10 Best Cheap Furniture Store in Michigan

Different furniture store categories appeal to different demographics. Besides, you can find wide-ranging stores catering to particular price points or styles. As you would have thought, most of the renowned US retailers are those selling furniture at reasonably low prices. However, buying furniture can be an expensive endeavor. This is why it is advisable to go for furniture stores with easy credit approval. Doing this makes it convenient to buy furniture through financing support.

For many people looking for online store credit cards guaranteed approval providers, however, it is best to check for affordable interest rates. Furniture stores and other online retailers could also be a great way to rebuild your credit if you have a less-than-stellar credit record. To help you get a clear perspective of the best furniture store in Michigan, where the top 10 retailers you should try.

While looking for these online furniture stores in Michigan, delivery, and installations are important aspects. You are advised to always check with the furniture company to find out whether they have delivery services for the items you purchase. In addition, you’ll want to ask whether the franchise does installation services particularly for products like beds and wardrobes. More importantly, find out about delivery and installation service fees or it is available for free.

Top 10 Best Furniture Store in Michigan

The following furniture stores keep making it to the top list every year. Some of the retailers are single source stores with furnishings from just a single manufacturer, while others come with a wide selection of furniture as well as bedding categories from various sources and different price points.

Moreover, the retailers below sell their merchandise online. They have a vast social media presence via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. The strong online presence helps these companies to keep in touch with their consumers. For instance, if you were looking for furniture stores grand rapids, you can check for local store locations from the online portal of individual furnishings retailers.

Best Furniture Store in Michigan

1. Ashley Furniture

As a leading furniture manufacturer, the giant Ashley Furniture Home Stores have a network of dedicated stores across the U.S., including Michigan state and other countries. While the company owns some of the stores, most are franchised. The stores typically have affordable furnishings carrying promotional and mid-level price tags. This is their biggest drawback.


IKEA is more of a lifestyle specialty retailer because they sell more than bedding and furniture. Their products highlight a complete lifestyle. Ikea has loyalists and detractors alike. However, when you are urgently looking for furniture without the required skills to assemble it, Ikea first comes to mind.

This is also the best place to buy cheap furniture. Typically, Ikea’s furniture is smaller and optimized for smaller spaces. Just like Ashley, affordability is the company’s biggest selling point. Their furniture features various different looks because the designs are modern and streamlined.

3. Williams-Sonoma

There are chances you could be shopping at this store and you don’t know it yet. This is because Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, Pottery Barn, Rejuvenation, Williams-Sonoma, Mark & Graham, and West Elm all form a leading network lifestyle furniture stores across the U.S.

  • Mark & Graham is the latest entrant in the network and offers a wide selection of bespoke products and gifts that go beyond home furniture.
  • West Elm’s smaller-scaled and streamlined furniture is more appealing to younger consumers.
  • Pottery Barns has more upscale commodities.
  • Pottery Barns Kids offers furniture pieces for children.
  • PB Teen is an exceptional furniture store that caters to teenagers.

4. Berkshire Hathaway Furniture

Among Berkshire Hathaway’s various holdings are these furnishings stores making up the furniture department:

  • C Willey: operates in Idaho, California, Nevada, and Utah.
  • Nebraska Furniture Mart: operates from three megastores in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska.
  • Jordan’s Furniture: operates in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire
  • Star Furniture: operates in Texas Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Bryan/College Station

All the stores have a wide array of brands from different sources.

5. Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan is a mid priced store with multiple furniture brands. With its headquarters in Liverpool, New York, the retailer has nearly 100 stores New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

6. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

With the headquarters in Monroe, Michigan, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries is a network of manufacturer-dedicated stores. The stores come as a company and independently owned units. Their primary involves upholstered, reclining furnishings, alongside bits of accents like lamps, rugs, and tables. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries carries mid-priced merchandise.

7. American Signature

Headquartered in Colombus Ohio, the American Signature owns Value City and American Signature furniture stores. The company owns over 125 stores in eighteen states including Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

The stores carry the American Signature brand of furniture in myriad categories including dining room, home office, living room, and bedroom furniture.

8. Restoration Hardware

Based in Corte Madera, California, Restoration Hardware comes as a luxury brand with outdoor and indoor home furniture, plus textile, décor, and lighting. Besides, the company also offers baby and child products. Primarily carrying updated classics and reproductions, Restoration Hardware has over 17 outlets in 30 states, 70 retail stores, and is also available in Canada. The retailer is featured as the best furniture store in Michigan for restored hardware.

9. Crate & Barrel

Otto Group, a private German retail company owns this furniture store. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, Crate & Barrel is a retail operation specializing in lifestyle furnishings. Land of Nod and CB2 are part of a larger network approximating 109 stores in North America.

  • CB2: caters to the younger, inner-city demographic with their modern small scaled furniture at low prices.
  • Land of Nod: offers children’s merchandise just like Pottery Barn Kids do.
  • Crate & Barrel: retail reasonably upscale furniture plus other home products including tableware and barware.

10. Ethan Allen

Based in Danbury, Connecticut, Ethan Allen is the oldest among manufacturer-dedicated store networks. The units are available as a company and franchised design centers. Ethan Allen offers its products in five different lifestyle categories: Romance, Vintage, Romance, Explorer, and Modern.

Factors To Consider When Buying Furniture

Choosing furniture might not be as simple as it looks. Finding the best furniture store in Michigan is only the first step in purchasing the right furnishings for your home. It is essential to consider the features in your home in order to make informed decisions when purchasing furniture.  Consider the following factors when buying furniture for your home or office:

  • Size of your space : The furniture you intend to buy should fit in your home and leave the adequate room allowing free movement. For example, when you buy a seven seater in a tiny living room, it means limiting movement space for the house occupants. It is also worth noting that oversized furnishings for your spaces will create a dull impression even for a beautiful piece.
  • Furniture color : The rule of thumb when shopping for furniture is to consider the color theme in your home. It is vital to make sure the color of furniture you are buying complements the décor and tone of your room. The wrong choice of color can change well-designed fittings into horrible ones.
  • Durability : How long do you want your furniture to last? If you are investing in a low-cost piece that you will replace in a short space of time, you should consider visiting flea markets and used furniture retailers. However, if you are looking to invest in a family heirloom, be sure to check for stores that sell natural hardwood fittings.
  • Cost : Always consider your budget when furniture shopping. It is advisable that you only part with money that is within your budget range. However, this does not mean that you should opt for the cheapest furniture pieces in the market. In most cases, the price of furniture depends on the materials from which it is made.
  • Features : What features are you looking for in the most suitable furniture items? It is critical to determine the features beforehand to help you locate pieces that will work for your home. Some of the features to consider include height, size, and compatibility among others.
  • Comfort : If you are buying furniture from an online retailer, it means putting the comfort element into perspective. You do not want to invest in a furnishing that looks attractive but is non-compatible. According to experts, looking for ergonomically designed fittings is a smart move. Whether you need contemporary models or an upholstered type, make sure your choice creates an exceptional and welcoming environment in the home.
  • Material : Furniture comes in an array of different materials. Wood furniture is the most popular choice in the market. This is because the pieces are easy to clean and maintain. However, you may have different reasons to opt for other materials like metal and plastic. As such, you’ll want to consider the available materials before looking for what to buy.

The Bottom Line

From a fashionable corporate house to a California cottage, furniture is an intrinsic aspect of every space. The most suitable furniture choice goes a long way to create a classy, comfortable, and charming appeal. When looking for a range of furniture to match your style, be sure to check them up from the best furniture stores in Michigan to achieve a perfect blend of luxury and function.