Wells Fargo Custom Card Design For Credit And Debit Card

In a past time, you have seen the card as a piece of plastic imprinted including your name, card number, and bank logo. But nowadays, you have the option to design or customize your own card image or choose images from the library of images that are offered by the card issuer. As the competition has grown in debit and credit card markets, many financial institutions and Banks are mostly focusing on design as a way to promote the cards. Banks and financial institutions or credit unions are providing more personal banking experience to their customer by giving the control or option to design of their credit and debit card art network.

Many banks or financial institutions have grasped the custom debit and credit card art solutions for their valued customers and with this customizing card, the potential customer can be attracted to the financial institution. This custom card solution allows the customer to add their own creativity and style that they want. Wells Fargo (Fourth largest banks in the US) also uses custom card solutions and allows their customer to customize the card design. You can customize your card by using Wells Fargo card design studio service. Now you can frequently be asked how to customize your card?

We will explain here about the Wells Fargo custom card with the customization process and related things.

Wells Fargo Custom Card

Wells Fargo offers custom card design to their customers those who already a cardholder. The bank allows users to customize their personal or business debit and credit card using their card design studio. Wells Fargo gives the freedom to their valued customer to upload their own image or can choose the image from their selected set of backgrounds. Wells Fargo has standard requirements for debit card users that they can design their debit card only two third portion using their image whereas, one-third portion of the card is reserving for Wells Fargo’s own branding.

After sending the request the bank will review each design and then within two business days, the customer will get a confirmation if they approved the design. If the new design is approved by Wells Faro then you will receive the card in the mail within 5 to 7 business working days. In this way, you can get Wells Fargo custom card.

The bank said that the demand of Wells Fargo custom designed debit card is growing day by day and these features provide more active and higher customer satisfaction. So it is not a fun feature for the customer, rather it gives real gains for the business. Wells Fargo will continue the revolution of card design by thinking to put the low cost of making the customized card.

Wells Fargo Custom Card Design

Wells Fargo Card Design And Customizing Process

Wells Fargo’s card design studio service is only applicable for existing customers who already have a credit card of Wells Fargo. The card design studio service of Wells Fargo permits customers to customize the look of their Wells Fargo credit card and debit card (both personal and business debit card and credit card). It allows the customer to create an exclusive and extraordinary card that reflects the personality of the customer or showcase of their business. In this process, you can get Wells Fargo personalized debit card.

To get started, sign in to Wells Fargo online and go to the card design studio. At first, find the card that you want to customize and click customizes now. Wells Fargo will advise you to save the time, before starting the process; you should keep to ready your image for uploading if you want to customize the card using your own image. For this customization, Wells Fargo does not apply any fee currently. Wells Fargo also recommends that, if you own personal credit cards with multiple or various cardholders then customize your all cards within the same session for avoiding processing delays.

Wells Fargo Image Guidelines

As we mentioned earlier, you should ready your image before begin the customizing process. Wells Fargo has standard requirements for image uploading and that’s why they provide image guidelines. Therefore, you may ask what the image guidelines of Wells Fargo are. Wells Fargo reserves the right to welcome or refuse any images, or logos. If the image does not fulfill the image guidelines or in any case, if they reject the image in that case the bank will send the email and encourage you to try again and use a different images. Their image guidelines will help you to select or choose an acceptable image they need.

However, let’s go through the guidelines:

  • File formats must be one of the following: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp or tiff.
  • Uploading file must be less than 3MB.
  • Need owner permission to upload his or her image and get the approval of the owner if you want to use his or her logo, name or tag line.
  • The background image should be greater than or equal to 840×840 pixel.
  • In case of logo and image pixels dimension, it should be more than or equal to 400×400 pixel.

Card Design Studio® service demo will be help you to checkout preview of your customized design .

Guidelines For Business Card And Customer With Multiple Cards

  • Business card: In case of business card upload your own company logo and an image that represent the business. Also can use another image that shows the aspect of your business.
  • Customers with multiple cards: You can use the same image on all the cards or can separate the card by using a specific image for each card. You might able to design one card at a time and for this reason, you may need to customize each card individually.

Wells Fargo Card Eligibility Requirements

So, which cards you can customize with Wells Fargo? The card design studio service listed the eligibility of the card if your card is available for customization. Hence, the cards are:

  • An eligible and activated debit and credit card can be customized.
  • In case of debit card, you are not eligible for the customization of the cards including Wells Fargo EasyPay® Instant Cards, instant issue debit cards, ATM deposit cards, the private bank cards, ATM cards, Greenhouse debit cards, and the Campus Cards.
  • In case of credit card, you are not eligible for the customization of the cards including Propel American Express®, Wells Fargo Advisor cards, the private bank cards, and Cash Wise cards.
  • Your accounts must maintain a good position.
  • Must have access facilities to your cards.


Therefore, you can create a Wells Fargo custom card using their card design studio service. But make sure your card is eligible for customization, and also meet the requirements of the guidelines. So, this is all about of Wells Fargo custom card. Many thanks for having with us.

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