7 Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl floors are not only dazzling, but they are eye-catching with a continuous surface that does not show imperfect breaks or interlocking. They come in a variety of designs and colors, which makes them perfect for most home decorations. The material’s cost-effectiveness, durability, and waterproof quality make vinyl flooring ideal for homeowners looking to minimize installation and maintenance costs. Cleaning is effortless with the best mop for vinyl floors. A vinyl floor mop is the recommended cleaning tool as it features a mop pad that collects dirt and debris effectively from the floor and a user-friendly handle that lets you clean the hard-to-reach areas. The mops are safe for vinyl. They do not have stiff bristles that can scratch the floor finishing.

Cleaning your floor with the best mop for vinyl plank floors is painless as you only need to run the mop on the surface to get rid of dirt and debris. The right mop should have the perfect weight to ensure that you do not hurt your arms and back as you clean. A mop that is too light could feel frail while a heavier mop could make cleaning tiresome and a risk to your health. When buying the best vinyl cleaning tool for your home, you should also consider the length of the pole. The right pole length will help you maintain a healthy posture while cleaning. The right pole length will also help you reach places that are difficult to reach. It is beneficial to look for a unit with an extensible wand to help you customize the length based on your cleaning needs.

The mop cleaners can be powered to make cleaning effortless. If you are looking for a powered unit, you should consider how the powering mechanism works. Mops can be powered by electricity, batteries, or mechanical. You should purchase the most convenient mop based on your cleaning needs. However, when buying an electric-powered unit, you should pay attention to the method of power cord storage. Other things that you should give attention to include; the size, shape, and material of the pad as well as the extra features such as a hanging hook, bucket, and a spinning head.

Review of The Top 7 Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

1. O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop

Simplicity, convenience, and durability are the terms that best describe spin mop from O-Cedar. The cleaner comes with a wringer and an exclusive design that enables hands-free wringing. The high-quality microfiber supports deep-cleaning to remove and absorb tough grime and dirt. The foot pedal activates spin wringing allowing you to control the level of moisture as you clean. The unit is also compatible with spin mob refill, and it gives you a reach of 51 inches thanks to a three-section handle. The mop has a flexible head that rotates 360 degrees to let you reach corners and under furniture with ease. The highlights of this unit include a telescopic handle, splash guard, microfiber mop head, and a flexible head. You can use this O-Cedar mop to clean all your hard floor surfaces without worrying about the water splashing as the head spins.

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop
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  • It is suitable for all floor surfaces
  • It has a flexible head that easily maneuvers obstacles
  • It has a washable mop head that minimizes refills
  • It may not be suitable for big stuff dirt

2. Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit by Rubbermaid

It can be difficult and expensive to purchase different cleaning tools. You may have to research deeply to come across accessories that work with your mop. If you are not careful, you may end up spending a lot of money on accessories that you cannot use. Rubbermaid makes cleaning easy and effortless by offering everything you need to clean your vinyl, tile, hardwood, and laminate floors. The kit comes with a 22-ounce refillable bottle and a non scratch scrubber to make your cleaning less tasking. The mop also comes with quality microfiber pads that are washable up to 100 times, which means that you can stay for a long time without buying a replacement pad. It further features a non-battery-operated trigger that gives you control over the cleaning solution. Cleaning with this mop is easy as you only have to fill the bottle with hot water and add your cleaning solution to start mopping.

Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit by Rubbermaid
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  • It comes with a refillable bottle
  • The Microfiber pads are highly durable
  • It is priced higher than most microfiber mops
  • You will need to run clean water every time you clean your floor to keep it working

3. Microfiber Wholesale 18-inch Professional Mop

Cleaning tuff dirt and grit is usually troublesome for most mops, but the 18-inch Microfiber mop is built to make your cleaning less troublesome and quick. Designed for all hard flooring surfaces, the mop releases millions of positively charged fibers that leave your floors clean and attractive by working on the negatively charged dust. The microfiber cleaning power not only leaves your home clean but also healthier as you can use fewer chemicals to clean. With little effort, you can get your vinyl, tile, laminate, concrete, and stone floors with this Microfiber unit and with less effort. The Microfiber pads clean more effectively than cotton mops. The pads help you save money as they are washable. The new model comes with a redesigned frame that makes your cleaning more manageable with a lockable swivel mechanism. You can use the wet pads for deep cleaning or dust mop for collecting larger dirt and pet hair. The highlights of this Microfiber mop include heavy-duty aluminum frame, adjustable stainless handle, and free premium Microfiber clothes.

Microfiber Wholesale 18-inch Professional Mop
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  • It easily gets rid of tough dirt
  • It cleans pet hair
  • It leaves a healthier floor
  • It does not need the use of chemicals
  • The quality of free microfiber clothes is not the best

4. Hardwood Floor Mop by Linkyo

It is rare to come across a top-quality mop that is affordable. With a competitive price of under $20, this Linkyo mop goes beyond what you would expect from the expensive cleaning units. It comes with a durable aluminum mop frame, stainless steel handle, and high-grade ABS plastic, which lets you clean your home freely without worrying about the unit breaking. Despite its low price and sturdy design, the unit gives you more reach than most mops. The extendable handle can provide a reach of 70 inches, ensuring that cleaning under the furniture and high corners is effortless. It further comes with helpful reversible microfiber cloths and a standard mop pad.

