10 Best Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews

Buying the best electric fireplace insert for you will bring the technological enhancement compared to the traditional one, at the same time it will come with the same conventional charming design. When you are going to get this compact fireplace run and heat by electricity, then you don’t need to face hassles like the traditional one. This is why most of the fireplace enthusiasts nowadays jump onto it.

But keep in mind that, a modern fireplace insert is not just to keep your room warm, rather this is more than that. They are versatile and one of them may not have the same features that the other one. Here in this article, we are going to let you know some versatile modern electric fireplace insert, so you will make your own choice out of them.

Top 10 Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews

There are different shapes and types of fireplace insert starting from the small electric fireplace insert to mid and the large one. So when you are going to buy any of them set your preference first. Let’s show you some of the best electric fireplace insert of this year.

1. Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex DFI2309 comes with built-in fan-forced heating technology, for that it can distribute even heat across your 400 sq/ft of room. The main attention of it is to come with the patented flame technology for that it is worthy of fireplace investment.

Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert
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It is quite sophisticated as you can remotely control it using the multifunctional remote control. The selling point of this kind due to no heat or emission, so it is a safe place to invest money. It allows the room temperature, all you need to do is to set the adjustable thermistor in a right heating level.

The installation process is easy as it takes a few minutes to install the plugs with the standard house outlet. it is meticulously designed by the handcrafted logs as a result, it can gently embers that seems like the real thing.

Key features

  • It comes with the 1375-Watt of power that is adequate to keep 400 sq.in of room warm
  • It is technologically enhanced by the patented flame technology so you can remotely control it
  • Easy installation, all you need to do is to put the plugs into household outlets
  • Fan forced the heater to distribute all the heat evenly across the room and easy to control it from full heat to half heat
  • Functional and offer handcrafted logs

2. PuraFlame 30 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert

PuraFlame comes with energy saving LED technology that will save your money in the long run. The flame intensity is quite variable and thus you can easily adjust the brightness according to your will. Surprisingly, that brightness will come to you with or without producing heat. The aesthetic design is another concern why people love to have it, like the three sided interior brick wall design.

PuraFlame 30 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert
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This fireplace would be the best electric fireplace for you, if you have a room like 400 sq/ft. So guess what, it comes with the fan forced or not? Yes, it comes with the fan forced system with a precise temperature controlling. For that, it has an adjustable thermostat that hold the temperature under control ranging from 60 °F to 84 °F.

The whole heating process run by the 120 voltage, that is adequate to charge up this fireplace. More importantly, when it comes to you, you find ease to install it, and there is no need to go through hours for assembling. You can easily operate it using the convenient rocker switch. Lastly, the emulational flame, coal bed and resin log all together create the flame more realistic, you can imagine.

Key Features

  • it comes with the functional 100% energy-saving LED technology, it burns less and provides warm more
  • Easy to adjust the heat brightness within 3 flames along with the variable intensity
  • Take control over precise temperature generating with the help of electronic temperature control
  • Temperature ranging from 60 °F to 84 °F; due to the adjustable thermostat
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble

3. ClassicFlame 23II310GRA 23″

ClassicFlame is for the extended room space like 10,000 sq/ft, and to cover that unit, it comes with the 5,200 BTU. So the zonal temperature of a room remain perfect. As it comes with bigger space coverage, so it will generate heat from the infrared heat technology.

ClassicFlame 23II310GRA 23
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Therefore, you will have proper moist in a room and the heat would be comfortable for that you don’t need to dry out the room’s air. The flame effect would be just perfect as it will be operated with or without flame. Furthermore, it has spectrafire plus technology that bring selectable flame effect.

The overall flame effect will bring your perfect mood during day and night. Last but not least, the temperature control is precise and perfect for the adjustable thermostat. This thermostat is a real ace as it allows the temperature according to your will.

Key Features

  • It comes with a huge capacity to cover 1000 sq.ft of the room with the help of 5,200 BTU heater
  • It ensures the gentle rolling fire with or without flame
  • Spectrafire Plus allow certain flame effect up to 125 for the perfect mood and style in the room
  • Infrared heat keep the natural humidity within the air causes moist and comfortable room atmosphere
  • Adjustable thermostat provides the perfect temperature level in the room

4. ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT 36″

It is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient fireplace and doesn’t bring any pollution or emissions. It comes with the log flame effect along with 5 adjustable levels of brightness. It saves more space with the wall mounting installation. Fully functional with the remote control and ensure safety cut off to avoid overheating.

ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT 36
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The main attention of it is to have the multifunctional remote, that can easily track this heater. The wall mounted thermostat is another rare feature of this kind, that smartly switch the temperature between 60°F – 90°F.

It comes with the electronic timer that allows the automatic timed shut off starting from 30 minutes to 9 hours. The traditional flame effect bring five brightness setting in one place, and the numeric temperature will come to you like celsius or fahrenheit. More or less every feature of it seems that it is one of the best electric fireplace insert.

