How To Get Free Bank Of America Order Checks Easily

Customers do not enjoy paying more charges for any checks from their banks. However, zero-fee checking accounts with no minimum balance are becoming rare with big traditional banks. For example, ordering personal account checks can cost up to $30 on average. And if you need a cashier’s check, say for brokerage payments, they come with a $10 fee for each check. You might pay up to $20 for refill order checks from the BOA, without the shipping fees. After removing the only free checking account that did not need a minimum balance, customers are keen to know how they could get the bank of America order checks without paying.

The 2018 decision leaves limited options for low-income consumers of the big financial institution. For example, keeping a daily balance of at least $1,500 in your checking account might be difficult for an average client. Alternatively, you’ll have to make direct deposits to the account every month of at least two hundred and fifty dollars to waive a twelve dollar maintenance charge. Even if you often send money from checking account to pay bills, you might be unable to keep such funds in your checking account. It’s even worse when you do not use direct deposit or have no other payment methods like PayPal.

The Bank of America’s check and account fees mean consumers with less income pay more to make payments, receive cash, and do their business. You can order checks online cheap third-party printers give without paying costly bank’s charges. It means there are other places you can still get the bank of America order checks for free and skip your bank. In this post, we are going to highlight various tips and tricks you can use to obtain the cheapest and free BOA checks. Therefore, before ordering checks via phone, first, read what we have for you below to know if the bank has free checks and the available alternatives.

Free Bank of America Checks: Everything You Should Know

Who does not like getting free things? Well, you can get discounted or free checks by looking in the right places and knowing the hidden secrets. But, free stuff often involves digging and searching around, although this post eliminates all the hassles by explaining how and where to access the free or budget-friendly bank of America order checks.

The Bank of America has some of the most affordable if not free checks. Personal and cashier’s checks are among the cheapest from this bank. If you want to get the free or discounted bank of America order checks, consider;

  • Getting an interest checking account
  • Qualifying for the Preferred Rewards program
  • Getting BOA business checking accounts
  • Opening a new BOA account
  • Ordering BOA counter checks
  • Negotiating for waivers through a BOA agent
  • Taking advantage of Bank of America waiver seasons
  • Printing your own BOA checks
  • Ordering Free or Discounted Checks on the Internet

Bank Of America Checking Account Fees

Before showing you how to obtain free bank of America order checks, it’s vital to understand the various bank of America checking account fees.

The Bank of America has three different personal checking accounts, including:

  • The BOA Core checking account with a service surcharge of $12 a month
  • BOA Safe Balance banking account with a non-waivable $4.95 monthly maintenance charge
  • BOA Interest checking account with a service surcharge of $26 a month, depending on your branch and location

Moreover, the bank has two business checking accounts, including:

  • Business Fundamentals checking account with a service surcharge of $17 a month
  • Business Advantage checking account with a service fee of $29.95 a month

9 Different Ways To Order Discounted or Free Bank of America Order Checks

Getting free checks from the Bank of America comes with different requirements depending on the method you are using. For example, you may choose to order check refills on the internet without using your bank. The provider will ask for BOA’s routing number and the checking account number you use to send money, among other details. So, here are the nine ways to obtain a discounted or free bank of America order checks, including the requirements for each.

1. Open an interest checking account

You will be paying $10 in checking fee for a cashier’s check at the BOA. Nonetheless, customers with a BOA interest checking account qualify for the cashier’s check with no extra charges. Opening an interest checking account with the Bank of America might less than two hours and you can order free checks.

2. Qualify for BOA’s Preferred Rewards program

The Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards program means putting your daily savings, retirement, checking, and investment banking into a single package under the bank. BOA runs this program in collaboration with Merrill Lynch or Merrill Edge. Owning more assets with these accounts means getting more from BOA and Merrill Lynch. For example,

  • Get Up to $20k assets between Merrill Lynch/Edge and eligible BOA investment account qualifies you for benefits under the Gold Preferred Rewards level
  • Up to $50k assets between Merrill Lynch/Edge and eligible BOA investment account qualifies you for benefits under the Platinum Preferred Rewards tier
  • Up to $100k assets between Merrill Lynch/Edge and eligible BOA investment account qualifies you for benefits under the Platinum Honors Preferred Rewards level

You need to have an eligible BOA personal checking account plus at least a $20k daily balance in a participating BOA deposit account for three consecutive months to enroll for the Preferred Rewards program.

