Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer: A Ultimate Guide

Walmart offers a convenient money transfer service that allows customers to send money to any Walmart store in the United States. With over 4,700 Walmart and Neighborhood Market store locations nationwide, it provides a vast network for affordable domestic money transfers.

The Walmart to Walmart money transfer service allows you to send money domestically to any Walmart store. The recipient can pick up the cash at their local Walmart by showing a valid photo ID and providing the reference number. This makes it easy and convenient to securely send money to friends, family members, or others needing funds.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart money transfers allow customers to conveniently send money to any Walmart store in the US
  • Transfers are fast, with funds usually available in 10-45 minutes for domestic pickup
  • Fees are very budget-friendly, starting at just $4 for amounts up to $50
  • Senders complete the process at any Walmart service desk by providing recipient details and paying transfer amount + fee
  • Recipients show a valid photo ID and reference number at any Walmart to collect funds
  • Security measures are in place to protect transfers, but customers should take precautions as well
  • Contact Walmart Money Services customer support if any issues come up with managing the transaction
  • Walmart competes well vs other money wiring services with more locations, lower fees, and quicker availability

Benefits of Using Walmart for Money Transfers

There are many benefits that make Walmart money transfers useful:

  • Nationwide reach: With nearly 5,000 Walmart store locations across all 50 states, the recipient is likely to have a store nearby making it very convenient to retrieve the funds.
  • Low fees: Walmart money transfer fees start at just $4 for transfers up to $50 and max out at $20 for amounts up to $900. This makes it budget-friendly compared to pricier bank wires or transfer services.
  • Quick transfer: Money can be available in as little as 10 minutes for the recipient to pick up, making it one of the fastest ways to transfer money to someone.
  • Easy process: The step-by-step Walmart transfer process is straightforward for the sender and recipient alike. All that’s needed is basic information and ID upon pickup.

Understanding Fees and Limits

When sending a money transfer through Walmart, it is important to understand what fees apply based on the transfer amount, as well as the minimum and maximum limits allowed per transaction. This ensures an informed transferring process.

Detailed Breakdown of Fees

The fees associated with Walmart money transfers are straightforward and affordable. They are as follows:

  • Transfers up to $50: $4 flat fee
  • Transfers $51 to $1,000: $8 flat fee
  • Transfers $1,001 to $1,500: $16 flat fee
  • Transfers $1,501 to $2,000: $20 flat fee

These low-cost fees compare very reasonably to services like bank wires or Western Union which can cost $10-$50 in fees alone for domestic transfers.

Maximum and Minimum Transfer Limits

Each Walmart transfer has certain limits in place:

  • Minimum per transfer: $1
  • Maximum per transfer: $2,000
  • Maximum allowed per day: $5,000

So whether transferring just a couple dollars or up to a few thousand, Walmart allows flexibility within set limits per transaction.

Additional Costs or Considerations

It’s important to note that there may be small additional costs:

  • Currency exchange fees: Sending to Puerto Rico stores incurs extra currency exchange fees.
  • Taxes: A 1% tax may apply for some transfer amounts in select states.

But overall, Walmart money transfer fees are straightforward and budget-friendly for most basic domestic transfers.

Step-by-Step Guide for Sending Money

Completing a Walmart transfer requires visiting a store to conduct the transaction in person. The steps are very simple:

Step 1: Visit Any Walmart Store

Find a Walmart or Neighborhood Market near you. Speak to the service desk or money services desk to send your transfer.

Step 2: Locate the Service Desk

The customer service desk typically handles money transfer services. Select stores may have designated money services counters.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information

Tell the associate how much you wish you transfer and to which Walmart store location. Provide the recipient’s full name and city or zip code of where they will pick up the funds.

You will also need a question and answer security code, such as “What is your mother’s maiden name?” The recipient will need to confirm this answer when collecting the transfer.

Step 4: Pay for the Transfer

Pay for the money transfer using cash, a PIN-based debit card, Walmart gift card or MoneyCard (reloadable Walmart prepaid card). Ensure you have the funds to cover the principal transfer amount plus the associated fee based on the transfer size.

Tip: Double check the expected total cost before paying to avoid problems.

