The Best Eleven Made in America TVs For Best Performance

sEarlier on, televisions were seen as luxury to many. This is because a few could only afford it. However, as we speak, things have taken a different turn. Nowadays, television is an indispensable device, thanks to the proliferation of modern tech devices. Interestingly, modern TV can now access internet platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and many more. The modern ones are beyond impressive as they offer exquisite clarity, smart design, and offer incredible sound quality. If you are looking for a TV to buy for your home, you should consider made in America TVs. By buying TVs made in America, you will be greatly supporting the local American economy. This article will outline some of the TVs made in America with their respective features so that you can know them more.

What are Some of the TVs Made in America?

Some of the TVs that are made in the USA include the following:

1. Silo Digital TVs Made in America

This is one of the top TV manufacturers in the United States. You will note that it is actually a privately owned company whose headquarters is in Chatsworth, California. This company operates as a consumer electronics manufacturer, basically specializing in LED TVs.

When it comes to the years of operations, this company has been in business for over 10 years. Earlier on, they used to make tube TVs. However, over time, there was a paradigm shift, and currently manufactures LCD and LED TVs ranging from 32 inches to 84 inches. In addition, the company also deals with some brands of 3D LED units.

2. Seura TVs Made in America

Besides Silo Digital, Seura TV is another made in American TVs that you should consider. This manufacturing company is actually based in Green Bay Wisconsin. The above-mentioned company is family-owned and was set up in 2003 by Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson.

Their first TV set was actually a TV mirror prototype that would turn into a full mirror when you switch it off. However, over time, the TV company has revolutionized many things and is now specializing in the design and manufacture of lighted mirror TV set.

Besides making lighted mirror TV sets, this company also produced waterproof dual-purpose vanity TV mirrors. Such can be used in bathrooms. Also, the TV Company makes a variety of indoor and outdoor TV models.

3. Philips Magnavox TVs Made in America

The above-mentioned TV Company is an electronics company that was founded in 1911as a Commercial Development company. Initially; it was based in Napa, United States. However, over time it changed its bases to San Francisco.

It is important to note that the company went through a raft of changes until 1974, when it became a subsidiary of the Dutch electronics company, commonly known as Philips. As we speak, Philips Magnavox specialized in manufacturing different electronics, among them television sets.

The company has many branches all over the world, starting from Malaysia, China and the US. In fact, the US branch does assemble various models of projection TVs and then carry the made in USA mark.

4. SunBrite TVs Made in America

This is another American TV company that makes high quality TVs. It is normally based in Thousand Oaks, California. Mostly, the company majors in the manufacture of outdoor TVs which are designed and engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions.

To put it into perspective, SunBrite makes three 3 series of Television  sets. They include;

  • The Veranda Series, which is a TV designed to be used on outdoor spaces that are completely hidden from sunlight.
  • The Signature Series, which is a TV designed for those spaces that receive a small amount of sunlight.
  • The Pro Series, which in essence are TVs designed for spaces that receive full sunlight.

Apart from the main plant in California, the company has other production facilities in Texas and North California. The good news is that this company is known to make great TVs both for indoor and outdoor use.

6. Element Electronics TVs Made in America

This is another major TV company in US. The company sells units that are assembled in America. As we speak; the company has opened an assembly plant in Winnsboro South Carolina which serves as its headquarters in the US. This company is known for making smart TVs. Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality smart TV in US, you should consider units made by this company.

7. Spectre TVs Made in America

You might have heard about Spectre TV in the past. These TVs are normally made in the US. Spectre is a private electronics company that is located in the  City of Industry, California. This company is reputable for making a wide range of products, including the CRT TVs, networking devices, cameras, notebooks computers and many more.

When it comes to the TV section, the company does not only make CRT TVs but also LCD and LED TVs. Both LCD and LED TVs normally have amazing displayer of up to 4K. If you are interested you can check their catalogue on Amazon store and you will be good to go.

8. Panasonic TV Made in America

Although Panasonic is based in Japan, it has manufacturing plants in different parts of the world such as Malaysia and the US. Therefore, you are likely to get a Panasonic TV made in US, if you want one for your home. For instance, you can be sure that you will get a combination of TV/VCR, 20 inch Panasonic TV made in the US.

