How to Get Free Government Internet and Laptops in 2021

As a writer, the internet is the key source of information so that you can get your comprehensively researched articles ready and that you can get the right information. Not only do I use the internet to do research but also in uploading my articles in the various social applications such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others so that many people may know the various products and services offered by the government. You can all agree with me that the internet is vital and you can use it to get much information as possible. In this article, I’ll guide you through how you get free government internet and a laptop.

The government benefits are widespread across all the states in the country and making sure everyone can benefit from them and help them in cutting their monthly costs. Opting for the free government programs is an ideal choice as it can help you save a few bucks if you have a low-income. The government programs help you to pay for services such as food, healthcare, utilities, housing, and other basic living essentials. As a citizen of the US, you are entitled to pay taxes and as a patriotic citizen, it won’t be bad if you apply for one of the free programs.

The real question for today is how can you get a free laptop from food stamps or as a college student how can you benefit from the government free laptops? The Federal Government in conjunction with the department of telecommunication has recently begun providing free government phones and internet services at pocket-friendly prices and some at none fee. As a student, you can also get government laptops that will aid in your studies as getting a laptop is quite expensive. Understanding the formalities that you need to adhere to to get the services is of more significance. Before you can get one of the services you need to be eligible to the Federal Government’s guidelines. In this article, we will focus on how to get these services in terms of technology without paying a dime or a monthly fee in place. Read ahead to find out how you can get the internet services legally and an efficient laptop.

How is one eligible for the free government deals?

The government’s benefits program is used in helping with low-income earners so that they can cater to the necessary living expenses such as food, shelter, healthcare, and other expenses. Some of the programs that you can get a free government deal include stamps, welfare, Medicaid, and others.

The Federal government provides money to the various states in the country to runs the various Lifeline programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, healthcare, Section 8, Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), among others. For one to be eligible for the assistance programs below are some of the guidelines you need to observe;

  • You need to be officially a US citizen.
  • Your income has to fall at 135% federal poverty line or less
  • You must participate in either one of the government programs.
Free Government Internet and Laptops

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How to access free internet at home without paying?

In the 21st century, advancing technology has made the internet the core of everything. You can name them, watching movies, online marketing, research, online gaming, making communications, advertisements and many other activities.
With the large usage of the internet, you can incur various charges and in turn, can sum up into a huge amount that you can struggle with pay later. Internet is no longer a luxurious service, but a crucial element that we have adapted. If you feel like you need to the internet but you can’t afford it or you are struggling to clear up the bills then no need to worry as you are in the right place.

I’ll guide you on how to access the various programs designed to help you if you undergo such problems noted above and you can fulfill your dream. Some of the programs may not be full cost covered but it can aid in cutting your internet utility fees.

There are various ways you can get the free internet at your home without paying and no need to worry about getting in trouble with the law enforcers as all the methods is legit. Below are some of the best government programs that are suitable if you are on a low-income and also one that will suit your work environment.

The 5 best free government internet provider

1) Xfinity

It is a well-established company that offers quality internet services to its customers. The service provider offers all internet essentials all at $10. The package is suitable for students and families that are falling below the Federal government poverty guidelines.

Also, it provides a 15mbps internet and requires no credit card check. If your child is benefiting from the National School Lunch program then you can be assured that you will benefit from the Xfinity program.

2) Connect to complete

It was founded by and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help needy families and low-income families to get free internet services in disadvantaged areas. The goal of the company is to keep everyone connected with friends and family and updated with the latest news.

To subscribe to their services, you simply go to their website and you enter your zip code and click “FInd offers” then you can choose from the variety that you will be offered. You can qualify for the program if you participate in at least one of the government programs such as Food stamps and also if your income is below the Federal government’s poverty guidelines.

3) NetZero

Founded in 1988, NetZero is among the oldest internet service providers in the country. Unlike other service providers, NetZero allows you to access the internet with downloadable software rather than the mobile routers.

The internet connection is limited to 10 hours per month so this plan is perfect you aren’t a huge internet consumer. The company has other plans available at a fee and you aren’t required to sign any contract.

4) Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop is a reliable option to get free internet access to your smartphone and computer. The company offers a variety of internet options and you can get cheaper options. You can sign up at their website and you can get free internet hotspot devices that have a great offer in store.

Once subscribed, in the 1st month you get 10GB then after the month you get 500MB of data that you can manage your activities with. One thing you need to remember is that before you subscribe you need a deposit for the device that you can return once you are done with it and you are refunded your money within a year.

5) All free ISP

As a citizen, it helps you get free internet services or cheap alternatives in their area. Once you share your state and area code at the website, you instantly get a well-detailed list of both cheap and free internet providers in your area.

Also, the website provides you with a detailed review of each internet service provider, rating and customer satisfaction. The offers are absolutely 100% free with no setup fees. One limitation is that you will encounter many advertisements that will appear on their website before you connect to the internet.

How to stay safe with the free internet access?

Now that you are in the know on how you can access the free government internet you need to stay alert as you can be vulnerable to various cyber-crimes that can alter your files and documents. Below are a few tips you can keep in mind as you enjoy the free internet access.

  • You need to use a Virtual Private Network that is a suitable option if you aren’t on a secure internet connection. It creates a virtual location for your computer in another country so that you can access the internet with no worries.
  • Avoid file-sharing. It is a must you adhere to this as your document and files can be at risk. Also, once connected to the internet connection you need to turn off the auto-sync as one can hack to it easily.
  • Shun away from unsecured websites. You need to access websites that are secure with the HTTPS URL or you can check on your browser the “padlock” sign. It will keep you away from fraudsters and scammers.

How to get free government laptops

If you have done multiple internet searches on “how to get a free laptops” then you can agree with me that you have come upon various links with bogus information that won’t aid at all. You can get a highly discounted laptop but also there are legit ways to get free laptops too.

However you might get a good deal on a significant discount on the laptop, most of the organizations are offering the laptops to low incomes families. Below are some of the methods that you can opt for to get a government laptop for free.

i) PCs for people

PCs for People are a non-profit organization that gives refurbished laptops for those in need most. A qualified recipient can get complimentary laptops. The organization donates computers that have Windows 10 Licensed copies as the refurbishing organization registered with Microsoft.

You need to go to their website and confirm that you are an eligible applicant. You can also check out the list and see if you can qualify for the free internet organization.

ii) Freecycle

Freecycle is a network of businesses and people that give freebies to individuals that need them. It is a worldwide organization that it will be easy to spot a workshop nearby. You can check out their website o see if anyone is giving away laptops at no charge. The website allows you to post your listings and explain to yourself why you need a laptop.

iii) One laptop per child foundation

The foundation aims at providing kids with low-cost rugged for kids that consume less power. The sole mission of the foundation is to empower each child with technological skills to be able to compete with the world. Since a child has a right to education, the foundation believes in it and in which all their other goals and achievements are based. You can get in touch with the company through their website and get to know how you can get a free laptop.

iv) The ONLT foundation

Opportunities necessary to increase technology is an organization that provides free laptops to households. For you to be successful in the application you need to have a child registered in K-12 school grade. Also, if you are eligible for food stamps, free education while attending a public school and living in the US can give you an upper hand.

v) Open Education Database

If you attend specific collages online then you can get an iPad or laptop for free. You can apply and qualify for the gadgets provided you check to see if the tuition costs were not hiked up to cater for the free devices. You need to make sure that the college offers free laptops and computers to their online students.

You can visit the website, Open Education Database where you can find a list of colleges online that gives away free laptops and computers. It is an efficient process for you to avail of free government internet and laptop in the event you are attending college online.

Bottom Line

For one to be eligible for the free government internet and laptops you need to meet the Federal Government guidelines. One is eligible for the program if your total annual income is below 135% according to the Federal Government guidelines but also if you don’t meet that you must be an active member of a government program.

I hope you I’ve answered your burning question and you can choose the best methods so that you can enjoy the internet services and laptop to help in your various activities. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below and stay safe.