Step 5: Receive a Reference Number

You will receive an electronic reference number that is linked with your transfer transaction. This number allows the recipient to pick up the funds.

Step 6: Share Reference Number

Provide the reference number and necessary pick-up information to the recipient by phone, text, email, etc. For fastest service, send them advance notice of the incoming transfer if possible.

Receiving Money: What the Recipient Needs to Know

If someone is sending you money via Walmart transfer, here is what’s needed to retrieve the funds:

How to Pick Up Money at Walmart

The recipient can pick up the money transfer at any Walmart store locations. Simply visit the service desk or money services counter and present the reference number provided plus valid ID.

Required Identification

To collect the funds, the recipient must show:

  • Photo ID (state driver’s license or ID card, passport, alien registration, etc).
  • Reference number provided by the sender
  • Answer to the designated security question

Note: Names on ID must match the expected recipient name provided by the sender

Time Frames and Availability

Money transfers sent through Walmart using Ria Financial Services are available for pickup in as little as 10 minutes. In some cases up to 45 minutes for funds availability.

Transfers can be held up to 28 days before expiration if not claimed. Check the terms and conditions that apply to your specific transfer for details.

Safety and Security Measures

Walmart uses reliable money transfer networks and protocols to ensure transactions are safe and secure. Here is how they protect transfers:

Walmart’s Security Measures

  • Partners with established money wiring service Ria Financial to handle transfers
  • Uses same network infrastructure relied on by banks and credit unions
  • Employs encryption, multi-layer authorization, and security protocols to protect funds in transit

Tips for Safe Money Transfers

You can also play a role in safely sending or receiving money:

  • Set security questions that only recipient would know
  • Share reference numbers only with intended recipient
  • Check the transfer status online if concerned
  • Pick up funds shortly after they are made available

By putting security measures in place and claiming transfers quickly, customers can ensure smooth, trouble-free transactions.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

In most cases, Walmart money transfers proceed smoothly without issues. But problems occasionally come up. Here is what to do if you encounter difficulties:

What to Do if There’s an Issue

First, gather useful information that can help identify the root of the problem:

  • Reference number of the transaction
  • Amount and expected transfer fees
  • Date/time sent
  • Full name of recipient
  • Sending and receiving Walmart locations

With these details, you can start troubleshooting.

How to Cancel or Modify a Transaction

If the funds have not been picked up yet, it is possible to cancel and refund or modify a Walmart transfer by contacting customer service. Doing so quickly increases odds of successful changes.

Customer Service and Support

If issues arise that you cannot resolve independently, contact Walmart Money Services customer support for assistance:

Phone: (800) 925-6278

Online: Submit customer inquiry form via

Specialists can check transfer statuses, amend details, cancel transactions if needed, and troubleshoot problems.

Comparing Walmart to Other Money Transfer Services

Walmart money transfers provide an attractive offering compared to other leading financial transfer providers and wire services:

How Walmart Stands Out

  • More domestic locations (nearly 5,000) than leading competitors
  • Lower fees starting at just $4 per transfer
  • Quicker availability of most transfers in 10-45 minutes
  • Simple process conducted conveniently onsite

These perks make Walmart a top choice for affordable, easy transfers.

Considerations for Choosing Right Service

While Walmart provides a solid option, you may also consider:

  • Banks: Good for higher value wires ($5-50 fees)
  • Western Union: Flexible payout methods (wait times vary)
  • PayPal: Easy online money sending (need recipient account)

Assess speed, fees, convenience, destination, etc. to determine the right fit.

Conclusion and Final Tips

In closing, Walmart money transfers offer a simple, low-cost way to send funds conveniently. To recap key pointers:

  • Visit any Walmart service desk to send money domestically
  • Bring cash or eligible payment to cover principal plus fees
  • Know needed recipient name, store location, security answer
  • Share reference number provided with the intended recipient

For picking up money, carry valid photo ID and reference number to the issuing store’s service desk within 28 days.

For help with the Walmart transfer process and managing your transaction, don’t hesitate to contact Walmart Money Services customer support.

With convenient locations, easy processes, and great rates, Walmart provides reliable money transfers!

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