5 Best Carpet Cleaner For Dog Or Old Pet Urine

Most pet owners complain of stains, both pee and fecal that brings about bad odor and ugly stains that cannot be cleaned by normal detergents and cleaners. Even though your pets are trained, in one way or another, it might miss a step and pee on your carpet. Once your pet is left in the house and cannot hold it anymore, and you are not yet home, it will dispose of waste on your precious carpet. It is very embarrassing to invite your friends over, and the smell from your carpet is unbearable.

You may have tried different detergents that may destroy your carpet fibers. Alternatively, the use of vacuum cleaners may seem to have cleaned it; conversely, the smell will remain. It is then advisable to use the best carpet cleaner for dog urine to prevent it from getting damaged, decolorized and to also increase its lifespan. Cleaning your carpet or rug is very important as it shows who you are, the love you have for your pet and children and also helps one stay healthy at all times.

Why We Should Keep Our Carpets Clean Especially If We Have Pets At Home

  1. It prolongs life : When you clean your carpet regularly, it removes stains and other substances that might damage our rugs. For example, sand particles. By washing our carpets, we avoid permanent stains or soiling and thus increase the lifespan of our rugs. Cleaning with the best cleaners in the market also makes our carpets newer and without damages or discoloration.
  2. To eliminate stains and spots : Whenever you fail to wash your carpet in time, more and stubborn stains are absorbed into your rugs making it look bad and harder to remove them. Such stains, when forced out by unprofessional cleaners, may cause damage to the rugs. Proper and certified cleaners ought to be used.
  3. Improves the air quality of your house : Rugs trap residues such as, mold spores pesticides, dust, and dirt that might pollute the quality of air in your house. This may, in turn, affect the health of the family members and in cases of big offices, the employees suffer most. It is therefore advisable that you clean the carpet regularly to avoid such instances. Bad odor also disturbs people wellbeing and may find it uncomfortable to stay in a house with a dirty rug.
  4. To eliminate microbes, allergens mites and so forth : Rugs can also be a breeding site for microbes such as bacteria, mites, and germs. This breeding can be as a result of absorption of moisture into the carpet and the soiling. This may increase the instances of getting diseases that are bacterial and fungus related. Thus it is advisable to clean all your carpets with best cleaners that eliminate germs, bacteria, dust and stains for a healthier future. Also, avoid spillages of wines water and other watery substances on your carpet.
  5. Enhance appearance : In addition to increasing the lifespan of your floor covering, and making a sound, sterile workspace, cleaning your rugs additionally improves their appearance. In the case of offices, the chance that customers or clients are coming into your workspace, they might be driven away by soiled or filthy floor covering. A perfect appearance and condition likewise enable your employees to work all the more profitable. On the other hand, in our homes, visitors may not like or be comfortable at your place if your carpets are dirty. Therefore, it is always wise to keep your rugs clean.
  6. Helps in productivity of family members and employees : Much like the tidiness of a school influences understudy performance, the neatness of a workspace influences worker execution of work also. A perfect workplace advances representative efficiency, as a filthy office can be both diverting and destructive to employees’ wellbeing. A grimy, spotted floor covering may gather microorganisms may make your worker sick and therefore your offices’, profitability. This scenarios also happens in our homes when we have dirty carpets. The family members would complain of odor from the carpet and can be unable to do house chores and also may cause lack of sleep.

Training your mutt is an excellent way to make sure that no or less puppy or kitten is peeing in the house. But this is not enough because accidents happen and your puppy pees on your favorite rug. Don’t get disappointed, it happens. Nevertheless, some circumstances may lead to your pet soiling your carpet.

1. Your pet is learning

Training your puppy takes time and requires you to be patient and tolerable. As time goes by your kitten will know where to dispose of its poo. Boredom also may result in your pet to soil your carpet thus getting it toys to keep it busy. Sometimes also take time with your pet and play with it which will make it active to reduce the boredom.

2. Too much excitement

This may be termed as accidental especially for dogs. Squirming and wriggling may occur while your pet sees you and may cause peeing directly to your carpet without rushing to the backyard. Training in this juncture may be of help because the puppy will always know what to do when the bladder is full.

3. Fear or submission

Scolding your dog or any other disciplining act may result in your pet peeing on your carpet due to fear. Pets are also known to pick up a person’s state. For example, when you get angry, it gets sensitive and behaves in a fearful manner, which may increase the chances of peeing on your carpet instantly. Also, this may be a sign of rejection to your pet and may result in this activity repeating itself when it sees you. Be friendly to your pet and avoid scaring it.

4. Marking

Some pets are territorial for example, a dog. In this manner, it will exercise its right and end up urinating on your carpet of furniture. In most cases, these incidences are seen when you add another dog pet in your house. To avoid this territorial behavior, try other methods to help your puppy from making this a daily habit. For instance, you can walk your dog in your free time, and be affectionate to eliminate the fear of rejection.

