Shark Vacuum Lights Blinking Troubleshooting Guide

Are you sure for what reason exactly the brush roll indicator light is not turning on? Normally, you know the reason why it turns red from green or green from red, which is a basic function of it. But what if happens, when you can’t see shark vacuum lights blinking at all?

Now you don’t need to stick to the problem anymore, as we are going to show you some common reasons for it and also include the solution to it at the end of each factor.

Grasp the whole article below and probably any of the problems you are now facing from here:

Light Indicator Troubleshooting (Solution included)

Shark vacuum cleaners clean the formidable dirt with the help of efficient brush roll. The brush roll normally gets activated by the rotation of high speed and clean the dirt from the deep surface. Moreover, it allows the vacuum to provide the highest capacity to invade the carpet. As a result, you will get the maximum dirt out from the carpet.

Blocked brush roll, battery drainage and turn on the wrong mode are the most common reasons for light blinking.

Shark vacuum lights blinking troubleshooting guide

Apart from that, there are a few trouble you are going to face which may cause shark vacuum lights blinking. Let’s discuss it below.

1. Battery issue

Light indicator works well as long as your battery is filled with energy. It is normal to see the light blinking, especially when the battery would be run out of energy. If the battery is low or it is dead, then you may see the light blinking problem.

If you are using the vacuum for a long time and did not ever replace the battery once for a lifetime, hence you should replace the battery.

Solution: If you are sure it’s about replacement then you need to replace it with a new one. On the flip side, you can examine it to find out the real issue of it. Follow the steps below:

  1. First of all charge the battery whenever you can see the cordless vacuum is not turning on.
  2. Take a dry cloth and wipe the charging base and the battery properly.
  3. Take out the debris from the agitator when you see them.

After these three steps easy process, if you find it is working, then you’re done here. Conversely, if you can see nothing come out positive then move on to the expert hand, and probably he will fix it with another battery or find the hidden problem of it.

2. Brush roll functioning

Does the Brush roll work properly? If the answer is yes, then your indicator appears with a green signal. If it’s not the problem, then the red signal tells you to clean out the dirt outside and then use it again.

So, this is a kind of normal behavior of every Shark vacuum. But the problem will appear when you can see the light is not either signaling the green or red. In that case, there must be a problem. What is that?

Blocked brush roll: You won’t see the indicator work properly when the brush roll is clogged or jammed with unusual dirt. It may cause when some stubborn dirt comes inside the vacuum, which is somewhat a big type that is not easily evacuated by the machine. 

Solution: The solution is simple: you will just bring out the unwanted dirt from inside the vacuum. Clearing the blockage will allow your vacuum to run in a full-fledged situation at the same time the light will be flashing properly.

On the other hand, another best solution is to make sure whether you have any big sized dirt on the surface or not. If you find any type of particle, (it could be a piece of scrap papers, bristles or something big that will be stuck into the vacuum) mop it manually first. Afterward, you can run the Shark vacuum on the surface.

3. Turning on switch properly

Did you examined that whether you have turned on the vacuum properly or not?  It sounds weird to you, but it is a common phenomenon. We have seen many users complaining that they are having problem with the light and soon after they found that, they didn’t turn it on properly. Therefore, before we go deeper into the problem, we will discuss a silly problem.

To avoid this circumstance, make sure that you have plugged into the outlet. As a result of the on switch is on.

If you are using a shark vacuum, you supposed to know that there are two power switch modes and it has two different cleaning modes.

One is the suction mode, and another is brushed roll mode. Activating the brush roll mode, you need to make sure whether you have switched the right mode or not. If you didn’t do that, it is nothing regards to any malfunction rather you are just unaware of activating it.

Solution: Make sure that you have plugged it in the right manner. If you have any further issues, then you can consider the resetting of the shark vacuum motor. here are some tips to reset process

  1. First of all, let the power button to the on-off position and after that unplugged the vacuum
  2. Now you need to clean the house and the filter too
  3. Wait 45 minutes until it is cool down properly
  4. Now turn on and use it.

4. Belt problem 

Normally the shark vacuum belt operates the brush roll. Day by day use, it tends to break in, and during that situation, the motor will stop automatically. As a result, you will see the light turn red or blinking.

Even if you are the new owner of the vacuum, you may experience this problem too. In that case, it is due to the belt malfunction instead of the break-in.  It happens due to the bristles stuck inside the brush roll and stops the vacuum to operate.

Solution: You may have gone through either the break-in problem or the malfunction problem. To know the exact situation, you need to open up the belt and examine it.

The open-up process is below:

  1. Make sure you have unplugged the power cable.
  2. Bring a screwdriver, (which driver you will choose depends on the cleaner type) flat head and scissors.
  3. Remove the cover of brush roll unit and the belt using the screwdriver.
  4. Once you uncover it, remove the Shark rotator roller. Hence you need to press at the side of the belt
  5. Clean the brush roller’ bristles using any hairbrush, and for any hard stuff you can use scissors or pillars
  6. Make sure you completely clean it and be careful it doesn’t affect the belt
  7. Now do the whole work oppositely and fix the vacuum cleaner
  8. Now, it works well and no more blinking light or red light appear

What if, you have found the belt broken inside? If you have an existing belt you can replace it or you can bring another from the nearest shop.

5. Poorly attached Nozzle

In this article, you have already come to know the importance of brush roll to activate the light properly. The brush roll is a specific part and parcel of this machine. But there is another part remaining and needs to discuss that is Nozzle. The nozzle is normally attached with the brush roll so, if you do not attach it in the right manner, then malfunction will appear.

In that case, the nozzle unable to provide its support to deliver the power to the brush roll.

Solution: You just need to know whether the nozzle placed correctly or not. If it is not placed perfectly, then find it out where it is poorly attached with the brush roll and make it fix.

Ending Thought

Many factors activate the trouble of shark vacuum lights blinking, and we have shown you the most frequent factors of it along with the solutions. If you read between the lines of our article and apply our solution, we believe that you can sort it out. Again, we recommend you to read the manual of this machine when you bring it home for the first time.