The Top 5 Women’s Shoes for Alleviating Foot Pain

All of us know very well that shopping is a very interesting and easy task for everyone. Someone feels so excited about shopping. But, buying comfortable shoes is a quite hard task, because there are hundreds of brands and shoes. You have to select your preferable shoes from thousands of shoes and all brands and shoes are not comfortable. If it is a matter of women, then women need obviously some things to keep in mind at the time of shopping for shoes. The focus should be on foot pain and comfortability rather than the beautiful outlook of shoes. There are some comfortable and best women’s shoes for foot pain, women should choose from these. 

At the time of choosing shoes, many people buy shoes that look cool or trendy. But they should buy shoes according to their comfort and give much more emphasis on comfort because it matters. Sometimes, uncomfortable shoes can damage your feet and causes foot pain, leg pain, or foot heel pain. They should select some good brands and shoes or comfort shoes for foot pain or foot heel pain. Soft footbeds, supportive soles, sock-absorbent outsoles, and great arch support, will feel you comfortable when you are using them. 

Sometimes, we are suffering from foot pain, and foot heel pain for several reasons. In that case, you have to be more careful about choosing your shoes so that, you can get relief from these types of pain and suffering. You should look for some time that doesn’t push your foot into the shoe and keeps your heel painless. I think this article will relieve you from the tension of choosing shoes and the pain in your feet. Have a look at it.

Causes of Foot Heel Pain

Most of the time of the day, if you are always on your feet, it causes your heel pain. If someone works on standing or walking, he or she also feels pain in the leg or foot. A long time running or jogging is also responsible for that. If you are not used to walking for long times or doing excessive exercise, you also face this problem. 

Sometimes, we have to change our regular road for walking, suddenly if you go on a trick or rough road, it might make you feel discomfort. Being overweight is also responsible for foot pains. Overweight put more pressure on your foot or heels and you will feel pain.

If the inner side of the shoes becomes rough and hard, it will damage the skin of your legs and hurt your foot. In some shoes, there is no arch support, which causes foot damage. Uncomfortable shoes will push your foot inside the shoes and cause pain.

How Do I Find The Right Shoes For My Feet?

It’s very easy to find the right shoes. First, select a fashionable shoe measuring your legs and pick it up. Then try it on and if you think that it doesn’t hurt your feet inside the shoes and right fit for you. Walk 2/3 steps, and if you think it is comfortable to wear and walk, it is the right shoe for your feet. You have found the right shoe and bought it.

Top 5 Best Women’s Shoes For Foot Pain

It is necessary comfortable shoes for people who spend most of their time walking or standing. The best shoes for foot pain fit perfectly in your feet and they provide support to your feet and ankles as needed. It will help you to avoid foot pain, injury, or foot damage. There are some best women’s shoes for foot pain. From many, we have listed the top 5 shoes for women. This discussion will help women to select the best shoes for leg pain.

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6- Running Shoes

These shoes are amazingly comfortable for running. There are good traction and support for the user. The upper side of the shoe is made of synthetic mesh fabric with a breathable lining beneath. For that reason, the user will get enough airflow while walking and running. It will keep the foot dry, healthy, and sweat-free. Its flexibility helps you to walk, run, hike, etc. There are 18 stylish color combinations, you can take one of them and different sizes are also available. 

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running
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  • These shoes are very comfortable, strong built and friendly price.
  • It feels very good and comfortable shoe for the whole working day.
  • You use it at a time walking, running, biking, hiking, etc. People use different places for difficult purposes.
  • It is better than its ancestor version.
  • Good replacement system of the stock liner.
  • Having to the tension of slip or fall.
  • These are quite heavy shoes than others.
  • These shoes are not true to size; people didn’t find the actual size.
  • A little bit uncomfortable with the shoes.

2. Gravity Defyer Women’s Shoes for Heel Pain

G- Defy Mighty Walk is the best shoe for Heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis. At time walking or heavy running, it is flexible and breezy because its upper side is made of fabric and synthetic mesh. Also, it keeps your feet cool and dry. It doesn’t give pressure on your feet and provides extra room for bunions or diabetics. It is lightly weighted and you will love it for its good fitting and design. Rocker Sole is added with removable insoles, it supports the midfoot and prevents the foot from suffering agony. This feature is especially for Plantar Fasciitis patients. There are 7 different colors and a wide range of sizes for everyone.