5. Medical problems/disorders

Such disorders may include urinary infections, bladder stones, kidney stones diabetes and so forth. It is thereby recommendable you take your dog for a check-up to the veterinary. This may also put our health in danger as the excretions might be contaminated causing diseases to a human being

Many people with pets will panic and fear that their rug or carpet will be stained forever and the odor will never go away. Many are times when we use our local detergents to clean carpets with stains of your pets pee and vomit. This might cause fear and dissatisfaction when using detergents. There is no reason for panicking because you can use the following five experienced carpet cleaners for your pet.

Top 5 Best Carpet Cleaner For Dog Urine

1. Rocco & Roxie | Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Rocco & Roxie helps take out any unwanted smells and stains on your carpet. They guarantee to dispose of both the stink from the pet pee, just as the appalling yellow stains on your floor covering. Other than pee, this could likewise help in the removal of defecation, natural spills, and your pet puppy vomit. With their enzyme activated formula, a straightforward spray contains regular bacteria that activates when it comes into contact with stains and awful smells. These bacteria feed on ammonia crystals and organic matters until they are completely wiped out.

This stain eliminator is chlorine free, and safe to use on your floor covering hues, which means it ought not to discolor or change it. It is likewise guaranteed as safe for your pets, so they can, in any case, have the capacity to appreciate moving around on the carpet after you have cleaned up.

Rocco & Roxie a qualified and experienced strength stain and odor remover have earned a lot of recognition from Carpet and Rug Institute. This effort makes this agent an ideal one that may not harm the carpet. Also, the appealing smell formula is young and pet secure. Another thing that makes this item be bought and preferred is that it can also be used to freshen up your bedding, crates for travel hamster cases, automobiles laundry, litter boxes, and campers.

Rocco & Roxie | Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator
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  • Helps in entire removal of stains and awful odors
  • It is chlorine free
  • It is proven to be safe or both humans and animals
  • It is multipurpose because it can also be used to clean furniture, tile, wood and so forth
  • Has a strong smelling scent. Not all customers like sharp scents.

Key Features

  • Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator works well on, furniture, mattresses, leather, artificial grass, tile, carpet, silk or wool, and wood.
  • It is made of water, non-iconic surfactant, odor counteractant, advanced biological blend, an opacifier.
  • It has received a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from Amazon, one of the best sellers of products. This is a clear indicator of how genuine the product is, and many loyal customers trust it.

2. Pet Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover Carpet Cleaner by Amazing solutions

This agent is a good and efficient product from Amazing Solutions. It helps in the removal of stains from your pets and old pee odor. It does not discolor or destroy your carpet in any way and leave it as new

It has been affirmed by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) which implies that it is alright for both you and your pets. Made of ingredients such as a non-iconic surfactant, and the bio-enzymatic solutions it has been trusted by most pet proprietors for a long time to give the sort of results they generally want.

Regular cleaners have many formulae to make your carpet look cleaner and are able to tackle different types of pet soiling. Nevertheless, these products are toxic chemicals that are not ideal for solving the stains’ problem. It has powerful cleaning enzymes that dissolve all articles any other product leaves behind. This product gets rid of all odors efficiently and has no hazardous effect on both animal and human health.

The product of This Amazing solution is family friendly non-toxic and eco-friendly. Being a beholder of CRI certificate, it
helps the customer identify the best product for better and effective cleaning solutions.

The Amazing solutions offer a bulk of surprises for their customers for their products to be bought. For example, they have centers all over the USA to bring their products closer to customers. Pet odor eliminator and stain remover enjoys a proper and quality brand due to its professional support and makes sure that this product is in stock and ready to ship.

Pet Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover Carpet Cleaner by Amazing solutions
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  • CRI certified
  • Removes stains and bad odor efficiently
  • It can also be used in other areas such as furniture and clothing
  • It’s safe to use
  • It is expensive

This product has a 4.3/5 star rating in Amazon thereby qualifying it to be very efficient and genuine.

Key Features

  • It has CRI certification thereby ensuring customers of its genuine nature.
  • It can also be utilized for bedding, draperies, dog pet beds and toys, bird cages, clothing, and any other stained surfaces.
  • The company refunds total purchase amount if a customer is not satisfied with the results.

3. Pet Plus Pet Stain & Odor Remover Solution Formula by Hover

It is made in the USA. Pet Plus Pet Stain & Odor Remover Solution Formula contains a centralization of enzymes upgraded cleanser, which is an answer dedicated to helping in the amazing expulsion and freshening up of your rug from pet wrecks, scents and different kinds of stains, and should give you a perfect and scented house. If you consider utilizing it with the hoover pre-treat spray, the product guaranteed to give amazing outcomes and proceeded with the use of this combination will give your beautiful rugs, carpets, and upholstery a long and
extraordinary smelling lifespan.

It is phosphate free and septic free meaning that it can be used in the house without hazardous effects to your pets and the family.

Directions for use:

  1. Vacuum the carpet to remove all dust particles
  2. For you to have the best results, pre-treat the ugly tough stains.
  3. Before use, shake contents well.
  4. Add three measures of Hoover PetPlus Carpet Cleaner per gallon warm water in the clean water tank. For other purposes when you want to clean your automobiles, fill solution tank.
Pet Plus Pet Stain & Odor Remover Solution Formula by Hover
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  • It has a reasonable price in Amazon
  • It’s a safe product to use in your entire household
  • Has a fresh fragrance
  • Not good to use for floors made of wood.

