Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

Can I get free phone services with all services unlimited? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The truth is, yes you can. I mean, there are several companies that provide cheap & free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. These companies offer free cell phone services through lifeline program. To benefit, you must be a low income consumer, financially strained senior, disabled or active members of any government aid program. In this page, we have analyzed 10 best companies and legit process to get their services.

free cell phone service for life unlimited everything

Process To Get Free Cell Phone Services

1. Identify Service Provider

As mentioned earlier, there are several service providers that offer free phone service with unlimited services. However, some providers are not available in all states. These providers also have rules and regulations that vary per state. It is thus important to identify the most convenient service provider within your locality.

2. Prove Eligibility

Eligibility rules vary per provider. It is therefore important to understand their rules and prove whether you qualify to get free cell phone service from the provider you selected.

3. Send an Application

Through your provider’s physical offices, email address or official website, fill free cell phone service application form. Ensure to fill correct personal details.

4. Wait For Approval

The provider will prove eligibility and approve your request. They will then deliver your free phone that allows you to enjoy internet, texts and call services for free.

Best Companies That Provide Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

There are several companies that provide cheap services with unlimited everything. These companies also provide free cell phone services from the government. Below are the criteria to determine the best companies.

  • Network Coverage : This Is the most crucial factor to determine before selecting your service provider. Some providers work best in certain states with poor coverage in other states. Inquire about the most reliable provider in your locality.
  • Hidden Fee : Some companies have hidden fee which forces you to end paying much money than expected. To avoid frustrations, it is so advisable to inquire about the total amount you are likely to pay in full.
  • Customer Services : Experiencing poor customer care services is like losing the value of your money. Customer care services are the overall image of any company. You should thus make sure your carrier’s customer care services have top rating through viewing different reviews.
  • Contract Option : Change is important. Nobody loves being locked in one carrier or plan with no option for change or upgrade. Ensure your carrier is contract free to avoid high fine incurred after cancelling immature contract.

Below Are Companies That Provide Cheap Cell Phones For Life Unlimited Everything

1. Verizon Wireless

This is one of the best providers that offer free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. It has several amazing plans that provide unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited calls at a fixed monthly fee. These plans also allow users to enjoy quality video streaming, mobile tethering and unlimited international services. They operate on advanced 4 G LTE reliable network with some offering 500GB cloud storage. They have no renewable contracts.

Verizon Go unlimited75$ every month.Unlimited everything.
Verizon above unlimited95$ every month.Unlimited everything.
Verizon Go beyond unlimited.85$ monthly.Unlimited everything.
Verizon go family.Average price of 40$ per line totaling 160$ per line.Unlimited data, text and calls.
Verizon beyond family.An average price of 50$ per line totaling 200$ for 4 lines.Unlimited calls, data and texts.

2. T- Mobile Unlimited Plans

This amazing provider comes with a number of unlimited plans. Widely known to provide best plans for seniors, this carrier also provides best family plans with unlimited everything. It offers discount on every additional line, making it suitable for family with many users. The plans work at high speed network coverage that allows quality streaming and mobile tethering services. It has the following plans;

PlansServicesMonthly Prices
Essential plan.Everything unlimited.Average of 30$ per line
Magenta plan.Everything unlimited.Average of 40$ per line.
Magenta plus plan.Everything unlimited.Average of 50$ per line.

3. Sprint Mobile

This is another reliable carrier that provides cheap cell phone services with unlimited everything. It has consistent, cheap and high value plans ranking it among the top providers in the market. It has several unlimited plans that guarantee top quality streaming, international roaming and mobile hotspot connectivity.

PlansServicesMonthly Charges
Sprint kickstart.Unlimited data, calls, texts.25$
Sprint basic plan.Unlimited texts, calls, data.Average of 25 $ on each line totaling 100$ 4 lines.
Sprint plus.Unlimited calls, data, texts.,140$ for four lines.
Sprint premium.Unlimited data, texts, calls.180$ four lines.

