost Than That of Contract:

At the very first, when you have read the contract paper thoroughly, you may know that the home warranty company may charge service fee sometimes. After getting a home warranty, it can be seen that the service charge is high and you have to pay per visit. It is really not a good deal of the business.

Whatever charge they list should be open and clear. In those cases, you are paying and losing a big amount of money. It is important to know if these cases are still ongoing in that company. So you may read some blogs on authentic site. The interaction of the consumers in the comment box can give you a clear concept. This is the way on how to find the worst home warranty companies.

Spending Time And Money Over The Phone:

A good company always focus on better customer service. The first look of a company explains the whole culture of the company. In the same way, you are in need of service from a contracted home warranty company and you are waiting for hours to get them over the phone. Additionally, they are not replying to know your problem.

Surely they are not a good company. Waiting in the queue over the phone does mean that they are not providing good service for better customer experience. It may happen not with you but so many consumers. This is really boring and a way on how to know the worst extended auto warranty companies.

Unskilled Technician or Poor Quality of Service:

Most of the cases, some company may hire a fresh employee who may have minimum work knowledge but not expert enough to handle the home system and appliance. Anyway, when you have called them, you are not satisfied with their service.

Even the repair is signaling you to more problems. It means this repair has been done with the inexperienced hand. Some company may hire this type of unskilled and fresh technician to make sure their profit maximization. So you need to be clear of this fact. To have a better understanding, you may talk to the existing consumers directly to get ideas on the service of the home warranty company.

Unwillingness To Inspection:

Home appliances like fridge, A/C, washing machine and many other types of equipment under home warranty plan should be inspected about the condition of the lifespan. If they are not inspected properly, you are going to lose an expensive one which may cost you out of pocket. The good home warranty company will always inspect the appliances or the system under warranty plan to make sure what can be done like repair or replacement.

This routine maintenance and inspection can save the home warranty company as well as the homeowner equally. So you may know from your dear ones who have already taken a plan from the company where you are going to open home warranty plan.

Poor Complain Management:

Consumers want to get a better service as they are paying to the company. In the same way, the company should provide better service to grab the market in this competitive business world. Handling complains and different issues are important for a business. Some home warranty company may ignore it. This is the big issue that a homeowner must know before getting any plan from the home warranty company.

Long Repair Timeline:

Your appliances are a vital part of your everyday life. Without them, it is really hard to lead a comfortable life. Somehow your appliances are not working, they need repair. But the home warranty company is not sending any professional or technician in spite of informing them earlier. It is a problem that is asked by many consumers.


The limit can break down the contract of the home warranty plan. Some company force people to pay money in the name of limit. It can be a good decision when you are going to get information on the limit procedure. But one can think that a home warranty can be with the home company without limit. No company will make this home warranty plan for you as limit also has cost minimizing factor.

Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies In the USA

Your home is one of your significant investments. Therefore, you should take all reasonable measures to safeguard it. You should protect your home with the best available options in the warranty industry.

Some of these home items include systems and appliances such as dryers and washers, roofing leaks, HVAC systems, electrical systems, and plumbing. Some homeowners fail to ensure their property because they think that their manufacturer’s warranty has already provided coverage for them.

However, these warranties will only cover for your home appliances and systems for a limited time. What’s more – this duration will not exceed one year. Moreover, your manufacturer’s warranty will only cover certain parts of your home systems and appliances.

If you don’t have a home warranty, almost all your valuables will remain unprotected. You will have to spend a lot of money and time to repair or replace them if they get damaged.

One benefit of covering your property with a home warranty plan is that you will get repairs and replacements for your damaged equipment in time and with no hassle. You have to be super selective before deciding to cover your equipment with a particular company. This is because there are many home warranty companies which promise coverage for your equipment, but they end up failing to do so when it gets faulty. However, don’t get discouraged – you can still find a good home warranty company. All you need to do is to conduct your research thoroughly. Here are the best home warranty companies in the United States;

1. AFC Home Club

AFC Home Club is one of the top-rated warranty providers in the United States. You can quickly get a quote online from its official website. Furthermore, you won’t be required to provide too much personal information. This way, you will be quite sure that your data is safe, and it will not be used in identity theft.

This company has been in the home warranty industry for more than nine years. It has a B rating in BBB. Here are its coverage options;

  • Dryer, washer, ductwork, kitchen refrigerator, plumbing stoppages, water heater, plumbing system, oven, electrical system, heating system, range, air conditioning, cooktop, dishwasher, microwave, garage door opener, and garbage disposal.
  • Same covered items as platinum, except for plumbing stoppages and microwaves.
  • Same covered essential home equipment, without microwaves, plumbing system, plumbing stoppages, ductwork, electrical, and heating.
  • Electrical system, gas system, air conditioning, plumbing system, and heating system.

2. Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark covers six  USA states. These states include Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, and Texas. The prices of its premiums are between $35 – $55 each month. Landmark’s plan options include;

  • Home Systems Plan. This plan covers subterranean termite treatment, air conditioning system, heating, pest control, electrical system, and plumbing system.
  • Total Protection Plan. This one covers the major home systems plus basic home appliances. Some of these appliances include microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, central vacuum, garbage disposal, garage door opener, washer, and dryer.

