The Wells Fargo Activate Credit Card Process Guideline

While you need to know much about wells Fargo and its credit card services, it’s crucial to first understand what a credit card is. This is basically a purchase card issued to the owner by a certain financial company or bank to purchase merchant goods and services then pay later as agreed. It’s important to have one as it comes with multiple advantages.

With that in mind, let’s know more about wells Fargo. It’s known as one of the best financial company in San Francisco, USA.  It provides community services like banking and insurance, mortgages, financial services and investments with several branches distributes across other states in America. They also provide the best mobile banking services to their consumers.

Ranked as a community company, this brand believes in full customer satisfaction. To help boosting customer’s credit rating, acquiring non-interest loans and purchasing goods or services, this company also provides the best credit card services to clients. Carry on with us as we take you through all you need to know about wells Fargo credit card activate process.

All You Need To Know About Wells Fargo Credit Card Activation

1. Apply For The card

To activate your wells Fargo credit card, you must be in possession of the card. Acquiring a card just needs you to apply one from wells Fargo official website  or any of their nearest branches. Once the application is accepted, they will send it to you via mail with a well enclosed envelope with a phone number and name indicated on it. The card is normally sent within 6 to 10 days.

2. Activate Your Wells Fargo Credit Card

Before activating, you need the following :

  • Credit card.
  • Credit card number.
  • Verification code that’s normally found at the back or front of your card.
  • Your social security number, official name, date of birth.
  • Wells Fargo account number.

With your card, you can now activate it through :

1. Phone. This requires you to call wells Fargo customer care through the number 1- 877-294-6933. After calling, an agent will attend to you in regards to activating your card. He or she will ask you necessary questions and finally attend to your request.

2. Online site. This is the most preferred and convenient way of activate your Wells Fargo credit card. It requires you to;

  • Visit their site and create an account.
  • Sign in the account through filling in your username and password.
  • Fill in your card activation request, submit and wait for approval.
  • Immediately after approval, you are free to start using your card.

3. Wells Fargo mobile app. You can install their app on your mobile phone from play store or iTunes, create an account and follow similar step as their site. This app has more purposes.

Additional Importance Of Wells Fargo Mobile App

Helps to track investments

This app creates a shortcut to track your account balance, holdings, get market data, real time quotes and other important news easily.

Helps to deposit your check

To deposit your check to wells Fargo, you don’t need to go queue in their physical locations. Thanks to technology, all you need is take a clear image of the cheque through the cameras and deposit through your mobile app.

Helps to make easy transfers

Through the app, you can easily send funds to friends, family, pay your bills or transfer funds to other banks or accounts.

Wells Fargo Activate Credit Card

Importance or advantages of wells Fargo credit card.

There are several benefits to enjoy after activate your credit card under wells Fargo.

  1. Makes transactions easier for you : This card makes it convenient for you to pay bills easier and faster. Besides, it is secure and cheaper as it incurs no extra charges. Through the card, you can automate your payments on monthly basis thus saves time.
  2. You enjoy chip technology : Most cards have chip technology that accepts international payments and guaranteed protection against any potential fraud.
  3. You get alerts : With your credit card, you always stay on the know. Through alerts, you get informed when your credit card debt is due, available credit falls below the minimum limit, when any international purchase is made or when your amount of purchase exceeds set amount. Alerts also help the card holder to stay within the right budget.
  4. Offers protection : Wells Fargo credit card comes with zero cost protection feature known as zero liability protection feature that protects the user against any unauthorized transaction. It also protects you against unpredictable overdraft.
  5. Accessibility : Wells Fargo is widely spread across US. This makes their credit card easy to access and use. This has hence brought massive business opportunities.
  6. Price protection : Fargo credit cards have the ability to cover or refund you up to 250$ per each item or 1000$ annually. This is as a result of the difference between the price of purchase and lower advertised cost of that item. They are normally paid within 60 days after claim.
  7. Damage protection : This is another great benefit of using wells Fargo credit card. More often than not, it protects the user against damage or accidentally stolen item within three months of purchase. Amazing! They normally repair the damage, refund or replace the item.
  8. You gain free access to FiCO credit score : Also known as Fair Isaac Corporation, this as a three digit score that helps lenders to trust you with a loan. It’s used to determine amount of loan to qualify, payment duration and interest rate. With wells Fargo credit card and enrolled to Fargo online banking then you access this corporation for free.
  9. Early tickets access : With wells Fargo credit card, you get prioritized and get early tickets for theaters, concerts and special occasions. You get tickets before they even go public for sale. This mostly applies to Fargo propel American express card.

Cons Of Well Fargo Credit Card

  1. They have low rate on any deposit made.
  2. With the card, you are normally tempted to overspend.
  3. It incurs fee on late payments.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of credit card can you get from wells Fargo?

It’s important to understand that there are different offers of credit card depending on your needs, credit score/ history/worth. Some of them are;

  • Secured credit cards. These are credit cards available for consumers with bad credit. However, you should have initial deposit before use. They can also help build back your credit score.
  • Student credit cards. These cards are specially designed for students with limited credit histories under parent’s guideline.
  • Balance transfer credit cards. They are used to transfer funds from a credit card with interest to 0% APR credit card as a way of saving.
  • 0 % purchase APR credit cards. They are 0% interest rate cards that are best for users who needs time to pay off their purchases.
  • Reward credit cards. With these cards, you earn points after each purchase. You can thus redeem them for rewards and cut cost on your everyday purchase.
  • Travel credit cards. These cards provide rewards or perks that makes your travel comfortable and affordable. They cater for your car, airline and accommodation expenses during travel.

What happens if I apply but don’t receive credit card?

In case a mail with your credit card is not received within 21 days after application, there is a problem. Either, it was received or activated by someone else for fraud. You should thus contact your card issuer to cancel any activation done. The company will then send you another card.

My wells Fargo credit card activation was not approved, why?

Sometimes, you might not get instant approval on your wells fargo credit card activate request as they delay to review your credit reports and scores before activating the card. They also delay;

  • To verify your income. Although income does not affect your credit score, sometimes Fargo needs verify your income before they trust you with their credit card. They request you to add proof of income before approval.
  • If there was a mistake on your application. This happens if you gave out wrong personal details like social security number.

Does wells Fargo offer temporary credit card?

No. at the moment it doesn’t. Instead, they offer digital wallet service, which are not synonymous to credit cards. This wallet protects your account from fraud as well as linking your credit card to your mobile phone app for easy purchase.

Can I set auto pay with wells Fargo credit card?

Yes. You can request autopay from wells Fargo through calling their customer service 1(877)805-7744 or apply online through requesting an enrollment form. This autopay is essential as it automatically deduct payment from your account to avoid fines from late payments. To apply online;

  • Visit their site and open account services.
  • Click ‘set up recurring payment’ and specify the amount you want to be deducted.
  • Submit your request and wait for approval. You can also cancel autopay but might take one to two months to process your cancellation.

Our Take

As seen, Wells Fargo credit card activate is an easy process. However, its recommended to read and understand their agreement and sign at the back of your card before using to avoid fraud. They also have satisfying customer care that’s handle clients in a top professional manner. You can call them every Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm central time for inquiry or assistance.

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