10 Best Whole House Air Freshener

Every home comes with a signature scent. The one at yours could be off-putting. You do not want family and friends, avoiding your place, which can be troubling. An air freshener is a product that can conceal or eliminate unpleasant room odors because nobody wants to be in a home that looks nice yet carries a disagreeable smell. For that reason, investing in a good whole-house air freshener can give your spaces a distinct pleasant smell.

No matter the measures you take to have a clean-smelling home, the spaces might still reek of cigarette odor, wet shoes, pet smells, dirty laundry, and carpets lying in the house. Even though securing the best air freshener for your home is an excellent thought, you may still need a guide to help you know how to select the right product for your house. In this article, we are going to assist you in finding that product.

While air deodorizers are great for your home, they may not be for everyone. Health experts associate air fresheners with adverse effects, including breathing difficulties, mucosal symptoms, migraine headaches, infant illnesses, and asthma attacks, among others. For that reason, we will highlight the things to consider when purchasing the right fragrance for your home and reduce health complication risks. By the end of this piece, you will learn the benefits of air fresheners as well as find answers to the most frequently asked questions about these products.

Top 10 Best Whole House Air Freshener

It is always nice coming home to a clean-smelling house. Having one of these air fresheners strategically around your space, plus your regular home-cleaning routine can go a long way to decrease musty smells and provide an inviting space. Check out our ten preferred air fresheners below.

1. InnoGear Upgraded Version Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Owning an InnoGear Upgraded Version Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser air freshener is now more of a necessity than ever before. While the market is undoubtedly thriving with numerous home fragrance products, you still cannot do without the ultrasonic diffusers cool mist humidifier of InnoGear scents in your home or office.

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Key Features

  • 100ml water tank capacity
  • Waterless automatic shut-off
  • Compact size to fit anywhere you want
  • Two-mode misting settings
  • User-friendly comfortable mist
  • Up to eight soothing colors
  • Automatically shuts off when water runs out
  • Multifunctional use, including night light, home décor, diffuser, and humidifier
  • Multipurpose
  • Mood enhancer
  • Uses safe material
  • Numerous modes and functions can be complicated for some users

2. Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener

The Citrus Magic’s deodorizer taps into the natural power of citrus to remove unwanted odors in the home.

Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener
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Key Features

  • Fresh orange fragrance
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • Lasts up to four times longer than most aerosol sprays
  • Convenient three count
  • Natural ingredients suitable for allergic persons
  • Longer lasting deodorizer
  • Lacks multifunctional uses like other aerosol sprays

3. Febreze AIR Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean

Clean away the odors in your spaces with Febreze AIR Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean’s OdorClear technology.

Febreze AIR Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean
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Key Features

  • Spray in the air to eliminate odors
  • Non-overpowering fresh scent
  • Ideal for bathrooms, closets, entryways, and laundry rooms
  • Packs up to two times odor-eliminating power
  • 100% natural propellant
  • Available in a pack of three
  • Stronger eliminating power
  • Safe to use with pets like cats and dogs
  • Not an automatic sprayer, easy to overuse
  • Unsuitable for birds
  • Can make the floor damp leading to injuries

4. Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Air Freshener

Fill your home with continuous, fresh fragrance with the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Air Freshener.

Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Air Freshener
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Key Features

  • Available in two refill auto-spray
  • Each refill can last for up to 60 days
  • Choose from three-mode settings
  • Ideal for home and office
  • Provides a full, elevated scent dispersion
  • Easy, plug and go usage
  • Convenient design to match home décor
  • Long-lasting refills
  • Natural oils provide a sustained fragrance experience
  • Automatic, continuous scent
  • Suitable for use in any room
  • Available in a variety of fragrances
  • Numerous settings complex for some users
  • You need a starter kit to use the refills

5. Glade Clean Linen Automatic Spray Air Freshener

Tailor the air freshening experience in your home with Glade Clean Linen Automatic Spray Air Freshener.

Glade Clean Linen Automatic Spray Air Freshener
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Key Features

  • Multi-fragrance dispersion modes
  • Infused with natural oils for effective fragrance dispersion
  • Up to 60 days’ automatic freshness
  • Provides up to 10% more fragrance control
  • Suitable for any room
  • Available in a battery-operated holder
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Provides a tailored fragrance experience
  • Available in instant burst mode
  • Not multifunctional

6. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is a non-toxic air freshener providing a convenient and straightforward way to have a fresh, dry, and non-scented environment in the home.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag
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Key Features

  • Available in a 600gm bag
  • 100% natural odor eliminator
  • Made with bamboo charcoal
  • No fragrances
  • Up to two years’ of reuse
  • Provides a natural car air freshener
  • Simple to use
  • Contains no chemicals
  • Fragrance-free and non-toxic
  • Long reuse period
  • Prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Recycle in the garden
  • Can be cumbersome to use
  • Unsuitable for those who need a fragrance

7. Renuzit Gel Air Freshener

Get the Renuzit Gel Air Freshener for an after-the rain, rejuvenating scent that revives your senses.