However, you can combine the balances in your holiday account, daily checking account, emergency account, and savings account to quickly, join the Gold level. And adding in investment accounts like IRAs will easily qualify you for the Platinum as well as Platinum Honors tiers.

All three Preferred Rewards programs carry free banking services. With no-fee banking services, you will get;

  • Monthly maintenance charges waivers for a maximum of four savings and four checking accounts
  • $0 charges for ATM and debit replacement
  • $0 standard BOA check orders, free cashier’s checks, and free check image service, among others

So, you can easily obtain a free bank of America order checks by joining one of the three BOA’s Preferred Rewards program.

3. Getting A Bank Of America Business Checking Account

All business checking accounts from the BOA offer small business online banking with unrestricted bill pay at no fees as an optional package. Business online banking lets skip order check fees by instead, printing available checks using the in-app service.

Also, the Business Fundamentals account allows no charges for the initial 200 transactions in each statement cycle. The Business Advantage account comes with zero fees for the first check package, $0 check image services, as well as no charges for copies of checks. Besides, you will qualify for an initial 500 free transactions per statement cycle.

If you need to order cashier’s check bank of America services without paying, then consider getting a Business interest checking account. Similar to its personal interest checking counterpart, you will not pay the $10 checking fee to order BOA’s cashier’s check.

4. Open A New Bank Of America Checking Account

Most banks and financial institutions, including the Bank of America, will give free checks as an introductory offer when clients open a new checking account. If you want a simple way to access the free bank of America order checks, take advantage of BOA free offer for new checking account holders.

5. Oder Discounted Bank Of America Counter Checks

Do you need only a handful of checks for some transactions? Simply visit your local BOA branch and request a few counter checks from the teller. The counter checks are often free depending on your location, or very affordable.

While counter checks are similar to standard checks, they often don’t include your name. Also, they don’t carry a check number. You can always get a handful in each instance. But, if you need several of those, the BOA is likely to ask that you order a large quantity, for which you will pay.

6. Negotiate for Order Checks Fee Waivers Via A Bank Of America Agent

Did you know you could negotiate with a Bank of America Agent online for order checks fee waivers or discounts? Essentially, you visit BOA online chat. While there, inform the agent that you want a single order check and request for a $7.00 shipping fee waiver on top of other charges. Several customers have been successful with the approach. So, you could also try the same if you need to obtain the free bank of America order checks.

7. Take Advantage of Bank Of America Waiver Seasons

A different approach to secure free checks from the BOA is by using the institution’s waiver seasons. Just like other top banks in the United States, BOA runs promotions in which its clients can order free checks from the banks. These promos happen randomly, meaning you must keep in touch with the bank to maximize on these openings.

You may want to follow their social media platforms or subscribe to receive regular emails from the bank. The emails and social media posts will inform you about when the BOA will let its customers secure free checks. Note that social media scammers might try spreading false information. So, you’ll want to watch out when following BOA news on social media.

8. Print Your Own Bank Of America Checks

Printing your own Bank of America checks mean that you will never be in short supply of checks. It also means having unique checks. But, you must know how to do it correctly to be right. This section will help you learn to print BOA checks by yourself. We’ll be highlighting the process plus requirements to determine what is best for you.

Along with avoiding the costly bank of America order checks procurement procedure, this process comes with a host of benefits, including;

  • Saving money through printing checks at home
  • A convenient way to have an endless supply of BOA checks
  • Keeping an excellent searchable history plus paid checks reports through a good printing software

Requirements For Printing BOA Checks At Home

First, it is essential to know everything you will require to print personal customizable checks. In this way, you can escape mistakes since a simple error will ruin the entire process. You will need the following items to print BOA checks at home;

  • Printer
  • Magnetic ink
  • Software
  • Paper

You may want to get partially printed checks or pre-printed checks or simply build a design from scratch. The latter is a great option because it is cheaper and lets you print out checks on demand.

  • Printer : You must have the right equipment to print out your own checks. In this case, you will need a printer. The majority of regular printers should print bank checks. So, any printer you already own will work.
  • Magnetic Ink : We advise you to use magnetic ink to print the checks. Even though it is not compulsory, most retailers’ and banks’ check-reading equipment might not recognize the codes usually the check’s bottom, if you don’t print with magnetic ink. The best thing is that nearly all printer models have their corresponding magnetic ink available in the market. So, matching the right MICR for your printer shouldn’t be an issue. Using the special ink for check-printing will save you from unnecessary check-processing delays.
  • Check-Printing Programs : The best check-printing programs will let you customize your checks. Besides, most of these applications are compatible with popular software and web apps. Therefore, you can focus on the basic parts of printing the check.

