How Does a Robot Vacuum Work?

The robot vacuum cleaner, also known as the Roomba, like a generic trademark, is an independent robot vacuum cleaner with intelligent programming and a limited vacuum floor cleaning system. Initially, it entailed manual operation through remote control and a self-drive mode, which enabled the machine to clean freely without human supervision. Other designs use spinning brushes to reach light corners, while some included a variety of cleaning features along with the vacuuming part, for example, mopping and UV sterilization. So how do these robot vacuums work?

These robot vacuums may not be as smart as humans, but they can do quite much of what is required in cleaning the floor. The in-built sensors have also made it easier to navigate walls, staircases, and furniture. You may easily be surprised by how sophisticated these robot vacuums can be if you have never used one. The best you can buy can perform various essential functions such as attack stains, sweep up dirt, fur, and dust; navigate through obstacles, and clean up spills in a circular motion.

This article has given you insights into almost everything that you need to know about these incredible gadgets. Here, you will find out if it is worth your penny to purchase this device, what you need to look out for when buying the robot cleaner for pet hair and hardwood floors, how the robot cleaner works, and the places that offer the best deals in the market. This is all you need to get rid of your house cleaning troubles and hassles.

Are robot vacuum cleaners worth it?

how do robot vacuums work

Using a robot vacuum to clean your floor is far much easier than sweeping it yourself. This, therefore, comes without a doubt that robot vacuum cleaners are worth every penny. Robot vacuum cleaners will reduce your cleaning time; instead of having to spend hours with your very massive vacuum cleaner, this robotic cleaner will do it for you. You could even set scheduled cleaning times for the robot vacuum and be sure to have it clean the floors of your room.

This robot vacuum, especially the ILIFE Robotic vacuum, is compact and easily fits into restricted areas such as under your couch, where your normal vacuum cleaner will not reach. The Neato Robotics vacuum also can clean multiple surfaces; whether it is laminate, carpet, or hardwood floors, this robotic vacuum will do the work. Therefore, you do not have to worry about switching attachments as it is in the typical vacuum cleaners.

Having this in mind, choosing whether to purchase this robot vacuum or not is entirely on you. While others may consider it a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning your home, others may term it a waste of money. You are the only one who can decide if the robot vacuum cleaner is worth it for you.

What should I consider while purchasing the Robotic Vacuum?

There are various robot vacuum cleaners available in the market at a different range of prices. This could easily pose a challenge when selecting the best vacuum to satisfy your cleaning needs. This guide will give you quick tips on what you need to look out for when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

How big is your house?

There are robot vacuum cleaners made for small houses or environments like townhouses or apartments, while others are made to clean big spaces with multiple floors and rooms of up to 2000 square feet. What you pick will, therefore, depend on the size of your room.

You also need to check out how much space you have under the furniture to pick the one that can easily pass through space underneath.

 The sensor technology

Many robot vacuums use some smart sensor technology to help them navigate their way around your house. For example, it may have three sensors and a digital camera, which helps it from tripping down the stairs or colliding with furniture.

The most basic robot vacuum cleaners use infrared sensors to avoid falling off edges and help them quickly change direction when they come across an obstacle instead of actively mapping the environment, while the more complex systems tend to use laser-guided scanners, or a combination of cameras, sensors, and virtual walls to map out their cleaning environment.

Its battery life

The battery is a vital factor to consider when purchasing your robot vacuum cleaner. Usually, the larger the battery, the better the performance of the robot. Therefore, if you have a big house, you would opt to buy one with a big battery capacity to enhance your house’s cleaning performance, but the cost too will be on the higher side.

On average, the vacuum cleaner can work for an hour and a half, but they can work or two hours with some sophisticated models. Some robot cleaners will steer themselves back to their base stations for charging and then finish their task. Incredible, just as it sounds!

Do you have pets?

Thankfully, most manufacturers make robot vacuums for pet hair and hardwood floors. Models like the iLife V3s Pro and the Roomba S9 have been ranked best in the robot vacuum lab tests, collecting almost all pet hair on both carpeting and hardwood.

If you suffer from allergies, these robot vacuums have HEPA filters to help eliminate allergens hanging in the air. Some of the best shark vacuums for pet hair are listed here. You need to look out for this!

Do you have carpets or hardwood?

Most robot vacuum models can handle cleaning both carpets and hardwood, but some models are built to work better in one than the other. Complex models such as the Roomba S9 can accommodate large surface changes by ramping up power whenever a carpet is detected and then controlling back down when it detects hardwood.

How the Robot Cleaner Works

Robot cleaners are meant to supplement the upright vacuum cleaners and not replace them. They perform daily or weekly touch-ups to help keep your home cleaner. The most popular robotic vacuum in the US is the iRobot’s Roomba that comes in various ranges of models, from the most basic model, Roomba Red, to the high-tech Roomba Scheduler.

The robot vacuum is designed to have either one or two spinning brushes, and an agitator on the underside of the cleaner consists of two counter-rotating brushes that work together to bring the small and large dirt inwards towards the center, where the mechanism of the vacuum sucks it up into the waste bin. All the fur, dirt, hair, food, and everything else are collected, but the robot vacuum is stored in a removable section that should be emptied regularly.

Robot Vacuums use a variety of different sensors to navigate around your home. The bumper sensors tell them when they have run into an obstacle and direct them to head off in another direction. The infrared cliff sensors located on the edges of the robot vacuum alert them when they are about to fall off a step. The optical sensors track the obstacles in the robot’s path and measure the far it has traveled. These optical sensors, however, require sufficient lighting to operate.

There are two dirt sensors located that are located above the agitator brush. These are acoustic impact sensors. When the agitator kicks up a large amount of dirt, the dirt causes more vibration when it hits the sensors’ metal plates. The sensors detect that increase and tell the robot vacuum to go over the area again.

Best places to buy Robot Vacuum Cleaners

With very many dealers across the country, finding the one that offers the best price guarantee and sound quality could be quite a task. Here is some of the best place that you could purchase your robot vacuum for your cleaning solutions.

Amazon: Here, you can find a variety of robot vacuums at a very affordable price. Delivery takes 1-3 days depending on your location, and it gets to be delivered at your doorstep if you wish.

Walmart: One of the best shopping places if you ask me. You can walk into any Walmart that is available in most states across the country or order it online and have it delivered. The prices are also usually discounted, especially since it is the festive season. Grab this chance while it lasts.

Best Buy: Just like Amazon, this online store offers some of the best dealers in the market. Besides, you get to enjoy free 2-day shipping if you purchase your items from best buy.

Bottom Line

Robot vacuums come quite in handy if you ask. These gadgets also have app capabilities meaning that they work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice integrated commands. However, these robot vacuum cleaners are pretty much expensive. They also have a two-hour battery life that means that a lot of time will be spent charging the robot. It should not be such a big deal unless you have a huge house. The robot vacuum cleaner is also designed to work only on level surfaces; therefore, it implies that if your home is multi-level or has many step-ups, this gadget is not for you.