Where To Buy Shipping Boxes

For any online retailer, the number one important aspect of a successful business is making sure that customers receive their products without damage. With the surge in online shopping, it won’t be unusual for your customers to order several packages daily. Therefore, to make perfect deliveries, having a shipping box is essential. However, it can be challenging to find where to buy shipping boxes for your online deliveries.

The overall global market for shipping boxes is on the rise. It might not be daunting to find the right places to buy items online, but searching for where to buy shipping boxes proves to be a challenge. To ease your search shipping boxes, check out our compilation below of the best places you can purchase good carriers.

Where to Buy Shipping Boxes

6 Best Shipping Boxes Suppliers

1. Packaging Supplies

Packaging Supplies is another reputable shipping boxes supplier you can try out this year. It offers a wide selection of boxes with designs that meets all your possible shipping needs. From big boxes to small, gift boxes, cake boxes, and customized boxes, you can find everything here.

Packaging Supplies stocks four types of shipping cartons. They include:

  • White corrugated boxes – they are designed to bring up a professional appearance and perfect for shipping catalogs, photos, printed items, parts, and literature.
  • Brown or kraft corrugated boxes – they ship flat items that need shipping convenience and easy storage.
  • Hazardous containers – they are double-walled with pre-assembled carton, end caps, pail with lid and pressure ring.
  • Multi-depth boxes – these boxes makes organization easier. Customers can order one box with various sizes that fit their needs.


  • Makes strong shipping boxes : Packaging Supplies has corrugated boxes that are made from corrugates cardboard. These types are comparably stronger than other regular cardboard designs. They can be used to pack, transport, and store a wide array of items, including clothes, toys, food, and appliances. Due to their sturdy nature, they can be used for road, water, rail, and air transport.
  • Easy to assemble : Corrugated boxes made by Packaging Supplies are easy to assemble. This makes them ideal for those looking to maximize shelf space and organize the inventory. Each of the boxes has a front panel with a write-on to ease content identification.
  • Various types of boxes available
  • Affordable
  • Strong and durable
  • Unclear purchase instructions

2. Paper Mart

Paper Mart is a family business that has withstood the test of time for 97 years. Despite being in its fourth generation currently, it started its online operation 20 years ago. They sell high-quality shipping boxes that meet every customer’s needs. For all types of shipping, their boxes are strong, lightweight, and durable to withstand the various tough shipping conditions. They are also affordable.


  • Specialization – Paper Mart specializes in food, retail, and industrial packaging materials. Due to specialization, they supply high quality and deeply researched designs that meet the rapidly changing supplier needs.
  • Wide selection – the brand has more than 25,000 shipping boxes in their warehouse. This gives potential customers a wide array of options to select from. Surely, with this extended list, you can get anything you are looking for.
  • Affordable – what has kept Paper Mart operational for the four generations is their affordable products. That said, if you are looking for where to buy cheap shipping boxes, this should be your company of choice.
  • Quick delivery
  • Wide selection of options
  • Affordable cost
  • Special designs
  • Wide selection makes finding your specific box difficult

3. Mr. Box

Yet another company with more than four decades in handling shipping boxes, Mr. Box knows exactly how to meet your shipping boxes expectations. The brand has invested heavily in modern and powerful printing machines that can print more than 4 different colors of cardboard colors. This makes it possible for the company to customize your order based on your demands.


  • Ease of use : Navigating the website is very easy. Despite the more than 1000 available items, you will find it easy finding your specific item and placing the order. Checking out is also very simple from their well-laid out website.
  • Wide product selection : Mr. Box has a great selection of items. As mentioned, over than 1000 items may make it a lot for customers to find their items. However, with a simple selection process involving search filters and categories, you can easily wade your way into finding your desired shipping box.
  • Affordable pricing : Products pricing is good or rather level field compared to other online retail brands selling shipping boxes. Note that pricing varies based on the box material make, size, and special features.
  • Customer service : What matters most with online service provides is the quality of their customer service. Well, that isn’t a big deal for Mr. Box. Their customer support is always standby to answer your questions and help you process your purchase.
  • Shipping and Returns : Compared to other brands, it takes a few days to receive your order of shipping boxes. Products are also shipped well without any mishandling issues.
  • Easy to navigate the site
  • Wide product selection
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Quite pricey

4. Berlin Packaging

If you are searching for a company that supplies boxes for day-to-day shipping, the Berlin Packaging covers your needs. The brand puts together all the elements of package manufacturing, distribution, and high-level supply. With their shipping boxes, you can be sure that your products get the necessary protection with reduced damaging risks. Their boxes come in various sizes and shapes and can be used to pack various products ranging from food items, cosmetic containers, pharmaceutical bottles, and artwork.