4. AT&T Mobile

AT&T mobile is another great carrier with reliable plans to choose. These plans provide a great option for large families. It is suitable to use in a household of more than three users.

PlansServicesMonthly Charge
Unlimited starter.# Unlimited text, data, calls.
# Unlimited texts, calls and data to Mexico and Canada.
140$ four lines.
Unlimited extra.# Unlimited everything.
# 15 GB mobile hotspot.
# 50 GB threshold de-prioritization.
160$ four lines.
Unlimited Elite.# Unlimited services.
# HD streaming.
# 30 GB hotspot.
# 100GB de-prioritization.
200$ four lines.

5. Boost Mobile

Boost mobile also offers a number of plans that provide unrestricted calls, texts and data. That means there is no limit on what to do with your calls, texts or data.  Consequently, users enjoy high speed download, quality streaming, tethering as well as listen to music at an average high speed of 1.5 mbps. These plans also have other additional services like premium caller ID and international services at a little fee. These plans are;

PlansServicesMonthly Prices
Unlimited# Unlimited data, texts and calls.
# Quality SD streaming.
# 12 GB tethering.
Unlimited plus.# Unlimited text, calls and data.
# HD quality streaming.
# 5 G capability.
Ultimate unlimited.# Unlimited data, calls, texts.
# 30 GB mobile hotspot.
# HD quality streaming.

Below Are 5 Best Companies That Provide Free Cell Phones Services To Eligible Beneficiaries

1. QLink Wireless

This great wireless company partners with lifeline to provide free calls, text and data services to beneficiaries. Physically located in Florida, Qlink has other online sites that ensure you get their services without struggle. It has its services in more than 30 states across US. It provides 1000 call minutes, 1 GB data and unlimited texts for free every month.

2. Assist Wireless

This is another great company that works together with lifeline to provide free cell phone services to consumers. Same to QLink, its services are available across several states in US. Nevertheless, assist wireless benefits vary from state to state.  I mean states like Maryland, Missouri, Arkansas and Minnesota gets 1000 t5alk time minutes, 50 MBS and 500 text minutes for free each month. Oklahoma tribal consumers receive unlimited minutes of calls, unlimited number of texts and 4 GB monthly data for free.

3. Access Wireless

Access wireless also provides free lifeline cell phone services to several consumers across USA. It has great plans that features voice mailing, caller ID, Call waiting and 4 GLTE network.  Its services also differ in every state. New York, Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, Utah, Mississippi and Michigan states receive free 50 MBS, 250 calls and unlimited texts, other states like California receive unlimited call minutes, texts and 2 GB free monthly data.

4. American Wireless

American wireless provides free cell phones services that features caller ID, voice mail, caller waiting and 911 emergency services. Qualified consumers get free phones, 1000 call minutes, 1 GB data and unlimited texts.

It also has free California tribal plans that offer free phones, unlimited calls and texts. Unfortunately, this plan has no free data plans. Moreover, the company has cheap top up plans that allows users to add call minutes and data for convenience.

5. Life Wireless

It ends the list of our best 5 free cell phone service companies.  This great company also provides a number of plans with free lifeline phone services. It provides 1000 calling time, unrestricted messages and 1 GB data to Maine, Ohio, Kentucky and Arkansas.  It also has the following free tribal plans;

  • California tribal plan with unlimited calling time, unlimited messages and 2 GB data.
  • Oklahoma tribal plan with unlimited calls, text messages and 2 GB data.

Every action has advantages and disadvantages. As a result, we have seen it important to inform you about pros and cons associated with these services before settling for any.

Advantages Of Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

  • Free cell phone services allow you to enjoy communication services at zero to little cost.
  • Free cell phone services come along with free phone. This makes phones available to everyone.
  • Cell phone unlimited services allow users to enjoy phone services without restriction at a little monthly payment.

Disadvantages Of Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

  • Free cell phone services provide less modern and advanced phones. In other words, their models of phones are of low quality.

Final Thought

In this site, we have given you tips to select best companies that provide free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. Some deals are not available in every state. It is thus important to ensure your selected provider works best in your locality.