9. Vizio TV Made in America

This is another California-based company that is known to make both LED and LCD HD TVs. Besides making TVs, it also makes other electronics and TV accessories. Remember that both the LCD and LED TVs come with a size of 16 to 50+ inches. In addition, the company makes  3D capabilities LED TV.

10. Toshiba TVs Made in America

Although Toshiba is a Japan-based company, this TV manufacturing company makes some television in the US. Therefore, you are likely to find a Toshiba TV made in US if you want one for your home or office. For instance, the SuperTube TV and Flat Tube HD TV is made in the US. In USA, you can also find some models of plasma TVs.

11. Olevia TVs Made in America

This is another amazing American-based company that makes LCD and LED TVs. All their LCD TVs are available at a size of 32 inches to 42 inches display screens. Note that each of these models has an Energy star rating. As if not enough,, the 42 inch model has a full 1080p resolution display On the other hand, LED models range from 22 to 42 inches display screens.

You can also consider purchasing a 32-inch model with built-in DVD player. For the LED models, each one of them has Dolby Digital sound and a 1080p display. With this brand, you can trust that there is a wide range of TVs to choose from.

Made in America TVs

Considerations to Make Before Buying TVs Made in America

TVs made in the USA have proved to be very reliable in the past as mode people have now invested in them. In fact, you can buy one for your home or office. However, as you purpose to buy one, there are a few considerations that you should make. These include:

1. Check the resolution of the TV

One of the first things you should check when buying the TV, is its resolution. Simply put, this is the number of pixels on the screen. The more pixels on the screen, the better the details you will see on your screen. You will note that anything above 4K is normally referred to as Ultra HD.

By buying Ultra HD sets, you can be sure that you will get High Dynamic Range feature that allows for the better contrast with a wide range of colors. Therefore, you will not get disappointed by buying a TV with a 4K resolution.

2. Is the TV smart?

Currently, there is a proliferation of smart TVs, thanks to the internet. Such TV can be connected to the internet to the internet through WiFi and come with built-in apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

You will note that most TV brands normally offer their own unique platform while others prefer to work with third parties. However, by buying a smart TV, you will enjoy more entertainment from the comfort of your home, be it movies or music videos as you can stream them online.

3. Is the TV OLED, LED or LCD?

To start with TVs come in three varieties. These are OLED, LED and LCD. If you are looking for a TV with smooth and colorful images, with great contrast, you should consider going for the OLED TV. Remember that in OLED TV, each individual pixel self-illuminated. Therefore, you can control images at a pixel level.

On the other hand, LED and backlit LCD TVs are a cheaper option compared to the OLED. However, such TVs might need an external source of light which in turn increases the components. Besides these types, there is another one known as QLED. This is an LED with a brighter screen. If you cannot get an OLED, the next best bet should be an LED TV, then followed by an LCD.

4. Screen-size

It’s obvious that bigger the screen of the television the better. This way, you will have a large interface to stream movies, music videos and even play games. However, you should set a budget for this as the bigger the screen the more money is needed to finance the TV.

5. Check other features

Modern TV comes with incredible features such as HDMI and USB ports. If your TV has these features, you can trust that you will enjoy better functionality. In addition, your TV of choice should not have less than a 120 HZ refresh rate to ensure that all your images stay sharp.

In fact, a higher refresh rate provides a smooth motion for everything, from shows and movies to live sports and even gaming. You can also plan to buy a sound bar. This is because TV speakers are worse nowadays because the screen is getting thinner. Finally, the TV should come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This way, you will enjoy free repair services in case it gets faulty within the warranty period.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned TVs are some of those models you can find specifically made in America. They are reliable TVs and can take entertainment in your home to a whole different level. Since these companies carry the Made in America mark, you should check for this mark when buying any of these TVs. By buying these TVs, you will be supporting the economy of US and is a sign of patriotism to the US. Besides being reliable, some TV brands and models are revolutionary such as the outdoor TV and the dual purpose TV mirrors. Buy made in US TVs today and you will get the value for your hard-earned money.