Black and Decker Dustbuster CHV1410l

Imagine a day without a vacuum cleaner when some important guest will arrive on your home, and they will experience you’ve messed up your home with dirt and dust. We know you clean up your home pretty often, but when you don’t have a perfect vacuum cleaner, then you have to go through a hard time. So you need a perfect cleaner that will have versatility whenever they use it, compact size to handle it, durability, and lightweight.

What if happen when you get all of these in the same product? Yes, we are today cover a review of such type of vacuum cleaner that is Black and Decker dustbuster chv1410l

Key Features of the Black and Decker Dustbuster chv1410l

Want to buy a perfect vacuum cleaner that will serve your purpose?  We comply with you that the required vacuum cleaner comprises a few features that make differences. Let’s see the features that will help you to make your decision

  • Power : It has suction power with 15.2 volts and able to clean up the dust around your home. The front part which sucks up the dirt can be extended and reachable to any tough places like corners and edges. The voltage could be maximized up to 16V.  Moreover, it has a smart charging technology so that, you can save up to 50% energy.
  • Performance : The cyclonic technology performance makes sure to create a whirlpool effect. The extendable creative tool seems shorter in size at first glance, however, you can make it bigger; in that case, you need to pull it to the outward. Once you make it bigger then it goes to the hard places and cleans up the dirt and dust. Again, the flip-out brush comes handy when you will wash the carpet or somewhere else where you may need the grit. You can start from cleaning the inside corners and edges of Stair, Carpet, Table or Sofa, and any tight corners of your home furniture.
  • Fast Charging Base : It has lithium nickel-based batteries, so it tends to juice up the energy within four hours. When you open up the box, you will see a fast charging base seems it’s a kind of hot water chargers, small, lightweight and rounded shape. You can put the vacuum attached to the charger base as it sits very easily. Soon after, you will see the blue light on the LED are blinking while it is charging.
  • Lightweight : Black+Decker dustbuster chv1410l is only 2.6 pounds in weight with the compact size. In this weight, you can easily clean up the stuff without having any hard time or pain.
  • Filter : Easy functionalities filter is a pre-requisite of every vacuum cleaner. The functionalities of this vacuum make it easy to use. Suppose, there is a filter button at the handlebar, and when you will push the button, the housing plastic will come outside. After that, you can see a plastic pre-filter which will also easily opened up once you twisted it. Why do you need this easy to use functionalities? Because you need to flush out all the dust and wastage outside.
  • Easy to wash : Above there you can see how easy to open up the filters one by one, so it is obvious that, it is easy to washable too. We recommend you to make your dustbuster neat and clean after use.
  • Rotating Slim Nozzle : The nozzle is slim, and you can rotate it up to 180 degrees. So, it makes you reach any places or corners and drag out all the dirt inside the vacuum. Also, it has a removable function so you can easily remove it after use.
  • Warranty : The warranty duration that the company has provided is good to go for regular use and it would be very unlikely to see some problems within this period. That’s why the manufacturer is pretty confident about the two years of the timeline and provide you that warranty time.
Black and Decker dustbuster chv1410l
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Compare with NOVETE Handheld Vacuum Cordless with Black and Decker Dustbuster chv1410l

black and decker dustbuster chv1410 and the NOVETE handheld vacuum cordless both come with a great performance, design, and functionalities. However, we have examined that there is some difference between these two and today we are going to show you up.

The main difference we can see that the NOVETE is specially designed to clean the car as the suction power is more powerful (700pa) and adaptable too. On the other hand, the Back and Decker is a sturdy cleaner and easy to clean corners and edges of carpets and sofas. So you can see it is the best cleaner, especially for the home.

The charging capability of NOVETE is more effective as it can perform any operation just after 30 minutes of charging whereas, the black+Decker requires to get more charges. The NOVETE takes more time to fully charged up that is 4.5 hours. On the contrary, Black+Decker takes 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the main difference between these two cleaner?

If you look closely the two cleaner, especially the funnel which grasps the dirt around your room, you can see one is thinner another is round shaped.

More specifically, Black Decker dustbuster has an efficient flip out brush whereas in NOVETE cleaner you won’t find it. The flip out brush is specialized in cleaning dust inside from the tough places but with the NOVETE cleaner, the funnel won’t reach over there.

What are users saying about Black and Decker dustbuster chv1410l?

Users are when having a tight time to clean up all the mess around the floor, especially in the carpet, experience to clean up easily using it. So they are satisfied to use it one some specific places such as carpets, sofas, stairs.

However, the user should constantly clean it up after usage as the suction power won’t perform well instead of it.

Some users are finding it pretty friendly to collect the crumbs from the carpet and many tiny particles what is not easily scannable whenever we try to wash them without the vacuum cleaner.

Truly how durable the Black and Decker dustbuster chv1410l

If you ensure some common maintenance such as washing out the dirt bowl off and on then it will perform for a long time without any issues. The materials they use to produce it comes from high-grade quality with proper industrial customization. So, if you can keep it without smashing it over the ground then it remains to perform intake even after using it after years after years.

Make sure you have read between the manual to use them in a proper manner if you don’t use any cleaner before. As a result, you won’t have any risk to use it inappropriately. Consequently, it will remain intake and durable too.

Final verdict

If you don’t go through the article you would be confused by the tons of Vacuum cleaner available in the market. Since, all of them are not worthy of using, especially for you. Finding the best product that will serve according to your expectation is the main concern.

After reading the whole review article about black and decker dustbuster chv1410l, you probably get to know how easily you can keep your home clean using this handy cleaner. Interestingly, you can get this vacuum cleaner within your budget constraints.