How To Pay With eCheck For Online Shopping ?

In the current world, online platforms have become fields of opportunities. From buying properties, to paying bills, to doing shopping among others, higher average numbers of people are familiar to doing these activities online. In this article, our major concern is on pay with eCheck for online shopping.

Online shopping is easier and convenient because you conduct everything at the comfort of your home. After shopping, there are several online means of payment available for you. Although most people prefer debit or credit card online payment, use of electric checks ( E- check) is another amazing online payment method that is normally overlooked. However, there are a number of stores that accept these eChecks while others decline them. Kindly follow our guide closely for detailed information about these stores and different methods to pay with eCheck for online shopping.

Different Ways To Pay With Checks Online

Unlike in-store shopping that allows you to use cash or paper checks, online shopping is obviously so different. Online stores allow you to use electronic checks instead of paper checks. However, there are different types of online checks you can use;

1. Paper check by mail

This method entails;

  • You order all the items online and know their accumulative prices.
  • Write a paper check and email it to the store or company in form of a soft copy.
  • Wait for the check to reach the recipient. The recipient can either cash the check online or process it.
  • After processing the check, the seller will ship your purchase.
  • It’s safe and convenient.
  • Your purchase is normally shipped immediately the check email reaches the seller.
  • The check email might take time to reach the recipient.

2. Electronic check ( eCheck)

This is another reliable and convenient way to pay eCheck for your shopping online. This is where the online store in question allows you to transfer money to them electronically from your bank account through national automated clearing house network.

This is either through bank transfer or an eCheck. To initiate or approve your money transfer, the online store checkout window will require you to provide your banks routing number and checking account number. It can also request you to contact your bank and authorize the transfer.

  • Fast and efficient.
  • Takes less duration to process the payment.
  • No extra cost while sending or receiving eCheck payments.
  • Tight security measures.
  • The payment is computer processed thus prone to hackers and fraudsters.

3. eCheck via paypal

This is another convenient way to pay with checks online. As long as the online store in question accepts use of paypal, you can pay checks online through your checking account. You need to;

  • Visit and create a free account.
  • In your account, click ‘’ link a card or bank’’
  • Enter your checking bank account number and routing number.
  • Verify your account number. The verification takes one to five days after which you use your paypal to pay your online seller through check.
  • It’s safe.
  • Opening paypal bank account is priceless
  • Sending payment through paypal is fast and convenient.
  • Verifying your checking account number might delay.

Stores That Accept Pay With eCheck For Online Shopping

1. Amazo

Currently ranked as the world biggest retailer, amazon makes a lot of purchases online. That only means that it allows online payment. However, if you want to pay through echeque, you will be required to add your checking account, routing number, your name and address. This is irrespective of whether it uses individual or shared settings. They also accept payments through visa, MasterCard, rupay debit and credit cards from all banks as well as maestro. However you should note that amazon doesn’t accept payments through PayPal. The only online check payment method allowed by Amazon is inform of electronic transfer/check.

2. Walmart

When it comes to the world’s most renowned retailers, Walmart is definitely quite a force to reckon with. Whether you want to buy with cash or eCheck Walmart is definitely the place to go to. If you want to purchase goods via a cheque, you will be required to sign into your account on the payment window. Additionally, unlike Amazon, Walmart gives users the liberty to make their payments via Paypal. However, to do this, your Paypal should be linked to your checking account. If maybe you don’t want to pay through the PayPal option, you can place your order online and then select payment via cash at cheque out. After that, visit the nearest Walmart location and pay with a check in store.

3. Fashion Nova

If you are the type of person that likes ensuring that your outfit is on point, Fashion Nova is definitely a store you don’t want to miss out on. On top of that, it allows various options when it comes to payments. They allow payment through cheques as well as PayPal linked accounts. Also, they entertain payments through MasterCard, visa, apple pay, amazon pay and even Google pay.

4. Foot Locker

With most people getting inclined to online shopping, retailers such as foot locker have diversified their modes of payment. Therefore, if you want to pay for your merchandise via eCheck, foot locker is definitely a platform you should check out. However, the company states that check should be sent inform of paper check by mail. However you are advised to note that the cheque should be presented within 15 days of your order. In addition to this, both starter checks and checks over 500$ are not accepted. On top of that, it embraces primary payment methods such as visa, MasterCard, discover network, JCB and debit cards. Last but not the least, it allows for payments via PayPal linked to their checking accounts.

5. Eastbay

Even though eastbay allows payment through check option, it comes with a couple of restraints in respect to payment by check. To begin with, it does not accept checks worth over 500 dollars. Further, it doesn’t allow payment via starter checks. Also, in case you present your check two weeks after placing your order, the check will not be accepted. Lastly, the cheque should be sent in a paper check by mail.

6. Milanoo

Here is yet another online store that allows payment through check. To be more specific, its check payment comes in two types. Either through PayPal or EFT/bank transfer. For PayPal, once you are checkout, you are required to sign into your checking account. On the other hand, the bank transfer method requires you to use the banking information on Milanoos website. After using this data, you are required to reach out to your bank to authorize the transfer to go through.

