AT&T Unlimited Family Plan Overview

AT&T, with 58 percent on 4G LTE, gives 3rd top coverage in the nation. It has an excellent coverage network and so is suitable for the entire family. It also offers a good phone range on all its latest devices and some of its old models. It has good value-priced plans that make a good choice for a family.

Is ATT Unlimited actually unlimited?

AT&T offers family plans that are unlimited come with no worries about going off the data or any extra fees involved for over-usage. But there are soft-caps introduced by AT&T. This implies that your data speed limits get slower once you reached an optimum level during a billing cycle.

Advantages of AT&T unlimited family plan

  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Extra lines get discounts when added to the current family plan
  • Unlimited messaging to over 120 nations
  • No contracts or time to hold the network plan
  • Canada and Mexico data, talk, and text
  • Accessibility to Thanks perks of AT&T
  • Up to 25 percent of military discounts

How do you select an unlimited family plan?

Follow the below steps to select the unlimited family plan:

  • Choose the lines for your family-max 4 lines are offered.
  • You can use the AT&T slider to select the lines that are suitable for you and your family.
  • Select the appropriate plan according to individual needs in your family.
  • You will find different plans that vary in their price and respective features.
  • Choose the unlimited plans that are best for your kids, right for your partner, and of course, for you.
  • You can also select a new phone from AT&T to enjoy these unlimited plans.
  • You are served right away with a new connection and you are ready with your network plan.

Does AT&T provide an unlimited family plan?

Yes, AT&T provides an unlimited family plan. AT&T provides it’s lowest ever unlimited family plan called Unlimited Starter SM. It offers 4 lines and discounts on a family plan with paperless and AutoPay billing. This plan is unlimited because it provides unlimited talk time, text, and data for only 35 dollars per line. Note that the price is not inclusive of fees and taxes. For a busy network, the user may experience a slow speed temporarily.

How to choose the right family plan suitable for everyone?

AT&T gives you the provision to select the right plan with each line. You get more than one unlimited option to choose from. Each of the plans offers unlimited text, data, and talk. However, individual variations like the extra perks of international use, compatibility to certain other carriers, and mobile hotspot. You also get a discount on additional lines.

AT&T offers three unlimited plans:

AT&T Unlimited Family Plan

All three options have a soft-cap level but different for each of the unlimited plans. AT&T can slow down the data speeds temporarily when its network gets busy. This does not mean that it is done right away. It may temporarily slow down the speed when the network is congested.

1. The Unlimited Starter: Basic plan

The soft-cap can activate at any level.

Key Features

  • Unlimited text and talk
  • No 5G data accessibility
  • No Mobile Hotspot
  • SD video streaming
  • Unlimited international texting from the USA to over 120 nations
  • Unlimited data, talk, and text in Canada and Mexico-data slows down in congestion.
  • Automatic blockage of fraud
  • Spam risk alerts
  • No HBO

2. The Unlimited Extra

The soft-cap is at 50GB AT&T slows down its data speeds when you cross 50 GB.

Key features

  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Unlimited international texting from the USA to over 120 nations
  • Unlimited data, talk, and text in Canada and Mexico- Data slow down post 50 GB in congestion.
  • Automatic blockage of fraud
  • Spam risk alerts
  • 5G data accessibility
  • 15GB hotspot
  • SD video streaming
  • No HBO

3. The Unlimited Elite

Its soft-cap is at 100GB. AT&T slows down its data speeds when you cross 100 GB.

Key Features

  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Unlimited international texting from the USA to over 120 nations
  • Unlimited data, talk, and text in Canada and Mexico- Data slow down post 50 GB in congestion.
  • Automatic blockage of fraud
  • Spam risk alerts
  • 5G data accessibility
  • HD video streaming
  • HBO available
  • 30GB hotspot

Pricing of AT&T unlimited family plan

AT&T provides three plans for an unlimited family pack for single to 4 lines. When you add multiple lines, you also get discounts from AT&T. The prices given below are excluding fees and taxes. However, the price includes a paperless billing/autopay discount of 10 dollars for each line every month.

Unlimited starter family plan

  • Two lines cost you 120 dollars each month, i.e., 60 dollars for one line each month.
  • Three lines cost you 135 dollars each month, i.e., 45 dollars for one line each month.
  • Four lines cost you 140 dollars each month, i.e., 35 dollars for one line each month.

Unlimited Extra family plan

  • Two lines cost you 130 dollars each month, i.e., 65 dollars for one line each month.
  • Three lines cost you 150 dollars each month, i.e., 50 dollars for one line each month.
  • Four lines cost you 160 dollars each month, i.e., 40 dollars for one line each month.

Unlimited Elite family plan

  • Two lines cost you 150 dollars each month, i.e., 75 dollars for one line each month.
  • Three lines cost you 180 dollars each month, i.e., 60 dollars for one line each month.
  • Four lines cost you 200 dollars each month, i.e., 50 dollars for one line each month.

AT&T Discounts on an unlimited family plan

AT&T offers different discounts for making use of paperless billing and auto-pay for all users. Some discounts need users to qualify, like first responder or military.

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Paperless Billing and Auto-Pay

This is a discount that every user can take advantage of while setting up a new account with paperless billing and auto-pay. AT&T has a price listing with the applied discount available. It is 10 dollars every month for every line. The discount, however, is not applied right away but within two cycles of billing.