Renuzit Gel Air Freshener
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Key Features

  • Adjustable cone to suit your fragrance level
  • Made from biodegradable gel
  • Provides a continuous after the rain scent
  • Easy to use
  • No batteries or outlets
  • Adjustable fragrance level
  • Not multipurpose

8. Febreze Plug In Air Freshener

Enjoy up to 45 days of odor cleaning in the home with a Febreze Plug In Air Freshener.

Febreze Plug In Air Freshener
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Key Features

  • OdorClear technology
  • Comes with warmer
  • Provides a scented oil refill
  • Gives two alternating scents
  • Up to 45 days’ freshness in low setting mode
  • No flammable propellants or formaldehyde
  • Decent usage duration
  • Unique odor-clear technology
  • Limited functions

9. Air Wick Plug-in Scented Oil Starter Kit

Secure the Air Wick Plug-in Scented Oil Starter Kit to enhance your home’s scent.

Air Wick Plug-in Scented Oil Starter Kit
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Key Features

  • Starter kit
  • Available in two warmers
  • Get up to six refills
  • Lavender and chamomile scents
  • Five fragrance level modes
  • Up to 45 days’ continuous fragrance in low setting
  • Ideal for any room
  • Comes with natural essential oils
  • More value with six refills
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sleek design to enhance your home décor
  • Limited functions

10.SVAVO Automatic LCD Fragrance Dispenser

Nothing provides the best automatic spray air freshener experience to transform the fragrance in your home then this SVAVO Automatic LCD Fragrance Dispenser.

SVAVO Automatic LCD Fragrance Dispenser
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Key Features

  • Available in wall mount or free-standing mode
  • ABS automatic dispenser
  • Programmable aerosol sprayer
  • Convenient LCD screen
  • Requires two AA batteries
  • Installation screw set
  • User manual
  • Safety lock
  • Battery operated
  • Batteries can provide up to a year’s performance
  • Cost-effective design
  • Programmable operations
  • Ideal for public spaces like schools thanks to the safety lock
  • Provides 90-day money back or replacement guarantee
  • Does not come with batteries
  • Doesn’t provide the spray can refill
  • Can be complicated to operate for some people

Air Freshener Buying Guide

A nice-smelling house should not be a dream. You can realize the idea by placing the right air freshener in spots that need it the most. Find out what you should consider while shopping for the right product. However, before we get to that, let us first discuss the benefits of a whole house air freshener.

Advantages Of Using The Whole House Air Freshener

Even though the primary benefit of using an air freshener for home is to clear odors, you will be surprised at the many other reasons to use it. Keep reading below.

  • Air fresheners can revive your senses
  • Air deodorizers make the home presentable
  • Some of these products are excellent for purifying the air
  • Air fresheners help to create a fresh ambiance in the home
  • Whole-house air fresheners are ideal for use in most of the spaces in the home
  • The best air fresheners in the market contain natural ingredients making them safe to use
  • Many of the available air deodorizers look stylish, which can complement the décor in your home

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Whole House Air Freshener

Air fresheners for the whole house come in different brands and styles. What do you need to look for when buying? Let us find out.

  • Scent: Air deodorizers are available in various scents, from spicy to floral and woody. You will want to pick the one that matches your preferences.
  • Type: Similar to scents, these products come in a variety of forms as well. From the automatic sprayers to reed diffusers and bags, the list is endless. Consider the type that best suits your needs and get the perfect one.
  • Room size: You can pick a whole house air freshener that works best in a specified room, depending on the size of the area in which you want to use the product.
  • Ingredients: Some people are too specific about the ingredients used to create their chosen home scent. You will want to consider the elements before purchasing an air freshener if you fall into this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently can I change my home’s air deodorizer?

How often you should change an air freshener will depend on the product. Sprays can last for a couple of weeks while air purifying bags may last for years. Ensure to check the product’s life before you purchase.

Can someone with allergies use an air freshener?

Even though air fresheners can trigger your allergies, some products may not. We recommend checking the list of ingredients on the air freshener before purchasing to avoid aggravating your allergies. Alternatively, you can consider using charcoal-based air purifying bags as they are non-toxic and have no added ingredients or fragrances.

Are air fresheners unsafe for children and pets?

Air fresheners made with toxic ingredients can pose a significant health risk not only to kids and pets but to adults too. Therefore, it is highly advisable to buy natural air fresheners containing pure essential oils for everyone’s safety in the home.

Do air fresheners also purify the air?

Yes. Many of the greatest whole house air deodorizers available today can purify the air as well. You can check the list above to see some of the air fresheners cum purifiers to buy.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has a powerful sense of smell. You can make the most of yours by investing in a great whole house air freshener to realize a new, odor-free space in which to live. Besides, you will want to ensure the guests get a pleasant experience at your home by keeping a house that looks as good as it smells.