How To Close Chime Account Easily

The technology advancement cuts across all fields such as online banking. Chime is one of the banks that is doing extremely well in online banking. It actually does not have a physical location for the customers across the country. Also, you can transfer money between two accounts with zero fees. That is one of the benefits that you can get as a Chime customer amongst others. However, apart from its good reputation to most users, you may still find some faults in it. This may provoke you to delete or close the Chime account. Although it is user friendly, there are no highlights given on how to delete the chime account.

So, you might have been looking for ways of deleting the chime account unsuccessfully. That is not your fault. The process is not that straightforward. But, in this article, we are going to show a simple process that you can use to close your account. So, if you are a chime user and you want to close your account, here is all that you needed

Possible Reasons To Delete Or Close Chime Account

There are a lot of good features by Chime to its customers. For example, customers can enjoy fast direct deposit services. Also, there is an overdraft limit of up to $1000 with no penalties and no hidden fees. However, with all these good services, you can decide to delete or close the chime account. The mains reasons are as a result of business nature and as discussed below;

  • Online services online : Chime Bank offers online banking services only. There are no physical Chime Bank branches across the country. So, if you have issues that you would like to solve physically, you will be unable to meet someone to fix the issues. 
  • Potential to overspend : The online services through their website and app can make you overspend easily. This is because you have the cash at your hand. When you can read your balances at your hand anytime, many people fear they will overspend. So, you can opt for deleting the account because you are overspending. In other cases, you may fear you will start overspending. So, you opt for physical banking to discipline yourself. 
  • Chime Credit Builder card not giving credit : Many people would expect to have cards that give them an option to use the bank card as a credit card. But this is not the case with the Chime Credit Builder card. This is dissatisfaction to many users hence opting for deleting the account.
  • High chime fees : Chime bank has high transaction charges compared to other banks. This may be a reason why you may decide to choose another bank. If you have another bank that is serving you better than the chime, you will opt for deleting the account. 

Can I close my chime bank account online?

As mentioned, Chime platforms do not give a clear method to close your account online. This applies both to the website and the Chime app. You can close your account via email. We will highlight that below for you. Before you close your chime account, make sure that it does not read negative. Also, note you will not be able to delete if your account is under investigation.

So, make sure that you clear all the cases if you have some before deleting the account. Note that before Chime bank closes the account, it will confirm if you are the real account holder. So, it is not possible to close a chime account online. However, below is the process that you can follow to close your chime account if you need to. 

Process to Close Chime account

The process of deleting the Chime account is no near to be straightforward. That is why we have put this guide to help in the process. But before you delete, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  1. Ensure there is no balance left in your Chime bank account.
  2. Make sure you do not have a pending payment left.
  3. Ensure your balance is not negative if it is clear before that.
  4. Make sure you do not have a refund waiting. 

If you meet the above, below is a step-to-step guideline for you to follow to close the chime account. We hope it will help you to close the chime account.

Step 1: Unlink all your accounts from Chime

It is good to unlink all the accounts connected to the Chime account before you delete the account. In some cases, you may have some cards linked to the account. Besides, you may have other banks linked to the Chime account. Unlinking the account from all the associated accounts help from unnecessary hassles. It is good if you will transfer all the cash in the account to the other accounts. Look at how you can transfer the cash to the Cash App or PayPal. This may help you empty your Chime account if you have cash. Here is a process of how you can unlink accounts.

  1. Open the Chime mobile banking app on the phone.
  2. Now Tap on your name at the top to access the Settings
  3. Then Tap on the Settings and scroll down to check the list of accounts.
  4. Again Tap on the specific account that you want to delete. On tapping, the Unlink button becomes active so, select unlink.
  5. Finally Select settings and then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the whole process. Do this to all other accounts connected to the account.

Step 2: Send an Email to Chime

After you unlink all the accounts linked, it is time you request for the account deletion. You can do it in two ways. The first channel that you can use is by sending an email to the Chime. Their email address to use is “support @” (without any space). Make sure that the subject of the mail is very clear to them. We suggest you use “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.” Although the subject is short, it is communicating your point loud. 

The subject is so visible that anyone opening the account will see it after opening the mails. This will make them act to reply to your account deletion request. 

Step3: Follow up with Customer Support Team

Many people tend to relax after sending an email requesting the deletion of the account. But, at the moment you are waiting, you do not know what may happen to your account. That is why making a call to the chime support a day after it is good for you. You can contact them via 1-844-244-6363.

When calling them, make sure you have any reference number emailed to you. This is good because you will give it to them as requested. It is good you start by asking about the status of your account. Also, know how long it will take to delete the account if not yet done. Sometimes you may find they deleted. 

Keep on following the progress of the account deletion. If it takes long, call again or email them to know why it is taking long. It is always good if the account deletion is as soon as you place your request. If it takes longer, the more there is a likelihood of messing up again. If you push more, your case will be definitely prioritized. 

Final Recap

If you have some reasons that are pushing you to close your chime account, then you got the best process. So, if you are going to follow the above steps, definitely, you will have your account closed fast. It is good to be polite when talking to the customer service representative. This is mostly when you are talking to them via phone call. Also, before you start the process, make sure you meet the requirements. So, if you want to close the chime, send an email and make follow-ups to have it deleted.