Best Automatic Pool Cleaner WIth All Features And Affordable Price

Pools should remain clean all through. It’s indisputable that most people love swimming. Consequently, pools should be cleaned several times in a day. Cleaning them manually can be overwhelming. Automatic pool cleaner are thus the best option. These cleaners work like a robot allowing you to sit, relax and watch your pool get clean. Using these cleaners can be hectic for new users.  Before we give you a list of the best cleaner to consider, below is a guide on how to use these cleaners.

How Automatic Pool Cleaners Do Works

There are three different categories of automatic pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners, suction pool cleaners and pressure side pool cleaners. Note that, these cleaners work differently from each other. The suction version is the oldest type of pool cleaner that arose in the market. This cleaner was followed by the power side cleaner while the robotic version is the newest in the market.

Suction and pressure side cleaner works nearly the same.  How? Suction cleaners use pool pump to create suctions that suck out debris, dust or any dirt particles from the surfaces of the pool.  They are less preferred because they follow random path on the surface leaving some areas unattended.  Pressure side cleaners on the other hand use high force pressure that causes turbulence inside water. That pressure distributes dirt and debris allover making it easy to suck them out.

Robotic pool cleaners are the advanced version of suction and pressure side cleaners. More often than not, users find these cleaners sophisticated and expensive to get. However, they are the best and most effective hence worth the price. They are the most preferred and used in large institutions and homes. So, how do they work? These devices are in-build with motors that project them to create suction automatically. That suction sucks out dust and dirt particles from the surfaces of the pool. These cleaners are electric powered. They have the ability to convert high voltage to low voltage current to make it safe to use in water without electrocuting. To summarize, these type of cleaner uses electric power to propel its inbuilt motors to create suction that sucks out dust from the pool. Most of these modern cleaners have sensors to sense all areas with dirt particles. This leaves no areas untouched.

Top 10 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

After conducting thorough study on automatic pool cleaners, we came with 10 best cleaners to use without inconveniencing.

1. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Designed for intex pool types, this modern pool cleaner ensures your pool is always clean. This is possible through both vacuuming and scrubbing the pool’s floor and walls over a duration of two hours. This helps in power conservation.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

It works effectively with filter pumps that have a specific flow rate of1600- 3500 GHP and must be attached to intex inlet connectors.  It is durable and automatically vacuums the pool by reverse direction. This device also ensures that air pockets are eliminated from the horse for perfect performance.

  • Its robotic hence functions automatically.
  • It is very durable hence worth your money.
  • This cleaner do not work clean well in inbuilt pools.

2. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

When it comes to pool cleaning, we all want to have an easy but more productive experience.  With this pool cleaner, then hustle no more. It is built with modern software navigation system to move around the pool easily to ensure the pool is sparkles clean.

With the above feature, the user drops this clean in the pool and cleans the entire pool just by pressing a single button. Besides, it is fitted with dual scrubbing brushes that are powered by 24 V DC motors that ensure quality results. The latter ensures that the cleaner cleans all the surfaces from the walls to the floors in unbiased manner.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

More to that, it is designed with three filter options namely; micro cartridge, standard cartridge and oversized debris bag. These filters work to ensure all particles are filtered out spite how tiny they are. It also has a smart control timer that automatically control the cleaning duration.

  • It is automatic requiring no manual input.
  • Have two strong brushes for excellent results.
  • Comes with multiple filter options.
  • Has a smart timer control.
  • Has an indicator light to notify when the bag is full to empty.
  • It has a history record of little durability.

3. Hayward PHS41CST Pool Cleaner

This is also another modern and efficient pool cleaner. It has self adjusting variable veins also known as v-flex technology to maximize power flow and ensure all sized debris is cleaned out. It also features three transposable throats that serve to ensure more detailed debris suction and deeply serrated tire threads that ease its ability to climb and scale its way through any type of surface.

Hayward PHS41CST Pool Cleaner

The aquanaut patented skirt ensures that its suction per formability is even across all corners of the pool. That means, it cleans out the pool despite any type of obstacle.