  • Strong cardboard boxes : Berlin Packaging manufacturers their products from cardboard. Cardboard is overly lightweight but doesn’t sacrifice on sturdiness. The lightweight nature reduces shipping costs. They also provide imminent cushioning of products from damage, including moisture during transport. They also have corrugated boxes that are easy to disassemble and can be saved for recycling. Since cardboards are printable, you can make a customized order with printed company graphics and logo.
  • Various options available : There are several shipping boxes available from this online brand. Among them include multi-depth boxes that are made with various adjustable heights. You can also go for extra heavy-duty boxes and heavy-duty with double walls options that carry huge weights. Some shipping boxes are made with plastic handles that ease carrying and handling. As for the shapes, there are several options such as the square mailing tubes that are easy to assemble, self-locking triangular boxes that are best for shipping auto-parts, posters, and documents, and many more.
  • Wide options available
  • Sturdy shipping boxes
  • No limit on quantity
  • Easy navigation
  • Pricing issue

5. Shipping Supply

If you are searching for where to buy shipping boxes of high quality at an affordable price, Shipping Supply should be your brand of choice. The company understands the needs of clients vested in the shipping industry and hopes to make their work easier. From their website, you won’t struggle to land on high-quality boxes, yet cost reasonably.


  • Various designs : You can find any shipping box design from Shipping Supply. Their wide knowledge of shipping is behind strong knowledge in what customers need. With a good source of perfect shipping containers, you can be certain that your clients will receive their goods in good condition.
  • Affordable pricing : A common challenge with getting high-quality shipping boxes is that you will have to part with huge chunks of money. However, don’t expect the same from Shipping Supply. Despite their quality make, expect to pay economically for the containers. Despite the low prices, they have discounted shipping costs that save a lot, especially for wholesale purchasers.
  • Affordable price
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Many options available
  • No specialization available

6. The Carry Company

The Carry Company is yet another good place to source your shipping boxes. The company stocks various corrugated cartons designs that meet every client’s needs. Like other reputable brands in this list, they offer exemplary services, probably why it is increasingly becoming a popular option for many small businesses.


  • Offers a wide selection of shipping boxes categorized by their sizes, shape, and design.
  • The Carry Company can customize your purchase in accordance with your specifications. Apart from customization, it takes orders for specific design needs with unique figures that do not feature in normal boxes.
  • High-quality boxes. With The Carry Company, you shouldn’t have any worries about the quality of shipping boxes being sold. They all meet the standard requirements.
  • High-quality products
  • Available customizable options
  • Wide selection
  • Affordable price
  • Long delivery time


What are the estimated delivery date and shipping costs after purchase?

In most companies, the delivery time is the sum total of processing time plus shipping time. Once the purchase is made, dispatch of the package is done within 24 hours, and customers are given their tracking numbers. Shipping fees will directly depend on your location and product weight.

As the client, you get to choose your preferred shipping method from the various options available, based on what you can afford. This places exact delivery cost and time totally on your hands.

Do they offer after-sale services?

Yes. Most of the wholesalers who sell shipping boxes offer applicable after-sale services. You will need to provide evidence including screenshots of email history and order history to qualify for this.

What are the accepted payment methods?

All the brands mentioned above accept PayPal, Western Union, Credit Cards, and Bank transfers for payment of shipping boxes.

The Bottom Line

When searching for the best place to buy your shipping boxes, don’t forget two things. One, check on the quality of the boxes provided by the supplier. The importance of using high-quality, sturdy, and durable containers cannot be ignored. Purchasing low-quality items increase the risk of exposing your customer’s products to damage during freight.

Secondly, check on the cost. Keep in mind that you are purchasing the shipping boxes for use in delivering your client’s orders. Therefore, you should go for affordable items to increase your profit margin. However, don’t take the affordable boxes blindly. Check on the quality to keep your company in business.