With check printing applications handling check creation, you can edit all the details from the printing program. After that, simply transfer the check to your printer and fill in the remaining details like transaction amount and payee. You can also add some memos and internal notes.

Working with an online-based software is convenient as it allows easy access and printing the check from any device compared to offline-based programs.

  • Paper : Some of the software for printing checks will need you to buy special blank check forms. Nevertheless, most applications often print on the standard printer papers. Also, consider getting blank check stock paper, preferably with security features like micro-printing, watermarks, as well as graduated colors. The advantage of this paper is perforations, which make it easy to separate the printed-checks from the page after printing.

Also, consider checking with your bank for policies about self-printed checks. Other financial institutions don’t sanction the practice unless you are using special stock paper for printing checks.

9. Order Free or Discounted Bank Of America Checks on the Internet

Mobile wallets and online bill payment services are on the rise reducing the modern consumer’s dependence on paper checks. Clients who still write checks are often surprised when it is time to reorder. For instance, ordering one box of checks and duplicates courtesy of traditional banks can fetch up to $30 or more.

It means banks are not the best place to order checks. Some sites, however, will allow you to order cheap checks. In some cases, these websites run promotions offering free checks, leaving you to pay only the shipping costs. With this option, you simply provide personal and banking details. This information is available on your bank’s official website. Alternatively, you can get the details from old checkbooks you still keep.

Before getting the personal bank of America order checks from online printers, make sure the site has a Check Payment System Association’s padlock icon. The icon implies that the check printing firm uses the minimum recommended security features to guard the check from duplication and alteration.

Prices for check printer companies will vary based on quantity and design. The following chart shows the best deals on single checks from third-party online printers;

Single Checks

3rd Party-PrinterPrice for each checkPrice of 2 boxes# of checks per box
Checks in the Mail$0.119$29.98125
Sam’s Club$0.023$11.20240
Promise Checks$0.055$13.90125
Checks Unlimited$0.119$29.98125
3rd Party-PrinterPrice for each checkPrice of 2 boxes# of checks per box
Promise Checks$0.099$19.90100
Checks in the Mail$0.179$35.98100
Sam’s Club$0.033$11.96180
Checks Unlimited$0.179$35.98100

Here is how the companies’ duplicate checks stack up

Going outside your bank to obtain checks can make you nervous. However, remember that banks often do not print checks, but send them to third-party companies. Therefore, all you are doing is getting a middleman as banks do.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order checks or deposit tickets?

You can get deposit tickets or order checks through your bank’s digital banking application. First, you will need to sign in to the internet banking app and going to your savings or checking account. After that, choose order checks and deposit tickets to complete the order.

How to get free checks from the bank of America

There are different ways to get free checks from the BOA. For example, some premium account clients such as the interest checking account, automatically qualify for free checks. Alternatively, you can wait for the Bank’s seasonal promotions where they allow customers to get checks without paying.

How to write a check bank of America

Despite eBanking simplifying the checking process, knowing how to write one properly is a useful financial skill. You must remember to date your check towards the top with the right month, day, and year. Then, address the check by providing the recipient’s name, before writing the dollar amount in numbers adjacent to the address. Fill out the payment line by writing the amount in words. You may want to fill the memo section for your records, though it is not compulsory. Your check will not be valid unless you append your signature at the down, right corner.

How to check credit score bank of America

You can register to get monthly credit score updates via email by signing in the BOA’s eBanking accounts. After that, navigate to the View Your Fico Score section and click. Once you register, you will also get to see how your credit score compares to the national averages.

Can I get a single check from the bank of America?

Yes. You can get a single check from the Bank of America by visiting your local branch and requesting the teller for it. They will often provide a single check for a small fee.

The Bottom Line

While reordering checks from your bank is the most convenient solution, the approach comes at a cost. However, you might get them free if you are a premium client. Besides, there are other ways to get the free bank of America order checks. You can look out for seasonal waivers, negotiate a price-cut online through the bank’s agent, open an interest checking account, and print your own checks, among others. If other options don’t work for you, simply order refill checks from a third-party printer online and save money. But, you’ll want to stick with trustworthy online check printers to avoid fraudulent deals.

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