  • Have three transposable throats for detailed suction.
  • Ensures even cleaning across all surfaces.
  • It experience difficulties at times when moving from deep to shallow end of the pool.

4. Polaris F9550 Sport In-ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

This four wheeled robotic pool cleaner is designed with acquatrax wheels that foster easy movement across all types of pool surface. It is also fitted with a solid blade brush that ensures no dirt is left behind.  Not to forget its programmable timer that allows you to schedule the machine for 7 days before programming it again.

Polaris F9550 Sport In-ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

The activMotion sensor functions to ensure that all the cleaners’ positions are automatically controlled to avoid missing out any spot during the cleaning. With this cleaner, one does not have to guess on the time to empty the filter canister, as it comes with an indicator that alert the right time to empty. It has a strong propulsion system that gets rid of all debris from every corner of the pool.

  • Has motion sensing remote to control.
  • Just by a single shake, dust, dirt and debris particles are easy to empty without touching its internal parts.
  • Has 7 days programmable timer.
  • At times it flips off while climbing the walls to clean.

5. Dolphin Triton Ps Automatic Pool Cleaner

When it comes to pool cleaning, this machine is ranked as the best as it is eloquently designed to deliver detailed cleaning results. The model is crafted with robust capabilities that give no room to leave dirt particles behind.

Dolphin Triton Ps Automatic Pool Cleaner

Albeit its fictions without any dependence on pool palms, this makes it energy efficiency leaving behind a spotless pool. The triton PS allows the user to manually schedule the machine for automatic clean around the pool as it has different setting modes. It is very ideal for pools that runs up to 50 feet deep and takes a maximum of two hours to do thorough cleaning.

  • It is energy efficient.
  • It is programmable for automatic cleaning.
  • Expensive to acquire.

6. Pentair Gw7900 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Unlike other pool cleaners, this amazing model comes special smart track programmable steering system that ensures debris and dirt particles do not have a chance to stay behind.  With these machines, pool steps and tight corners are not left untouched as this steering wheel can easily negotiate and attend to any type of corners and surfaces. It is very ideal for in ground pools as it cleans faster than other regular pool cleaners.

Pentair Gw7900 Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • It easily negotiates deep corners.
  • It takes less time to clean hence save energy.
  • During clean, this cleaner gets stuck at the bottom forcing the user to manually extend it.

7. Polaris Vac – Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Fitted with well engineered triple jets, this machine goes extremely hard on any dust particle present in the pool.  The machine easily cleans any type of ground pool regardless of their size. This is possible due to its comprehensive functionality which enables it to vacuum, sweep and scrub the walls and floors effectively.

It is also has big debris opening that gets rid of the tiniest unwanted particles from the pool.  Moreover, it has large filter bags that help to trap all particles before they get to the pump basket. This helps to increase its life span.

Polaris Vac – Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

It works independently without booster pumps as it is built with an in line back up valve that ensures the cleaner works without interruptions. As if not enough, it comes with the simplest installation procedure.

  • It operates without a booster pump.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It sweeps scrubs and vacuums ensuring excellent results.
  • At times it struggles to climb the walls.

8. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Talk of a holistic efficient pool cleaner, this machine has been crafted to satisfy every aspect of that. It si equipped with the most competent filtering technology that ensures every single part of dirt and debris is omitted for a refreshing swim.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

It also has a reliable wall cleaning features that enables it to gently clean the walls leaving the pool spotless. As if not enough, this modern pool cleaner has a design that allows it comfortably function in all types of pools; tiled or gunite. More to that it comes with a tangle- free cable that enables it to move in the pool without supervision.

  • Consumes less power.
  • Can clean the pool on its own just by being scheduled.
  • Does not comprehensively clean the pool steps.

9. Aquabot Breeze Iq Wall Climbing Robotic Wall Cleaner

Do you live in dusty environment? This is the best cleaner.  It comes with a bunch of amazing features to enhance functionality. It is designed with strong vibrating PVC brushes to get rid of dirt, debris or dust particles from the furthest corner of your pool.  It also has strong pump system for thorough cleaning and reliable filter basket that ensures to filter down the smallest unwanted particles.