Key Features

  • It has a powerful 8,900 BTUs heater that covers up the 800 square feet
  • The multifunctional remote ease the maintenance of the fireplace to a great extent
  • The thermostat comes as wall-mounted and adjusts one’s room temperature between 60°F – 90°F
  • To ensure the flame effect it doesn’t need heat and provides seamless rolling fire all year long
  • Automatic shut off feature allows to shut down the system from 30 minutes to 9 hours

5. Best Choice Products VD-51075WH

Best Choice is now one of the industry leaders as they have delivered amazing electric fireplace, and the amazing thing is those are so affordable to buy. The main attention of it is the vent free electric fireplace, so you don’t need to go through any hard time with it.

Best Choice Products VD-51075WH
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This model has blast the fireplace market, and thus got the CSA certification. This certification alone a great evidence of it’s review. By the way, when you bring it at home you don’t need to assemble it, that sometimes take hours. Hence only installation is required for you with this fireplace.

Let not forget to tell you about the remote control assistance that will provide to you. Therefore, you don’t need to stand up and go and switch on/off the settings. All you need to do is to just push one tap across the button.

Key Features

  • It comes without vent so it requires less space
  • It ensures more safety due to the safety cut-off device and thus avoids overheating.
  • Fully functional with the remote control system and easy to use
  • It doesn’t require any sort of assembling work, only require easy installation

6. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Ashley Furniture Signature would be a great choice for you when you are in search of small electric fireplace insert. It looks great as it comes with the TV stand fireplace insert, so now you will hear the cracking sound out of it.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design
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It comes with the TV STAND that makes it as an electric fireplace inserts for sale. 6 pre-set temperature settings allow it to operate with or without heat.  The fire flame shows up within LED fire display, let you experience realistic fire burning. There you will find an underneath flat screens fit in perfectly with the TV stand. 

Perfect for the 400 sq.ft room to make one warm and provide with the perfect mood. The overall experience of it would be cozy and feel like a great warm just viewing the flickering flames. This Ashley Furniture product comes directly from the manufacturer at timely manner and no assembly required for you, just need to install, run and get warm.

Key Features

  • Enjoy the energy efficient fireplace with no emissions and pollution
  • It comes with the junction box that allows versatility and a great capacity to install at any place you want
  • It has 5 adjustable brightness levels, that ensure great flame and dimmable log effect
  • The auto cut-off system ensures the protection of avoiding the overheat
  • It has a remote control, brightness control and heating settings manually and automatically

7. Classic Flame 23II042FGL 23″

Classic Flame would be one of the best 23 inch electric fireplace insert, as it comes as an affordable fireplace choice. It is really surprising that, it comes with the patent pending 3D flame effect technology within this price tag. For that, it can ensure the layered flame effect, in order to create the real life firing experience.

Classic Flame 23II042FGL 23
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Besides, the brightness would be easily adjustable along with the speed settings. The main attention of it is to have the infrared quartz heat that provides the natural humidity, and keep your room air with perfect moist as well.

It brings the coverage of 10,000 sq/ft of room that take 5,200 BTU heater in the perfect setting. It is an efficient heater, and the vent remain at the top. It has two heat settings, the higher is set on 1500W, and the lower one is set on 750W.

Key Features

  • It comes with the patent-pending technology that ensures the 3D flame effect
  • Infrared quartz heat paves the way to maintain the natural humidity in the air
  • It covers 10000 sq.ft with the help of 5,200 BTUs heater
  • Safeguard by the patent-pending safer sensor with the fire prevention technology
  • It can consistently provide the zone heating by the thermostat adjustability

8. R.W.FLAME 36″ Electric Fireplace Insert

R.W.FLAME 36″ has more firing space with the recessed electric stove heating. The main attention of it is to have the freestanding, it gives you the experience of having TV inside your room, whereas it is just a fireplace. It comes with the compact design with just one touch control panel, where you don’t need to push or press down every button.

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It comes with the multi operational modes, and flame settings are with the 5 color mode, and 5 flame speed mode along with the proper brightness controlling. You can easily control it from the automatic timer, that ease you to shut the process off between 1 to 8 hours.

It would be perfect for the 400 sq/ft of room space where it will be run by the two heat settings. the temperature control is precise and perfect for the adjustable thermostat. This thermostat is a real ace as it allows the temperature according to your will.

Key features

  • Multi-operational mode add the touch screen on foot panel and perfectly deal with the brightness at different 5 levels of flame.
  • The 2 heat settings bring more energy jumping from the 1500W to 750W.
  • It is made with a sleek design that looks realistic fireplace with flame effects.
  • LED and wall mounted fireplace, easy to install and operate.
  • It comes with the heat kill safety and avoids overheating.

9. MagikFlame Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces

MagikFlame is one of reliable electric fireplaces that comes with the real creaking wood burning sound. If you are looking for to get warm in your 10,000 sq/ft of room then this one would be a great choice for you. It is more advanced compared to its kind, as other fireplace just control by the remote, and it has app control feature. So, now you can control it within just tapping your phone.

MagikFlame Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces
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The flame effect of it is better than other kinds, as it comes with the Holo Flame tech videos, so it seems like actual wood is burning down. it comes with the 4,600 BTU. So the zonal temperature of a room remain perfect. As it comes with bigger space coverage, so it will generate heat from the infrared heat technology.