First responder, Military, and Veteran discounts

AT&T provides a discount of 25 percent for veterans, first responders, and the military. It notes the beginning of this discount in 3 cycles of billing. They, however, do provide a catch up one-time credit. It begins from when you qualified for this discount, which is evident in the monthly bill. Under these categories, the user should be a primary account holder and be subscribed to an unlimited plan.

The user will qualify for these discounts when:


  • Qualified veteran or a military
  • Active personnel in a military service
  • A spouse of deceased or active duty military personnel with a valid defense department’s sponsorship card and qualified.

First Responder:

  • Volunteers and employees of first responder primary entities like private and public sector.
  • Local and state primary responders like EMS, PSAP-public safety answering points, law enforcement, and Emergency management agencies.

People who are not eligible are retired employees from other public sectors of safety and federal agencies.

Signature Program

This program is for associations, colleges, government unions, universities, and corporations. The savings can be passed on to the employees.

Prepaid AT&T Family Plans

Prepaid plans for the family are where you can use the service after paying a certain amount for a pack. They provide an additional bonus for not undergoing a credit check.

Some other advantages of taking a prepaid family plan are:

  • Less expensive as compared to the postpaid plans
  • Data customization for every line between 8GB, 1GB, unlimited data or 10GB hotspot plus unlimited data.
  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Great network coverage abroad
  • No overpayment for members with lower data requirements in a family.
  • Permits 5 lines on prepaid plans.

Family Postpaid Plans

Postpaid plans allow you to use AT&T service first and pay later. The plans often have shared plans from 3GB to unlimited usage of data. For a 4-line share plan of 3GB, all lines will get 3GB every month.

Some other advantages of taking a postpaid family plan are:

  • Unlimited text and talk
  • No fees on over usage of data
  • Unused data is rolled over to next month.
  • You can take ten lines maximum on this account.
  • Mobile share of 9GB and 3 GB.

MVNO-mobile virtual network operator family plans

AT&T is amongst the big-4 carriers, which includes T-mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. MVNOs or small carriers prices are higher when compared to these four carriers. MVNOs operate on big-4, which provides the same network coverage as the parent network. The prices are, however, more affordable. You can always avail AT&T family plan on these smaller carriers as well.

  • Tracfone
  • Cricket Wireless -AT&T subsidiary
  • Net10
  • Straight Talk

Which family plan is best in AT&T?

AT&T provides unlimited plans, mixed prepaid plans, shared data plans, and MVNOs plans. For unlimited family plans, the best ones are unlimited Elite and unlimited Extra. These are popular ones and very much in demand owing to their features.

Unlimited Extra is the most feasible one when looking for solid features in a data plan for an affordable price. This comes for 160 dollars per month for four lines.

Unlimited Elite is expensive of all the AT&T unlimited family plans. It is 85 dollars per month for one line.

Is it possible to mix and match the unlimited family plans?

The good news is that AT&T has introduced mix and match unlimited plans to save some bucks every month. It is called unlimited your way. This offers you to get the flexibility to customize your family plan suiting each individual in a family. Now, every member of the family need not be in the same family plan. You can select from Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite. If you opt for the expensive tiers, the other member lines can opt for starter options with lower data usage. This way, it makes it a buck saver with the whole family being able to use the service.

Which unlimited family plan stands out and why?

Unlimited family plans are designed in 3 tiers- a starter, extra and elite. The starter is the basic plan, while extra is the feasible one. However, when it comes to standout features at a good price amount for the number of lines, Unlimited Elite is the one. When you are an HBO fan, then this is just for you.

Why so? This plan’s key standout features for the price offered is the answer.

They are:

  • 200 dollars for 4 data lines per month
  • Unlimited data
  • 5G coverage
  • HBO Max and HBO included
  • Mix and match plans available

Unlimited Elite is not cheap; however, it is a plan that stands out of the rest. It also includes free 5G service and HD video streaming, and 30 GB of a hotspot for the LTE network. The other best thing is your data streaming doesn’t slow down unless your optimum 100 GB are not exhausted in a month.

Unlimited Extra- A sensible choice

Unlimited Extra can be considered to be a more sensible choice as it costs you only 160 dollars per month. However, it does not include HBO max. Other than that, you do get 5G network coverage and 15GB of a hotspot for the LTE network.

Unlimited Starter- A budget-friendly choice

Unlike Elite and Extra, Starter has no additional perks. The data can get slow with congestion in the network, which can be practically anytime. However, a low cost of 140 dollars for four lines is offered on a starter pack. The best part of it does provide you with 5G coverage. It is the cheapest of the three packs, and with a mix and match facility, you can customize it as well.


ATT unlimited family plan provides you the flexibility to use data, text, and call unlimitedly. AT&T gives three types of unlimited plans-Unlimited Starter, Unlimited extra, and Unlimited Elite. Of the three, the cheapest one is the unlimited starter, the costliest one being unlimited Elite. HBO and HBO max can be streamed with the Elite pack. Each of the family plans allows 4 lines, and the costs are reasonably laid out with solid usage features. The best part being the mix and match features of an unlimited family plan, which is introduced to meet the different data needs of their customers. AT&T has the best unlimited family plans that suit every customer requirement.

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