The 5 Best Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floors Cleaning

Vinyl floors are exceptionally beautiful and add the exotic look to our rooms. Despite the beauty and its magnificent nature, it can be a great challenge to keep it sparkling clean. And for this reason, the need for the best vacuum for vinyl floors is inarguably inevitable. These vacuums ease the cleaning moment.

Experienced homeowners or newbies might find it hard for the first time to get the best vacuum for vinyl floors because with the designations of vacuum only carpet cleaning was considered. Should any vacuum be unsuitable for vinyl floors, it will perform poorly, damage the look as well as cause scratches. That should not worry you at all!

Thorough research was done while scouring the market for that best vacuum for vinyl floors. Think about it, with the best vacuum for vinyl floors; you can dry barefoot, mop and vacuum all at once. How amazing right! Besides some vacuums were designated while considering pet owners. These vacuums allow the cleansing of tiles and vinyl floors per hair within seconds.

Also, there are other developments such as a vacuum head which is perfectly shaped for tile cleaning effortlessly. Via deep research of the best vacuum for tile and carpet, thoroughly considering the features specs and reviews, the best of the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors were found. To get the best brands a comparison was done to gauge if they’re cordless or corded, their filtration system, capacity as well as the speed amount that they use. Also, they were tried out if they could vacuum and wash floors too.

Top 5 best Vacuum for vinyl floors review is the latest article that will comprehensively analyze only the top 5. The review is detailed, and this guide should be your everyday helper to choose the best vacuum for tile and carpet for your everyday floor cleaning purposes.

Should you already possess the features as to what a good vacuum needs to have then,, all you need to look is at the review of the products. However, if you’re a newbie in this industry who doesn’t know where to start then put your fears aside because both the review and the guideline will help you out.

Don’t get fooled by manufacturers luring you to buy any vacuum cleaning products just to earn some profit, resist! Remember this honest review has chosen only the best five vacuums for vinyl floors which was independently compiled with no dollar taken from any promotion manufacturer. Without any further dilly-dallying shall we start now?

Top 5 Best Vacuum For Vinyl Floors

1. Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Get yourself the best hard floor cleaner in the market which renders dirt mopping useless. It is no other vacuum cleaner apart from the Hoover FH40160PCFloorMate Deluxe. This cleaner is just on another level with all its fantastic features.

The SpinScrub brushes scrubs and washes every tile from every angle thoroughly with the brushes counter rotating to obtain a deep clean as the dual tanks separate the dirty and clean water to prevent any dirty water spilling on floors. It automatically dries which leaves your floor dry and shiny.

To obtain maximum results, make use of the hard floor solutions of Hoover for removing persistent grime and dirt as well as deep cleaning. Using the dual tank technology, you may leave the bucket and mop behind. The FloorMate cleans by suctioning dirty water up and using the cleaning solution in a motion which leaves any floor dry and exclusively shiny.

What is mind-blowing about this vacuum cleaner is its capacity. Its size is larger than the average size of other vacuum cleaners in the market. This trait makes it possible for not wasting time emptying it out not until after you are through with the whole cleaning job. That saves time hugely. It possesses a wide nozzle to clean efficiently in a way that will exceed your expectations by far. Never worry about the tanks getting dirty, it is easy to wash and rinse them after usage.

Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner
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Weighing at just fourteen pounds you can easily carry. The lightweight character is amazing for such a dual purpose vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is upright by itself so never worry about it falling. The manufacturers also gave it a one year warranty therefore if yours has a defect they can replace it for you for free.

This vacuum is deserving of its first position because of its authentic features and its durability that you will surely love. The price should not be a worry because nothing good comes at a throwaway price although it won’t leave your pockets dry at all.

However, this vacuum has some drawbacks like its cleaning system is complex therefore some people take time before grasping its whole process.

However, be assured that this is the best vacuum for vinyl floors available now on the market.

  • It has an extra wide cleaning path
  • Extra wide cleaning path
  • Weighing at 14 lbs the vacuum is lightweight
  • It has a large capacity
  • It is an upright vacuum
  • You can use it for the dry or wet long power cord
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • The tanks are very easy to wash and rinse
  • Dry and wash modes are available on the vacuum
  • The power cord is twenty foot
  • It has a wide nozzle to clean floors efficiently
  • The technology of dual tank makes sure that the water is fresh for a long time
  • The scrub brushes that spin are perfect on hard tiles and planks
  • Clean boost applies the detergents for spills
  • The cleaning system is complex
  • Its water storage is limited therefore you will need to refill every moment for very room
  • The brushes don’t flush against sides. Therefore, it is impossible to get all to the wall

Why you buy this product: this is the best vacuum for vinyl floors that you can get now.

2. Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ500)

The vacuum is a combination of excellence and exciting technology which acts well on any surface to give a good shiny polished surface as well as being user-friendly.