7. QVC

If you are planning to make your payment via a check at QVC, then you are making a right decision. To make your payment, you are required to drop your check within the first ten days of placing your order. In case you fail to do so, your check will not be accepted. When using check as a mode of payment, you should select the check/money option. After that, a mail will be sent notifying you to send an email of your check.

8. Cabela’s

Here, you can make your payment either through eCheck option or paper check by mail. For those that want to use physical checks, Cabela’s also provides you an address to post your check. For those that prefer using the electronic check option, you should call customer service at (800) 237-4444 for more guides. You can also mail your order to Cabela’s through the following address:

Cabelas Order Processing 2500 E Kearney St. Springfield, No 65898.

9. B&H

Unlike most retailers mentioned in the above list, B&H employs quite a distinct method when it comes to payment by check option. To be more specific, you are required to call (800) 952-3386. Once you call the above number, they will make a quote for you. They can also avail instructions on how to write your quote number on the check before sending the cheque to them. Luckily, B&H allows other payments methods such ad eWallet App, PayPal and PayPal credit.

10. eBay

Online payment from ebay depends with the seller. I mean, some sellers can allow payment through personal checks. In most cases, this mode of payment is normally available for items in specific categories. However, you should note that this mode of payment is only availed as an option of payment only if the seller chooses to accept it as a mode of payment.

11. Vistaprint

Unlike the vast majority of retailers, Vista print has a minimum threshold for payments in terms of eChecks. I mean, if the momentary value of your order isn’t above ten dollars, payment by check won’t be an option for you. However, the retailer accepts both eChecks by paypal or mail the paper check, When placing your order, choose to mail a paper check at checkout on the payment window. After that, make the check payable to vistaprint Netherlands and then write down your order number on the check. After that, submit your e mail to vistaprint Netherlands. When using this mode of payment, you order is only cleared once your eCheck goes through. You should send your mail to;

ViStaprint Netherlands B.V
PO BOX 842882
Bosyon, MA 02284-2882,USA.

12. Oriental Trading

When it comes to payment by eCheck , this retailer allows both eChecks and physical checks. Fat the checkout, aelect paypal, then download, print out and fill out the Oriental trading order form. Once you have filled out the form, you are required to mail your eCheck alongside this form. Both your present address and your physical address should appear on the check. However, Oriental trading charges buyers up to 20$ in case your eCheck bounces due to inadequate funds in your checking account. you should use the following address;

P.O BOX 230
Omaha, Nebraska 68103-2308

13. Wayfair

Wayfair is yet another retailer that embraces different eCheck payment options. This retailer allows both eCheck payment and PayPal. To pay via paypal, you should order your quote, receive it, place your order and make your payment either by check or bank transfer. The place also allows payment through physical checks incase e checks is not an option for you.

Stores That Don’t Accept eChecks or Personal Checks or Paypal

  • Athleta
  • Kmart
  • Sears
  • Old navy
  • Banana republic
  • AliExpress
  • Williams –

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can one pay with an eCheck for online shopping?

Electronic check payment works similarly to paper check. However, e-check is faster and more convenient than paper check. Back to our question, to pay with an eCheck, your payee should first send you a virtual payment form. After, fill your personal details, checking account number, your banks routing number and the amount you wish to pay. Submit the form. This means you have authorized withdraw of money from your checking account to the payee.

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Is it safe to pay using eCheck for online shopping?

Yes. Paying using eCheck is considered safer that paying using paper checks. This is because unlike paper checks that pass through many hands, eCheck is transferred electronically and direct to the financial institution. This makes eChecks more confidential and safe.

Can eChecks bounce?

Yes. Same as paper check, eCheck can also bounce. More often than not, this happens when important information is incorrect or missing in your application form. For security purposes, this makes your eCheck bounce until the issue is solved out. The check can also bounce if there are insufficient funds in your checking account.

Can one deposit an eCheck online?

Yes. There are convenient ways to deposit an eCheck online. You can use;

  • ‘Deposit services’ that are available in your eCheck account.
  • You can deposit using ATM that utilizes OCR technology.
  • You can deposit through your banks mobile app.

Are there some of the places that might not be depositing an eCheck?

Yes. That is, any ATM that allows magnetic ink only to process their deposits or any store/ individual that uses the third party check cashing services. E.g., liquor stores, walmart and grocery stores.

Final Recap

Since online shopping is becoming popular, eCheck payments are becoming dominant over paper checks. This is because they have improved our living standard, made our online shopping faster, secure and convenient. However, before making your payment, you should first recognize stores that accept epayment. This is because there are a number of stores that still decline eCheck payments. In this guide, we have highlighted a number of stores that accepts and declines eChecks. We have also highlighted different ways of online payment. The helpful information provided above will allow you to enjoy your online shopping experience.