Aquabot Breeze Iq Wall Climbing Robotic Wall Cleaner

In addition, this cleaner boost of 6o feet long swivel cables that ensures the device work smoothly without tangling. This is because tangling causes interference hence improper cleaning. It also features automatic timer than ensures your pool is clean within one to two hours. This helps to conserve energy.

  • Energy efficient.
  • Comes with two filter baskets for thorough omissions of dust.
  • Is not durable.

10. Pentair 360032 Kreepy Krauly Plowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you want a spotless clean pool, then consider this amazing robotic cleaner. It has amazing designs that enables vacuuming, filtering and scrubbing of the pool leaving behind a super clean pool. Not to forget its ability to clean the pool in just two and half hours.  It also has the one hour quick cleaning option that helps in power conservation.

Pentair 360032 Kreepy Krauly Plowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner

It has a wireless remote control system that allows the user control it wirelessly enabling a fast and spotless cleaning. More to that, it has inbuilt filtration system that allows to clean your pool and spread chemicals simultaneously though out the pool. It also has auto reverse that helps to prevent destructions from sharp corners. It is also light in weight and moderate in size for easy and cheap maintenance.

  • Power conservative.
  • Comes with two automatic cleaning options.
  • It is is difficult to empty the trash bin.

How Do I Choose An Best Automatic Pool Cleaner?

Among many automatic pool cleaners in the market, getting the best is a challenge. For that reason, consider the following factors when getting your cleaner.

1. Robotic

A good pool cleaner should employ automatic robot mechanism. The best brands should display best robotic qualities. They should able to climb, clean the walls and side of the pool but not clean just the floor.

These cleaners automatically detect the dirty surfaces leaving no part unclean.  They also have self- maintain ability with no worries to block its cleaning pipes. Not to forget its automatic set time and vacuum empty bags to store all dirt particles.

2. Budget

Prices vary when it comes to pool cleaners. Thus, your budget makes a huge component of your decision.  It is advisable to set moderately high budget on your cleaners for better quality.  This is because; price of a cleaner is directly proportional to its quality. For instance, automatic pool robot cleaners are more expensive than manually remote controlled cleaners.

3. Quality Brushes

A perfect cleaner should have strong and durable brushes.  These cleaners should have hard bristle or stainless steel brushes. These brushes are strong enough to brush stubborn particles off the walls of your pool.

Wired brushes are also perfect as they are strong, make cleaning faster and gentle hence no damage on the walls of your pool. Additionally, brushes should be extra wide with rotating ability making it possible to remove dirt particles from far corners that are hard to reach.

4. Swivel Cord

It is also advisable to look for cleaners with moderate swivel cables that resist tangling. A good automatic pool cleaner should have a long swivel cord with the ability to stretch the entire length of the pool. Besides, this cord should not be extremely long as it tangles up with the unit shutting it down.

You should use the size of your pool to determine swivel cord length. Distance from the power outlet is also important to consider when getting a swivel cord. I would then recommend an automatic pool cleaner with patented 360 degrees anti-tangle swivel technology. This keeps your cleaner running smoothly with no code getting its way.

5. Programmable Times

A good automatic pool cleaner should have cleaning cycles of ease of programming. The most common cleaning cycle are ‘’bottom only, waterline only and of course normal cleaning mode.

This will clean the entire pool the exact time determined by robotic program settings.  Programmable settings also enable you to set amount of time needed to clean your entire pool according to its size.

Additionally, choose the cleaner with microprocessor system. This system determines the optimum cleaning pattern of your pool. It should have a timer to set and forget with no need to go and start it every time.

A good automatic pool cleaner should take less time to clean your pool through automatic multiple cycle programming.  This ensures you conserve energy and clean your pool well as the same time.

6. Deflecting Features And Sensors

A reliable pool cleaner should have smart steering technology and IQ system to navigate the pool surface for maximum cleaning. They should have auto reverse features to help get out of jams: corners and obstacles.