Should you be struggling with cleaning using the vacuum which possesses too hard brushes for floors without even removing any dirt at all, then this vacuum might be what you are looking for.

The Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner possesses soft brush that can be used on vinyl floors. The dirt will be agitated because it will suck it up. The shark brush is ruthless on dirt but very easy and soft on your floor. This duo cleaning brush enables the vacuum to absorb large debris thus if your pet messes on the floor after being fed it is easy to clean it up effortlessly. The technology which is a lift away -based is an added feature of the Shark vacuum that you would love so much.

Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ500)
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The canister can detach itself from the vacuum’s frame which is going to aid you to get more reach as well as clean thoroughly under furniture without moving that furniture at all. This way it becomes a flexible frame and stick vacuum whereby that flexible frame bends backward to perfectly slide under things effortlessly. When you’re cleansing under that furniture, LED lights help you illuminate in darkness to aid you in dark vision cleaning and also be aware of what you’re doing. The vacuum possesses a nice filter system that makes it ideal for allergic people. It absorbs almost every allergen thus cleaning the air around. It also can be used for cleaning above ground inclusive of the curtains and ceilings. The vacuum comes with a five-year warranty.

  • The floor’s dirt is agitated by the duo cleaning brush roll which sucks it up easily.
  • The canister detaches from its frame to aid you to get reach then vacuum underneath furniture.
  • You can see well even in the dark due to the cleaning head’s LED lights.
  • Its functionality is versatile because it can be used to clean carpets, floors, worktops et al. it is best to deem this vacuum as the best vacuum for tile and carpet.
  • Warranty of 5 years makes it the best vacuum you can get on long warranty.
  • Costly
  • Requires a bigger bin

Why you buy this product: this vacuum comes with a LED feature that you will not get in other vacuums plus the long five-year warranty is a big plus for it.

3. Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Tools, FH40030

This vacuum possesses designated SpinScrub brushes which deliver authentic results for tile, sealed wood, grout, and vinyl. To separate water, it has a dual tank to further enhance cleaning. Its squeegee feature keeps floors dry. A 13-Inch cleaning path allows for quick cleaning. Its nozzle and brushes are removable to make cleaning effortless. The fingertip controls based handle folds to help in storage.

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Tools, FH40030
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After switching to the dry mode, this vacuum will absorb all the water into this unit which means you should be least bothered about floor wiping by yourself.

The dual tanks function in a way that while one holds the dirty water while the other one stays clean. This helps in that you don’t worsen things up by spreading water which is germ infested all over the floors.

  • Powerful suction
  • Upright vacuum
  • Bagless design
  • Perfectly functions on every type of floor
  • It is lightweight
  • The technology of dual tank assures that water is fresh and clean
  • You can easily wash and rinse the tanks
  • The power cord is twenty foot approximately. Therefore, your reach is enhanced
  • Its nozzle is wide to make cleaning efficient
  • It is not cheap
  • Some of its components might not be durable in comparison to others

Why you buy this product: what makes this vacuum outstanding is the fact that it is highly versatile in cleaning numerous types of floor.

4. Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum

The Bissell 1650A Eraser is also inclusive of a vacuum which aids in picking up pet hair and dirt as well from vinyl floors before steaming it. The steamer performs highly and effectively. The Bissell eraser vacuum is very ideal and suitable for pet owners because it disinfects the floor after picking pet hair as well s dirt and germs.

It might not be that cheap like other steamers are but if you were having a vacuum and a steamer separately; you’d understand the value for this vacuum is worth it. Why buy two things different yet you can get them two in one with the Bissell vacuum and save money too on the B side.

The digital controls have been conveniently placed which gives you options to choose from if you want to mop after vacuuming or you want to do both together. All these decisions are dependent on the floor’s state and type that you want. It is also dependent on if you’re thoroughly mopping or if it is one speedy cleanup. It would be highly recommendable to do one cleaning activity at one time to obtain better results.

Should you be cleaning one dingle room perhaps the kitchen or the living room, the vacuum’s twenty-five-foot cord hand, you enough reach without the need always to change sockets. However, if you are to vacuum the whole house, there will be a requirement of an extension, or you will need to be switching sockets when you are mopping.

Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum
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Never worry about the flexibility of the handle because it is very flexible on a point however the whole unit by itself is based on rigidity. With this vacuum, it does not have a swivel, so all you can do is go forth and back when cleaning, unlike other upright vacuums. Also with this vacuum, you will need to move the furniture which on another hand time is wasted.

Nevertheless, this combination of a steamer and a vacuum has been praised from all over more so due to its high-level performance during cleaning of hard planks which gives every floor type that sleek, clean look. The vacuum does not entertain silly joes known as grimes and dirt or even pet hair. With it, every floor looks shiny and clean.

