How To Get Free Moving Boxes

Are you traveling from one place to another with bulky luggage? you definitely need a strong and stable moving box. Relocating from one residential place to another also requires you to have these boxes. Am imagining the huge cost that one spends when relocating from one place to another! Is there any need of spending additional costs on moving boxes too? Think about it!

There are several places to get free moving boxes sparing you more expenses. Some places like relocating companies, malls, supermarkets, big companies, and local stores give out free boxes to lucky users but however, they have strict policies when giving them out. There are other places like friend’s houses, online sites, and stores that do not have policies when giving out free moving boxes.

Are You Looking For Free Moving Boxes Near You?

As seen, there are two types of places that give out free boxes: those with policies and those without. Below is a general list of the easiest places to visit and find moving boxes for free near you.

1. From Craigslist

This is an online platform that gives members a chance to get everything they need either completely free or at a little fee. This includes free moving boxes. In this public site, people offer to give out free boxes that are no longer in use. All you need to do is, visit Craigslist official website, then select your location and select category for sale > free stuff for moving boxes or look for moving boxes from their search section.

2. Free Cycle

This is another online public platform with a higher possibility of getting free moving boxes. Similar to Craigslist, Freecycle official website gives out searching space for users to search any volunteer giving out free items including moving boxes.

3. Restaurants, Cafes Or Starbucks

These are food/drink places that might give you free moving boxes. They buy their raw materials on weekly basis and come packed in strong and beautiful boxes. Thus, there is a possibility that they have them in bulky. You need to talk to management about it as you grab something to eat or drink.

4. Supermarkets

Supermarkets restock their products daily or weekly. They sell different brands of products that come directly from the manufactures packed in strong boxes.  Visit your nearby supermarket and request free moving boxes.

5. Schools

Schools buy stationery like books, pens, and pencils in bulk. These products arrive parked in huge and strong boxes. It is advisable to visit various schools at the beginning of every academic year and check out if they have extra boxes to give out for free..

6. Bookshops

Like schools, bookshops also buy re-sale stationery in bulk. These products come in huge boxes that are perfect for moving out. Visit any nearby bookshop and ask for free moving boxes.

7. Groceries

Groceries provide fresh food products. That undisputed, these stores can also help cut the cost of moving out. Most stores has daily shipment of fresh stuffs that come packed in strong and durable boxes suitable for moving out. Visit your local store and ask for help as you buy their products.

8. Liquor Shops

A bottle or glass of wine can help you save the cost and hustle of searching moving boxes. These shops buy plenty of liquor that come packed in strong and durable boxes that contain handles making moving out easier for you. These are the most preferred boxes. Go to the nearby liquor shop, grab a glass of wine as you talk to the owner of the store about helping you with these boxes.

9. Office Supply Stores

These are stores that supply various office items like computers, typewriters, printers, and more others. They ship these products and come packed in boxes, huge enough for moving out large kitchen appliances like fridges and cookers. When the original packing box get ruined, these stores repack the items in another box for delivery rendering the first box useless. These boxes might be useless to them but so useful to you. Visit the nearby store and ask them to help you with those boxes for free.

10. Pharmacies And Hospitals

Pharmacies buy medicine and other health devices from suppliers and come packed in huge and strong boxes. Visit these stores and ask for free moving boxes.

Public hospitals receive similar items from the government. They come packed in large durable boxes. If you are moving out, talk to one hospital staff to organize for you on how to get these boxes for free.

11. Social Media Platforms

This is another possible place to get free moving boxes. In social media platforms like Facebook, there are several groups set to offer different types of help to the community. Search for those groups and ask help in getting free boxes. You can also post from your personal page and you might be lucky to meet a generous friend who is ready to help out.

12. From U-Haul

U- Haul is a moving platform that connects people moving in and out from one residential address to another. Through text messages, it is possible to find free moving boxes from individuals who have moved out and would like to get rid of their moving boxes. You can then visit their stores and ask for free boxes.

13. From Beauty Retailers

They buy different brands of beauty products in bulky which come in huge and strong boxes suitable for moving out. Visit any local beauty retailer and ask for these boxes at zero cost.

14. From Toy Stores

Local toy stores are also guaranteed places to find free moving boxes. These stores buy different sizes of toys from small to big, on monthly or weekly bases. These toys are packed in different sizes of boxes. Visit any of these stores and ask for help from the seller.

15. Recycling Companies

If you are located near any recycling companies, getting free moving boxes is easy for you. These firms use a lot of cardboard boxes for packaging and disbursing their products. They have reserved places where they store these cardboard boxes in plenty. You can talk to any patron or staff to get you free boxes or find useful boxes from their garbage bin.

16. Apartment Complexes

Complex apartments are other potential places to get free moving boxes. These apartments accommodate a lot of people who move in and out, leaving behind empty boxes.

17. From Your Workplace

If you are lucky enough to work in big firms or offices, finding free boxes will be so easy for you. Offices receive reams of paper and documents every day and come packed in boxes. There is a big possibility that the big company you work for has a recycling room reserved within the premises. You can thus ask your manager or staff concerned to set aside strong boxes for you to use when moving out.

18. Pet Stores

Pet stores bring in pet toys and food parked in strong durable boxes suitable for moving out. Visit the store nearby and request free moving boxes.

19. Relocating Companies

It’s possible to get free moving boxes from the same relocating company you have hired to transport your items. Most of these companies provide free boxes as part of discounts.

20. Brake Stores, Garages And Auto Lube

Like other stores, oil, brake, and car repair stores also receive various car repair parts and supplies in boxes. Their packaging boxes come in different sizes depending on the size of the commodity. Visit such places and get free moving boxes of your choice.

What To Do If You Fail To Meet Your Requirement With Free Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are a compulsory requirement when moving out of your apartment. Whether you meet your requirement with free moving boxes or not, you need them at the end of the day. If you fail to find free moving boxes, you should then consider buying them. There are different stores that sell moving or shipping boxes at a little fee. Online platforms like craigslist do not only provide these boxes for free but also sell them out in case you miss the opportunity of getting them for free. U- Haul, UPS stores, some relocating stores, and home depots also sell moving boxes at a lower fee than most hardware stores.

There are several places that give you moving boxes for free. You should note that not all boxes are hard and strong enough to carry heavy household items. It is thus important to ensure your box is strong enough to avoid tear and falling, which damages your items.