3. American Home Shield

American Home Shield is one of the oldest warranty companies in the United States with a solid reputation. It has a BBB rating of B. The cost of its premiums range from $29.99 to $34.99 each month.

The prices of its deductibles may be between $75 – $125. Your home equipment will start being covered within 30 days after you have bought their plans. Here are some of its available plans;

  • Appliances Plan. It provides coverage for ten home appliances, including dryers, washers, refrigerators, cooktops, and ovens.
  • Systems Plan. It covers eleven primary home systems such as plumbing, electrical, heating, among others.
  • Combo Plan. This one combines both the appliances and the system plan. The combo plan is more comprehensive, and it has a discounted price.
  • Customized Plan. If you can’t afford the appliances, systems, or combo plan; then you should opt for the customized plan. This plan enables you to choose the specific home equipment which you would like to protect.

4. Complete Protection Home Warranty

Complete Protection has the most affordable plans in the home warranty industry. It has five comprehensive plans, and its premiums may range from $30 per month to $720 per year. It offers no deductibles too.

Its warranty plans cover all the parts of your appliances. You will also be entitled to annual preventative maintenance checks if you purchase their plans. Moreover, you can choose your own personal technicians whom you trust to repair your equipment. Here are the warranty plans of Complete Protection;

  • Kitchen Laundry Plan. $32 monthly or $384 yearly.
  • Cooling/Heating. $34 monthly or $408 yearly.
  • Basic Built-Ins. (Central cooling/heating, dishwasher, water heater, and range). $40 monthly or $400 yearly.
  • Full House. $50 monthly or $600 yearly.
  • Full House Plus. $60 monthly or $720 yearly.

5. First American Home Warranty

First American is deemed to be one of the best home warranty companies in the United States. Currently, it has over 450,000 customers. It offers equipment repair and replacement services all-year round, including public holidays and in emergencies.

Its coverage plans are more comprehensive, and their prices are quite affordable too. First American has two main plans, Basic and Premier. The basic package covers kitchen appliances primarily, while the premier plan is more comprehensive, and it can cover most of your home appliances and systems. Here is a complete list of what First American covers;

  • Covered Systems. Air conditioning, water heaters, heating, plumbing, and electrical.
  • Covered Appliances. Refrigerators, dryers, and washers.
  • Specialty Items. Spa/pool, and well pump.

6. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home is based in New Jersey. It is one of the newest home warranty companies in the United States since it was founded in 2008. Its coverage fees range between $500 to $1500. Here are the items which it covers;

  • Covered Systems. Air conditioning, sump pumps, ductwork, heating, ceiling fans, electrical, central vacuums, water heaters, and plumbing.
  • Covered Appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, garbage disposal, garage door openers, microwave, cooktops, ranges, and ovens.
  • Specialty Items. Roof leaks, spa, septic, and well pump.

7. Home Security of America

HSA offers home warranty services to both American realtors and homeowners. This company has 30+ years of experience in the warranty industry. It has a BBB rating of B.

However, this company does not provide coverage to some major states such as New York, California, and Texas. The prices of its premiums are between $485 – $619, and its deductibles range from $75 – $100. Here are its most common cover packages;

  • Buyer/Seller Coverage. Available if you can pay $75 trade call fee for $485 premium, or $100 trade call fee for $455 premium.
  • Optional/Seller Coverage. Covers central air or heat, attached humidifier, heat pump, ductwork, and thermostat.
  • Basic Plan. Protects many major home systems and appliances.
  • Buyer Seven-Star Upgrade. Provides more comprehensive coverage for almost all of your home equipment.

8. Home Warranty of America

HWA is unique in the sense that it will start covering for your home equipment immediately after you have entered into a contract with them. Its BBB rating is B, and its premiums range from $44.62 – $53.46. Home Warranty of America provides coverage to almost all states in the USA. Its plans include;

  • Premier Plan. Heating, dryer and washer, ductwork, refrigerator, plumbing, trash compactor, oven, range, cooktop, toilet, microwave, sump pump, garbage disposal, central vacuum, water heater, fire alarm, hot water dispenser, burglar alarms, and fire alarm.
  • Premier Plus. All of which the premier plan covers plus air conditioning and toilet replacement.

9. Old Republic Home Protection

Old Republic is one of the largest warranty companies in the USA. This company has been in the warranty industry for more than forty years. Its plans are comprehensive, but they can be quite costly. Here is the home equipment which Old Republic covers;

  • Covered Systems. Air conditioning, sump pumps, heating, ductwork, ceiling fans, electrical, central vacuums, plumbing, water heaters, and water dispensers.
  • Covered Appliances. Refrigerators, garbage disposal, dishwashers, garage door openers, ovens, ranges, cooktops, microwave, icemakers, trash compactors, dryers, and washers.
  • Specialty Items. Spa, roof leaks, septic, and well pump.