Therefore, you will have proper moist in a room and the heat would be comfortable for that you don’t need to dry out the room’s air. The flame effect would be just perfect as it will be operated with or without flame. The main attention of it is the USA made so no more chineese product.

Key Features

  • It comes with the 26 levels of flame that helps to stimulate the gas firing and wood firing
  • It comes with the actual 3D visual and cracking sound effect that makes it more realistic
  • Easy to control and applicable with your mobile phone now
  • 4,600 BTUs heat level easily cover the 800 to 1000 sq/ft of room
  • It comes with the 28″ of firebox insert that ensures more comfort to the users

10. Homedex 50″

Homedex 50″ is one of the compact electric fireplaces, as it comes with the touch screen control panel. Besides that it is multifunctional and all the features can easily control by the remote. It is a great device for your home decor so not only limited to the heating choice. This fireplace has 400 sq/ft coverage at your room, and you will find comfort and warmth when you will have it.

Homedex 50
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It is an efficient heater, and the vent remains at the top. Also, it has two heat settings, the higher is set on 1500W, and the lower is set on 750W. They are perfect for your home especially it keeps the temperature on track within 62″H to 82″H. And, if you even forget to switch off, especially when you are snoring at the bed, the auto shut off timer can be easily set.

As an electric fireplace, it must come with the flame effect, and should be realistic as well. To ensure that, it comes with the LED technology, that enhances the flame effect like a real one. Again, it has 9 different flame color settings, so you can set them according to your preference. Last but not least, it would be the best choice and safe option indeed, instead of any gas fireplace.

Key Features

  • It comes with the two heat settings from 1500W to 750W that will heat up your 400 sq.ft room easily
  • LED lights showcase the realistic flame and wood firing, also it saves money
  • It has a thermostat adjustability feature that easily adjusts the temperature between 62″H to 82″H
  • You can easily mount it on the wall which is safe and secure
  • The mounting process to the wall is so easy and then you just need to plug in 110V outlet and enjoy

Things to consider before buying the best electric fireplace insert

When you compare any best electric fireplace insert for an existing fireplace, you will come to know a number of features that the existing one missed out. Therefore, you should have come to know which things to consider while buying it. Here are some of the features that you should come to know and look for in any fireplace whether it has or not.

  • Heating Capacity: When you are going to take a look any fireplace sets your preference first on the heating capacity. It actually depends on the space of your room. Normally any Electric fireplace cover from 400 sq.ft to more than 1000 sq.ft. Normally, heating units cost sometimes more than you can imagine. But the con is that it comes with a fan, and the more powerful fan comes with more noise as well. So the heating system comes with two separate systems, they are either fan-forced heat or infrared heat. When you will come to know any fireplace has fan-forced heat, then those are for the 400 sq/ft of room. On the other hand, the infrared is for more coverage like the 10,000 square feet of room.
  • Styling: A fireplace is not just for heating purposes, as we have mentioned earlier. It deals with beautification and styling as well. For that, some electric fireplace log inserts would be a great deal for you to have a realistic-looking, and they are a popular and expensive choice also. Unlike the traditional one, which looks great but not that efficient like the technologically enhanced fireplace, you should stay with the modern fireplace. Because they look like traditional but offer advanced styling like the 3D LED lights and realistic decoration like wood firing device.
  • Type of Fireplace Insert: What kind of electric fireplace you are going to choose now? Let us tell you they are log inserts, built-ins, and plug-ins. Normally, you will come to see that the electric log fireplace inserts has stimulated log set, that appear realistic as well. You can find the heating part right in the log set. This kind of fireplace would be great when you want to convert the gas or wood-burning fireplace. Secondly, the plug-in electric fireplace insert is quite an inexpensive choice for you, and it is for those who want to install a fireplace inside the cabinet. Finally, the built-in fireplace often come with the builder box, and it for those who want to upgrade their existing fireplace mantel.
  • Size: Finding the best fireplace may go in vain when it doesn’t fit your fireplace space. For that you need to match the dimension properly, the normally wide opening is the popular choice. Because it easily fits on any surface and measures between 2 feet to 3 feet. Apart from this, some ultra-modern built-in units are the real big with wide and depth. Lastly, never overlook the distance that covers between the mantel and the firebox.
  • Flame Effects: The flame effect may not directly hit the performance but it is an important choice to make yourself feel great. The flame effect comes with many diverse effects, especially with technological enhancement. More importantly, it doesn’t welcome any trouble or danger. So how the flame effect will come totally depends on the fireplace design or style of any inserts. For example, some of them come with the pan of water that mists and others mimic the flames with fireproof materials so they can blow the air.

Final Verdict

After reading between the lines of Best electric fireplace insert, you may come to know a lot of facts and features about a number of the fireplace. Some of them may not suit your room space and some of them maybe. Excluding them, you can sort it out more deeply, and take your decision finally based on how affordable they are actually, do they come with a real price or just hype? After that, a couple of features you need to take under consideration and the main concern would be the integrated heater power level. The voltage may ups and downs as well depending on one fireplace insert to the other.