Moreover, they should have automatic sensors to help detect areas that automatic programmer might have missed to clean. This ensures the entire pool is cleaned out perfectly.

7. Filters

A good automatic pool cleaner should have their own filtration system.  This helps to suck all debris up to their own filters (bags or cartridges) which can be emptied, cleaned and reused for a while.  Most filters use cartridge system as they are easy to clean and maintain. I also advice cleaners with large filter systems that ensures to filter out the tiniest particle of dust or dirt.

8. Light Weight

Look for the smallest compact model size that carries less weight and is appropriate to navigate easily through the pool. This will allow easy deflection, climbing capabilities, edge cleaning and curved walls.

Light weight cleaners also make it easy to pool out of the pool, replace tire threads and clean out filters.

9. Climbing Capabilities

Choose automatic robots than can climb to clean walls, stair depth and covers. They should however be light weight to climb these walls at ease. They cleaners should have turn off mode to turn off immediately in case it flips and fall when trying to climb the wall. They should also have four wheeled drive to climb the walls at ease.

10. Suction Side

These cleaners should have crazy and powerful strong suction power to suck out all debris, dirt and dirt particles.  They should have the ability to suck up debris and return pump basket.

11. Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption varies greatly depending with the size of your pool cleaner. More often, small cleaners consume less energy mostly 200 watts per hour while large consume more energy. You should avoid models that use more than 1000 watts they are costly to maintain.

12. Wide Tires

Wide rubber tires allow the cleaner to have a good grip on a difficult terrain pool surface.  In short, wide tires prevent the machine from getting surface. This is possible as it increases the surface area for easy operation.

13. Durability

This is a consistent factor to consider in every device you purchase.  Choose pool cleaners that can endure long duration without damage. Durability gives you prolonged service hence value of your money.  You should also ensure it has a reasonable warranty to help you return for exchange in case of sudden failure.


Which Automatic Pool Cleaners Are The Best?

As seen above, there are different types of pool cleaners that exist in the market. I would recommend Pentair intelliflo pump as the most effective automatic pool cleaner in the market. This cleaner comes with a strong motor and automatic timer on your pool. It also comes with three year warrant.

Do You Run The Pool Pump While Swimming?

There is no harm in running the pool while swimming. Swimming pools need top hygiene. so, the pump should run frequently to  avoid bacteria, algae and debris from accumulating in the water which might be harmful to swimmers. Swimmers also excrete sweat and dirt to the water. This calls the need to run the pump and allow circulation of clean water through out.

Is It Okay To Run The Pool Pump 24/7 Hours In A Day?

There is no harm to run your pool pump 24/7 hours in a day.  The hour of cleaning the pool depends with the rate of usage. Public pools found in hotels and public institutions should be cleaned 24/7 hours. A lot of people swim in those pools thus necessary to filter the water throughout.

This is different for private swimming pools. These pools have fewer activities. Owners prefer running their pumps at night to save energy cost. This is because electricity is cheaper at night than day time.

How Often Should I Vacuum My Pool?

Swimming pools need regular maintenance activities like purifying, running the pump and vacuuming. Adding relevant chemicals to purify water should be done every day. This also applies to running the pump. However, vacuuming is different. This should be done at least once in a week or any time you notice debris or dirt in your pool.

How Many Hours A Day Do You Need To Run A Pool Pump?

As stated earlier, there is no harm in running your pool 24 hours in a day. However, it is advisable to run your pump at least 8 hours in a day for power consumption. Note than it is advisable to run the pump during the day as it is more vulnerable to dirt and bacteria than night.

My Recommendation

In this page, we have given you a good guide on the best automatic pool cleaner and factors to consider before buy. However, you should ensure you take proper care of your device for durability. Taking care of your device also ensures quality cleaning on your pool. Make sure you wash your cleaner every time after work. Store it in a cool place out of scorching sunlight and ensure you replace its brushes every time they wear out. This ensures proper functionality.