10. Fidelity National Home Warranty

Fidelity National is well known for its friendly customer care service staff and automated repair tracking systems. It holds a BBB rating of A+. Its coverage plans are affordable, but its service fees are a bit higher. Here is what Fidelity National covers;

  • Covered Systems. Air conditioning, telephone wiring, heating, sump pumps, electrical, ductwork, plumbing, ceiling fans, doorbells, water heaters, smoke detectors, dispensers, and central vacuums.
  • Covered Appliances. Refrigerators, garbage disposal, dishwashers, dryers, washers, garage door openers, ovens, cooktops, ranges, trash compactors, ice makers, and microwaves.
  • Specialty Items. Spa, roof leaks, septic, and well pump.

Some Benefits of Home Warranty

The benefit of a home warranty is many. Generally, we use different types of appliances and systems at our home. These appliance sand services are not guaranteed for long-lasting services. In some cases, these home appliances may be damaged and systems break down.

Time Saving:

In your professional life, you are so busy and it is very hard to handle damaged home appliances. When a major appliance is broken down, surely the home warranty company is going to take care of this appliance. They will pay for the cost that is to be incurred.

Hassle Free Life:

When you as a homeowner are using the home appliance for a long time. It may be a matter of anxiety because that appliance may be damaged in the blinks of your eyes. However, if any appliance’s system breaks down, we get worried as that appliance may be so expensive. It is not sure when the appliance will be damaged.

Additionally, the fall of the system in terms of the home appliance make us unhappy and we want quick maintenance. Luckily, the home warranty company is ready to get this appliance up today as before. For this, you are not running with your damaged appliances to the mechanic store and waiting for a long time to get appliances back.

Accessibility To Skilled Technician:

Home Warranty Company employ a very skilled technician to keep business reputation up. When someone has contracted with the home warranty company, it is easy to get them at your home for the maintenance of the damaged appliance. In this case, there is a deductible cost that you may need to pay. Instantly, they will send a skilled technician to repair the appliance or the system that has fallen down.

Cost of Home:

According to your capability, you may own a new building or house. When you are going to buy a new home, the existing home may be sold to support the new purchase of a house. Luckily, the cost of the home will be high when you mention that you have a contract with the home warranty company.

Choose The Right Home Warranty Plan

Choosing the right home warranty company is a little bit overwhelming. When you have searched a home warranty company online, there are thousands of company available on your web page. But which one can be best is the million dollar question. Here are some tips to select the right home warranty company.

More Local:

the location you live in has some home warranty company. They provide service and they are available always. The best tips to find home warranty company is more local to make sure you can get them at any time within a short time. In case you face any problem after a repair, you may also communicate with them physically when you are outing from the house.

Which Plan You Need:

It is a question that is overlooked often. It is so important to know which type of plan as a home warranty is perfect for you. There are two types of home warranty which are systems and appliances. Home systems may include plumbing, heating, and cooling, electrical. On the other hand, appliances may include dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer and garage door.

So it is more important to know the exact plan. You need to make sure which is more risky to damage and average lifespan may be little. Transferring this risk to the home warranty company can be the best deal to save your cost in terms of repair and replacement.

Exclusion And Limitation of Home Warranty Company:

Every company like home warranty company has its limitation and exclusion. One should read these limitations and exclusion thoroughly. Buying a home warranty plan is a decision and this decision should be on truth to make sure you are not going to face any confusion with the home warranty company. In some cases, a repair or replacement cost may have a limit.

When the limit is crossed, you may spend from your pocket. It is really helpful to have a clear idea of the limitation of the plan. Generally, any appliance like refrigerator or freezer repair or replacement limit is $5,000. According to contract, there are lists of limits and one should make it clear before approving home warranty plan.

On the other hand, it is really important to make sure that you know the exclusion very clearly. According to your contract, home warranty company may not cover all systems and appliances. But some consumers don’t try to understand it. After contract approval, they want to cover pre-existing defects, items under recall and other things.

Get Ideas From Consumers:

In this technological age, nothing is hidden. Consumers are saying the positive side of the company who are doing great. On the other hand, consumers are also saying and giving an opinion about the negative sides of the services. You have a chance to get a better idea from consumers comments & reviews from reviews & rating websites.

You may notice a very tough interaction between consumers and service providers. In case of any negative side of the company, you should also notice how the home warranty company is replaying their comments. When maximum comments are going negative, there is surely a question to the service provided by the home warranty company.

Final Thoughts

Now that the home warranty company is taking full responsibilities of your home, your best plan should be to take the home warranty. As a homeowner, you are no exception to get services like warranty plans for life, health, your valuable goods at home and the whole home. Insecurity and uncertainty are running after our life and homeowner need this type of home warranty plan more seriously to prevent any loss as well as be strong financially and physically. It is also important to how to identify the worst home warranty companies. This can be a good deal to a smart and secure life.

Note To The Readers: This article is written for only to provide the readers with some insights on what is happening in terms of the home warranty company. Readers should make the decision for a home warranty plan after getting much truths and information from any home warranty professional.