Pet Plus Pet Stain & Odor Remover Solution Formula is highly trusted by the pet owners who have been using it and gives it a 4.3/5 star rating due to its fresh fragrance and its capabilities to eliminate bad odors and pet stains from their carpets.

4. Stain and Odor Carpet Shampoo by Nature’s Miracle

This cleaner is low forming recommended to be used with any water-based steam cleaner and or carpet cleaning machines. It is capable of being absorbed more in-depth into the carpet fibers and removes both new and old stains and odor from your rug. It is also known to have excellent bio-hazard odor locking formula which ensures the elimination of any unpleasant smell from your rug and leaves your carpet with a sweet smelling fragrance.

It has ingredients such as, water, Bio-enzymatic odor Locking technology, fragrance, Propylene Glycol, and cleaning agents (low-foaming Surfactants)

Precautionary, firstly, the product can cause eye irritation when it comes to contacts with the eyes. You are advised to flush the eye with water for 15 minutes and when the irritation persists seek medical attention. Secondly, it is harmful when swallowed. Thirdly, do not apply it directly to the animal. Fourthly, when using the product conduct a test on the part of a rug to make sure it doesn’t change the color. Fifthly, do not use on velvet, silk, vinyl leather or 100% cotton products.

Stain and Odor Carpet Shampoo by Nature’s Miracle
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  • The product is Safe for both pets and kids
  • It is of biodegradable nature
  • It also can be used with steam cleaners
  • It does not decolorize your carpet
  • It has a harsh scent.

5. Professional Urine remover for pets by Bissell

This product helps in stain removal of all times and never disappoints the customer. Professional Urine remover removes those stains by pet urine that are stubborn and has not been eliminated by other detergents. The cleaner helps in giving your carpet a sweet aroma and discourages urinating of pets on the same spots it had done previously. As it is by manner, most of the pets will pee on the same spot as they did previously. By use of this cleaner, your dog or cat will not repeat the same. Additionally, Professional Pet Urine Eliminator contains Scotchgard which helps protect your carpets from stains in future making it more advantageous over other carpet cleaners.

Scotchgard works by setting a hindrance on the outside of filaments to ensure protection against future stains. Regardless of whether your rugs weren’t treated from the beginning, you can help work in some protection using BISSELL carpet cleaning recipes with Scotchgard the final result is that carpets look newer for a long time.

The 2X qualified Pet Urine remover formula has no heavy metals like colors or phosphates but has a biodegradable cleanser. Its bottle composes of 25 percent post-customer reused plastic. What’s more, similar to all types of BISSELL 2X profound cleaning styles, you utilize half as a lot fetch a similar cleaning strength. However, this diminishes the measure of packaging required and spares you the bother and expense of purchasing more packages with a similar equation.

Professional Urine remover for pets by Bissell
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  • More safe for the kids and your pets
  • Has a strong formula for eliminating stubborn stains
  • Comes with a fair price
  • Professional Pet Urine Eliminator has an intense smell that might be unfriendly to some people.

This cleaner product had a 4.5/5 star rating from customers and was amazed by the efficiency of the product, precisely on the protection Scotchgard element.

As most clients express about these products, through their review, it is crucial to forming a habit of checking such reviews so as to arrive at the best product in the market. Besides, one can also get information about these products from Amazon, the bestselling site for such cleansers. In my view, although some of the cleaners are expensive, it is always good to get the best item that suits your home or workplace. Besides, as per customer reviews, nearly all the products are excellent and suitable for the use in our homes; however, caution should be taken while using such products as some of them require a step to step guide while using them. Also, the frequency by which you clean your rug may depend on what house you have;

  • Are there more puppies?
  • Is your place always full of activities?
  • Do you have a lot of children?
  • Is your furniture also dirty?
  • For how long have you stayed without cleaning your carpet?

Then such questions may lead you to the best choice of product to use for cleaning your carpet.

Final Verdict

Home and floor covering cleanliness are important, particularly with regards to hound excretions, which is a definitive rearing ground for microbes. Get an idea about the tidying up of your puppy’s pee at the earliest opportunity, to guarantee a free germ and disease condition for both your family and your pet. In addition, there are a lot of cleaning agents in the market claiming to have the best results but in the actual sense do not deliver as expected. The above cleaners can bring about joy in your homes through perfect elimination of odor and stubborn stains from your carpet. Other cleaners also display their multiple abilities to perform different duties in your house rather than just cleaning your carpet.

Therefore in the most home instead of buying different cleaners for various purposes, buy the one that is multipurpose and affordable. In addition, it also occurs to me that such cleaners are needed in places such as offices and other workplaces and their carpet requires cleaning and has to be fresh especially due to clients’ first impression. It is therefore advisable to embrace these methods of rug cleaning especially if you want long-lasting results from your pet disposals.