Hardwood Floor Mop by Linkyo
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  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is affordable
  • It is sturdy
  • The instructions are not clear on how to use it

5. Sweeper Cleaner Starter Kit by Swiffer

If you are looking for a value pack, the Sweeper Cleaner kit by Swiffer is the best mop for vinyl plank floors as it brings together affordability and quality. The kit comes with one sweeper floor mop, three disposable wet mopping cloths, and seven dry sweeping cloths. The mop uses a one-two cleaning punch with 3x cleaning action to mop and sweep your floors using useful thick clothes that conform to every part of your hard surface. The wet mopping cloths clean your floors by dissolving and trapping dirt to their core and locking it away. However, it is necessary to note that you should not use the wet clothes on wooden boards that are oiled, waxed, or unfinished as well as non-sealed tiles.

Sweeper Cleaner Starter Kit by Swiffer
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  • It is easy to setup
  • It offers both wet and dry sweeping
  • The refills may be expensive

6. Scotch-Brite Floor Mop by 3M

Being tight on a budget should not make your home cleaning a tiresome and healthy risk. Without denting your budget, you can get a good mop that will leave your home and office shining. The unit comes with washable microfiber pads, which helps you save money on buying refills. The ABS plastic can match the convenience and usability of top mops, which makes it the best mop for vinyl floors among the affordable mops. It has a good swivel action and it can clean dirt and pet hair.

Scotch-Brite Floor Mop by 3M
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  • It is affordable
  • It uses washable microfiber pads
  • It amazing for dusting under furniture
  • It does not fold to a smaller size

7. Mop Floor Cleaning System by Turbo Microfiber

If you are looking for a premium cleaning tool that will leave your floors fascinating and looking fresh, the Mop Floor system brings a professional-grade service. You can use it to clean any of your rooms thanks to the longer length that makes cleaning the difficult to reach areas bliss. It has a wet mode that lets you mop and scrub the hard floors and a dry mode that enables you to dust or sweep. The Turbo cleaning system is the best mop for vinyl floors if you are looking for a commercial tool that eases your cleaning duty. The amazing features justify its price fully. It has a strong metal head and an aluminum handle as well as a rotating 360 degrees head for commercial grade cleaning. The replacement refills are compatible with a host of other brands like Rubbermaid, Bissell, Shark and Quickie, among others enabling you to choose the most affordable brand to reduce cost. The unit further comes with two microfiber pads that you can wash up to 100 times before replacing. The highlights of this Turbo Microfiber mop include the long extendable handle that is perfect for the disabled and elderly and eco-friendly, machine washable microfiber pads.

Mop Floor Cleaning System by Turbo Microfiber
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  • Cleaning is fast and effortless
  • It is highly durable
  • It cleans any type of floor
  • It is expensive than most units

FAQ About Vinyl Plank Flooring

Can you use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring?

Although vinyl plank flooring brings the durability of vinyl flooring and the attractive appearance of hardwood planks, its cleaning is different from other hard floors. If proper care is not exercised, the narrow spaces between the planks make it vulnerable to damage from moisture and heat. You should avoid using a steam mop on vinyl flooring. Instead, you should look for the best mop for vinyl plank floors to keep your floor attractive and increase its durability. If you must use a steam mop, you should set the machine to half power and steam with the lightest steam setting.

What is the best way to clean vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is fairly durable and waterproof. However, you must exercise care when cleaning to avoid causing damage to your attractive floor. The best way to clean the vinyl floor is to use a vacuum or the best mop for vinyl floors to get rid of dust, dirt, and hair before you can wet clean. You should use a mop that is highly flexible to enable you to clean even the hard to reach areas like under furniture. During wet cleaning, it is a good idea to use natural products like vinegar to disinfect your floor. You should never use abrasive scrubbers as they can damage your floor.

Are steam mops safe for vinyl floors?

The answer depends on several factors that include the quality of your vinyl floor, the temperature, intensity and quality of the machine. The problem will occur if steam penetrates through the joints or if condensation occurs in the joints. If moisture penetrates your floor, the surface can fade, curl up, and become discolored. If you are using a steam mop, you should make sure that it has a microfiber cloth on the nozzle to distribute the heat and steam and protect your surface from overexposure.

How do I get my vinyl floor to shine again?

If your vinyl floor has lost its magnetism, you can easily restore the shine with user-friendly products. However, before using any product, you should make sure that it can be used on the vinyl floor; otherwise, you may end up doing more harm to your floor than good. A proven product that you can use for your everyday cleaning is vinegar. Vinegar is harmless to your floor, but the acid element of vinegar can gently remove stains. You can also add jojoba or baby oil to the solution to make your floor look shiny and attractive again.

Bottom Line

Vinyl floorings are easy to maintain with the right knowledge and the best cleaning tools. Your vinyl floor should be cleaned frequently to keep it shinning and attractive as dirt can damage the finish. You should also make sure that you are using the best mop for vinyl floors to avoid exposing your floor to excessive heat and steam that can damage the floor. The microfiber in the mop will protect your floor from abrasions increasing its durability.