Qlink Free Phone Service & Cheapest Service Plan

What a life without a phone? Cell phones are slowly graduating from luxury to necessity. In other words, life is getting unbearable without this gadget. It’s indisputable that not everyone can afford to purchase a cell phone for themselves.

Consequently, American government introduced a program that collaborates with several cell phone service providers to offer free cell phones and service plans to the low income people. This makes communication services available to everyone regardless of social class. Among many, Qlink wireless is one of the most reliable providers to consider.

Are you strained financially hence can’t afford communication services? Worry no more since you are at the edge of getting a solution. In this page, we have given you more guides on all the requirements and application process to acquire free cell phone services from Qlink. Let’s do this!

What is Q Link Wireless?

As stated earlier, Q Link Wireless is one of the most reliable cell phone wireless vendors in USA. This great company collaborates with lifeline assistance program to offer free cell phone services to consumers across several states in US. With that in mind, it’s also important to emphasize on the fact that not every consumer qualifies to get qlink free phone and services and that there is a criteria in choosing eligible consumers. Let’s understand more about this!

QLink Free Cell Phone Services Qualifications

There are several lucky consumers that have the privilege of getting free cell phone and service plans from Qlink. Eligible ones are:

  • Those unemployed with no income.
  • Those in low-key jobs with an income below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • Seniors with no retirement benefits.
  • Financially strained users with disability.
  • Consumers that qualify to receive aid from any government assistance programs as listed below.

List of Eligible Government Assistance Programs

  • Food stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental security income ( SSI )
  • Federal public housing assistance program ( FPHA )
  • Temporary assistance for needy families program among others.

Qlink Free Cell Phone Services Application Process

Are you one of the lucky consumers with one, two or all the above qualifications? If yes, then you need to follow the following procedure to get free cell phone services from QLink. Note that, you can choose to apply through visiting their official site, through email or contacting their support through 1- (855) 754- 6543 with their services available Monday to Friday 8 am to midnight 12 am. Saturday and Sunday is exceptional as services are available from 9 am to 12 am.

  1. Visit qlinkwireless.com through your browser.
  2. Enroll to their program. This requires you to create online account.
  3. From your account, open their form application platform and fill the form with valid information.
  4. Attach prove of eligibility. These are documents to prove to them your qualification;
    • Letter from your federal program officials to prove participation.
    • Income documents to prove your level of income.
    • Copy of your identification card.
    • Social security number.
  5. Hit the submit button and wait for approval from the company.

Qlink Wireless Plans

Rather that providing free phones, there are other several benefits of selecting Qlink as your provider. Firstly, it has a wide coverage of 97% coverage across us. The carrier also ensures communication services are affordable to users. It provides 1000 free call minutes, unlimited text messages and 3 GB monthly data with no credit check, no hidden charged and no renewable contracts. Amazing, right!

More to that the company provides cheap, discounted add-on plans for top up. These plans are:

PricePlan DurationPlan Details
$2 .Monthly100MB additional data, unlimited calls and text messages
$5Monthly500 MBs additional data, unlimited messages and call minutes
$10Monthly1 GB additional data, unlimited texts and call minutes.
$20Monthly2 GB extra data, unlimited calls and messages.
$25Monthly3 GB data, unlimited texts and calls.
$30Monthly4 GB data, unlimited calls and texts.
$35Monthly5 GB additional data, unlimited calls and texts.
$40MonthlyUnlimited calls, texts and data.

In case you are not a smart phone user, QLink got you covered. The carrier has special minute plans that provide free call minutes and texts.

PriceDurationPlan Details
$1DailyDaily with unlimited call minutes
$5Monthly Plan500 call minutes
$15Monthly PlanUnlimited call minutes

The company also provides special data plans for bulky internet users. These plans provide only data at an effective internet speed delivery.

PriceDurationPlan Details
$1Monthly Data Plan100 MBs Data
$5Monthly Data Plan500 MBs Data
$10Monthly Data Plan1 GB Data
$20Monthly Data Plan2 GB Data
$25Monthly Data Plan3 GB Data
$30Monthly Data Plan4 GB Data
$35Monthly Data Plan5 GB Data
$40Monthly Data PlanUnlimited Data

Characteristics of Qlink Wireless Plans

Qlink wireless plans allow users to enjoy a number of services. They feature;

  • Caller ID
  • Reliable WI-FI connectivity.
  • Call waiting services.
  • National wide services.
  • Free 911 emergency services.
  • 411 directory assistance.
  • Call forwarding services.
  • Free domestic roaming.
  • Free customer care services.

Area of coverage

Study shows that Qlink wireless covers 97% of states across US. Residents from the following states can easily access these services; Minnesota, Georgia, Idaho, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Oklahoma, Virginia, Texas, Utah, south Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, Arkansas among others.

Bring Your Own Phone to Qlink Wireless

As mentioned, this great carrier provides free phones to eligible consumers. What happens if you already in possession of your own phone? The company also allows you to bring these phones in through BYOP program. Interestingly, they also allow you to bring your previous number. However, you must meet the following conditions;

  • You must have terminated your services from your previous carrier more than two months ago.
  • You must have completed all your leasing terms from previous carrier.
  • You must have finalized all bleached all your financial contracts with previous carrier.

The company is compatible with phones like; HTC Desire 626, black belly curve 8330, Alcatel one touch and LG Nexus 5 D820 4.95 among others.

Final Thoughts

As seen, q link wireless is a reliable and affordable company to consider. Besides providing free phones and plans, it also allows phone upgrade from your older to more advanced phones.

The company also provides a platform to monitor and control how you use your call minutes from their site. All you need to do is feed your email address, ZIP code and password to log in. once logged, you can check the rate of your usage and the number of minutes left to complete the month. You can also check your remaining balance through dialing 611, followed by 6,2,1 then okay to listen to your balance.

Q link also provides free 100 call minutes and 100 MBs data after inviting a friend or family to their services.  COVID-19 | Q Link to provide extended services and support to keep America connected Learn more.