  • Being a two in one steamer mop and vacuum, you save a lot because the prices of a steamer and a vacuum are way too costly for this combo. You save up on money and time too.
  • Possesses mops which are reusable and washable plus scrubbers cleanse tougher dirt
  • You can choose whether to do both at once or if you want to vacuum then afterward you mop
  • Its power cord is long reasonably provided twenty-five inches radius
  • Using the steamer it also disinfects floors too
  • Its water tank is small which means you will be refilling thus wasting your time
  • The Bissell isn’t flexible. Get ready to be tossing furniture and moving them whenever you will be cleaning. This is a major setback for this vacuum
  • The Bissell does not possess an off and on the switch

Why you buy this product: the combination is amazing about it. This is amongst the best vacuum for vinyl floors n the market right now so when considering to buy other vacuums think of it too.

5. iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop

Should you want to make your floor spotless every time while saving you on time as well as energy than want no more. With the iRobot, all your vacuuming and floor cleaning question will be solved aptly. This machine is robotic and is perfectly designed for cleaning hard floors. Do you have any dirt on your hard floor which makes the house look bad then iRobot Is what you are looking for? The machine possesses a wet and dry cleaning option of which both perfectly work on light messes and spills effectively.

iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop
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Just like any other autonomous vacuum, never be expecting that this irobot machine is going to be cleaning everything you want. The water capacity that is limited is only sufficient for mopping small dirt and spills too. Its possible to mop once per while fully, which assures you that the floors are going to be clean for long. Plus should you have a little spillage all you need to do is call it then everything will be taken care of?

  • Works on every hard surface.
  • It is a robotic floor cleaner.
  • It has two modes; the mopping and dry sweeping modes.
  • Navigation ascertains thorough cleaning.
  • It functions with a microfiber cloth or disposable cloth.
  • Uses only two hours to be recharged.
  • There is a reusable cleansing cloth which comes with it.
  • Its slim design is suitable for under furniture cleaning.
  • It returns to a charging dock immediately.
  • The cleaning capacity is limited
  • It is not recommended with detergents and soaps.

Why you buy this product: this vacuum is simply perfect for small spillage cleaning. Plus the navigating feature ascertains you of thorough rubbing and cleaning on planks. If your house is made of hard floors, then this vacuum should be your priority.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

It’s your first time to be given your room keys of a room with vinyl plank flooring. There’s nothing to kill your sparkle whosoever.

Nonetheless, you didn’t know that not thoroughly cleaning your new shiny plank floors would quickly kill the sparkle.

Don’t panic about don’t worry, sit in. It is very simple and easy to clean Vinyl flooring of course if you know how to. With everyday care and love, the sparkle can easily be upkeep if you follow these simple but unique guidelines:

Everyday Cleaning

Leaving debris and dust on your vinyl floor can severely damage the flooring. I know how it’s quite fascinating how dirt can cause damage.

Tiny dirt specks have edges that are sharp and will spoil your floor with time. Fine dirt particles behave like sandpaper, slowly brushing off the vinyl finishing on your floor.

If you hate the idea of living with an imperfect floor, there are easy methods that can help prevent excess dirt and keep the flooring looking pristine.

All you need is a vacuum or broom to daily clean your floors.

Deep Cleaning

When done with the simple cleaning you can a little bit more thorough with a bucket and a trusty mop to complete the work.

You can inquire before cleaning your floors since each has specific cleaning methods. Don’t spoil them by cleaning them wrongly. If you intend to do weekly cleaning, you can use dish soap plus warm water for the cleaning using a mop and a bucket. You can as well as put in vinegar for spanking cleaning if the flooring is stained. It does the work correctly and brings back the shine to your vinyl flooring.

Avoid rolling furniture they are most likely to scratch your floors while pulling or pushing. You can place all your furniture on pads to avoid these scratches.

While moving big items on your floor always put down plywood first. This can be a fridge or a new coach. Never always assume your floors capability of holding on these objects you pressuring them on.

Do use nylon or a soft cloth to get stains off the floor. Avoid sharp objects like an abrasive cleaner or a knife to scrub off any blemishes. Sharp objects are likely to scrub off your flooring top layers leaving the old and unattractive.


Coming with the overall best can always be hard as there are several cleaners available. Nonetheless, we settle for the Hoover FH40160PC. It comes handy more so if cleaning your floor daily is a problem. It cleans your flooring and can keep it clean for weeks. Stubborn stains are a no match to it and hard dirt too. This is not the type of vacuum you will have to use daily. But on the brighter side, it can save you a lot of money you can pay for cleaning companies.

Supposing you are the busy type you can use the iRobot. It is an excellent choice because it does most of the work. All you need to do is place cleaning pads as it does the rest of the cleaning. For vacuuming enthusiasts, Bissell 1650A is an incredible choice. It is a steam type of vacuum. This cleaner will not only clean your flooring but also kill germs by disinfecting. Whichever your mind settles on the mentioned above five vacuum cleaners are highly effective and will help clean your vinyl flooring without a struggle.