How To Get a Free Phones From Government, Online Platform & Other Source

Phones are essential devices in our day to day life.  Due to improved technology, these devices are costly to get thus not affordable to all. As a result, the government introduced programs that give out free cell phones to the needy and low income consumers. Free government cell phones are easy to use and cheap to maintain.

What Benefits Do I Receive With Free Government Phones ?

Free government phones come along with extra benefits that make communication services easier and affordable to users.

  • It Comes With Free Call Minutes : They come with free call minutes that differ from one state to another. Some states receive 1000 call minutes, 500 minutes, 350 minutes while others receive 100 call minutes.
  • It Comes With Free Text Minutes : They also come with free text messages that vary from state. However, several states receive unlimited messages.  Other states also receive international free messages.
  • Come With Free Data : These phones also come with free internet data that vary from state to state.  Some states receive 1 GB, others 1.5 GB while others receive 500 MBs per month.

How To Get Free Government Phone

To get a free government phone, you have to send an application form to any carrier in your locality. You should visit Lifeline official page and check which carrier provides free government phones in your state.  Some of these carriers are; Access wireless, Qlink, Safelink, and Verizon among others.

Lifeline Program

This is a government program that makes communication services cheaper and affordable to the poor and low income consumers in US. This program gives out free phones, calls, texts, and data to households with income less than 135% or participants of any federal aid program.

Qualifications To Get Free Government Phones

Not everyone qualifies to get free government phones. To get these phones you must;

  • Have an income below 135% of the federal poverty guideline.
  • Be an active member of federal aid program like Medicaid, Food stamps, federal public housing assistance and supplemental security income program among others.
  • Have documents to prove you receive help from your respective assistance program.
  • Payroll stubs to prove your level of income.

Steps to Getting Free Phones

  1. Identify The Provider in Your Locality : This is the first step to get free government phone. It requires you to look for the most convenient and reliable provider within your state.  This is because some providers are not available in every state.
  2. Determine Eligibility : Eligibility varies per every provider and state. Thus, it is important to determine eligibility from your provider before sending an application form.
  3. Send an Application Form : Through your provider, you should send an application form with all correct personal details. You can fill the form through your provider’s official site, through mail or visiting their physical address.
  4. Wait For Approval And Delivery : After application, the company will validate eligibility and approve your application request.  They will then ship your phone to the exact address provided in the application form.
How To Get Free Government Phones

What If I Don’t Qualify For Government Phone?

Not everyone qualifies for free government phones.  Worry not if you don’t qualify. This is because there are other alternatives to get free phones as listed below.

1. Free Phone When You Switch/ With Plans

Some companies give out free cell phones when you switch, upgrade or add a line with them. These phones are mostly given out as rewards or promotional offers. They include;

  1. Verizon : Verizon is one of the biggest and most trusted cell phone carriers in US.  It gives out free phone when you switch from one carrier to their services. It also gives out free phone when you add a line and sign and two year contract plan with them. It gives out phones like Samsung galaxy A10e, Motorola Moto e6 and Alcatel AVALON V phones along with free data, text and call minutes for free.
  2. Sprint Mobile : This is another great carrier that gives out free phones along with free data, texts and calls when you switch to their carrier, sign more than one year contract plan with them or lease out LG V30+ phone for 18 months.
  1. AT&T Mobile : This great carrier also provides free phones when you switch to their services or commit to any 36, 30 or 24 months plan with them. It gives out phones like Samsung galaxy 10 and iphone 7 among others.
  2. T – Mobile : This amazing company also provides free phones to members who switch to their services or commit to any two years plan with them. It gives out phones like Moto G power, Samsung galaxy A10 and REVVLRY along with free calls, texts and monthly data for free.

2. Free Cell Phones From Your Office

It’s also possible to get free phones from offices if you work in large companies and firms. This is to communicate with clients or conduct other business activities effectively.  If you work in large companies that provide these phones, you should grab such opportunities and avoid spending thousands of money to purchase another phone.

3. Free Cell Phones As A Gift

It is also possible to get a free phone from family or friends either as a reward for good deed, for congratulation or as gift on your birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

4. Craigslist – Online Platform

It’s also possible to get free phone from craigslist. This is an online site that sells several items either new or refurbished. It also entails several generous people that give out items they are no longer using for free. Are you in need of a free phone? Log in to craigslist and search for any well wisher disposing his phone for free.

5. OfferUp – Online Platform

This is same to craigslist. It is another reliable online site with possibility of getting free phone. Sign in to your account and search anyone willing to give out his or her old phone for free.

6. Next Door – Online Platform

This is another online platform that links people of the same community to share ideas, do trade or organize local community events. It has selling or gives away section where people give away old unused items for free. Visit this section to check out if you might be lucky enough to get free phone.

7. Face Book Marketplace – Online Platform

This is either face book page or group meant to sell and buy items. People also give away items that are no longer in use for free. Visit these places and see if you can grab a phone for free.

8. Buy Nothing Groups – Online Platform

These are community groups made of people within your neighborhood to share ideas, skills and help one other when in need. In the group, members are also allowed to share items with one another. From such groups, you can be lucky to get free phone from a well wisher.

9. Special Day Offers

There are several business premises that give out free items on special seasons like valentines, Easter holiday or black Friday for promotional purposes. If you need a free phone, do a thorough research on available special offers to check out whether you can grab a free phone.

10. From Raffles And Contexts

Some phone companies like Samsung or Apple have contexts that give out free phones to the winner. These contexts are available at certain times of the year allowing every interested user to participate. Participate in such contexts as you might be the lucky winner and walk away with a free phone.

11. Someone Might Give You Old Phone After Getting A New One.

Sharing is caring. What is the need for owning two phones yet there are people that cannot afford to acquire their own phone? In most cases, people give out older phones after acquiring a new one through several platforms as explained above. It is also possible to get a free phone from family or friends with new phones and be willing to give out the older ones.

My Recommendation

In this era, living without a phone makes your life complicated. This is because, without one, you miss a lot of opportunities. Phones also help you to reach out to friends and family which is very crucial. That is why the government introduced programs that give out free phones to consumers that can’t afford. We have also explained alternative ways to get free phones in case you don’t qualify from the government. Make use of the ways explained above and acquire your own phone for free.