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief
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  • Olive View USC Medical Center stated that these shoes are good for foot pain.
  • Useful for supination, over-pronation, Plantar Fasciitis, etc.
  • These shoes are very comfortable.
  • These shoes are true to size and width along with a right toe box.
  • These shoes are very strong and durable enough to withstand wear and tear, so there is no chance of damaging shoes very early.
  • There is no chance of forming bunions, calluses.
  • Wearing it for a long time without feeling any discomfort or knee pain.
  • Bulky style or thick sole.
  • These shoes are so hard, for that reason people felt uncomfortable while wearing it feels like standing on a brick.

3. Orthofeet Women’s Walking Shoes, Plantar Fasciitis

There are many Orthopedic shoes in the market, but most of these are ugly looking. But Orthofeet Coral is comfortable at a time it’s stylish. Adjusting with the shape of feet, its upper side is made out of breathable and stretchable mesh fabric. You can wear it in a warm place like a kitchen without feeling any discomfort. Its soft seam-free interior lining will ensure you enough airflow and keep your feet dry and fresh. There are premium orthotic insoles, cushioning layers, and anatomical arch support. There are 3 different color combinations with different sizes of shoes.

Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis
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  • Good comfortability and stability.
  • It’s a great choice for plantar fasciitis, overpronation, or over supination.
  • These shoes are a perfect fit and comfortable and good support.
  • Different purposes like walking, running, tennis, or standing all day.
  • Painless experience for Achilles Fasciitis patients.
  • Not that much perfect size or true size and not long-lasting.
  • These are not that comfortable and too hard to wear.
  • These shoes didn’t work for plantar fasciitis or foot pain etc.

4. Belient Women’s Walking Shoes

These shoes are very lightweight and it feels like walking in a cloud for inside foam. These women’s sneakers wrap their feet and keep them natural. These have strong breathability for their upper knit mesh fabric material. Elastic slip-on closure for easy on-off. As it’s with the socks system, it fits very well.

Belient Women's Walking Shoes
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  • These shoes are true to size and fit perfectly.
  • Exactly as the same as you see and easy to slip on very comfortable.
  • No need to wear socks, these are so much soft.
  • Excellent flexibility and it’s doesn’t hurt for wide and arthritic feet.
  • These do not last for 2months.
  • Too heavy to wear.

5. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite-15430 Boat Shoe

There is a soft fabric lining, which helps to feel easy and comfortable to wear. These shoes are lightweight and responsive 5Gen cushioning. These shoes have a high rebound insole for maximum comfort. There are 3 amazing color combinations of these shoes and different sizes for all.

skechers Red Go Walk Lite 15430 Shoe
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  • Looks very classy and gorgeous as well as comfortable too.
  • Robust and boat shoes at a reasonable price.
  • Perfect for wide feet and gives painless service for the whole day.
  • So soft like a pillow.
  • Getting loose day by day after using 1/2 month.
  • These shoes are lightweight, but there is little support that caused foot pain while wearing for full days.

Factors Consider When Buying Women’s Shoes for Foot pain

After seeing some reviews of shoes, now the questions arise how will you choose the most suitable pair of shoes for yourself? For choosing or buying the perfect suitable shoes you should think about some factors. The following factors will help you when buying the products:

Comfort and Cushioning

These two factors are the most important factors to choose the best shoes for flat feet women. The fallen arches condition and the footwear design will help to move or reduce foot pain. If they are perfectly matched, you should think about the level of cushioning next.

The cushioning should not be so much hard or so much soft, this should be accurate to feet, knees, or ankles. If it doesn’t be perfect, you will face worse conditions.


Stiffer soles, especially in the middle parts and the heels will provide better support to the midfoot area and these will prevent your feet from overpronation. The Toe area and forefoot should be flexible and also the toe box should be roomy so that your feet get more space to move your legs and feel comfortable.


It is very important to feel comfortable in shoes. when you are wearing a shoe, and it doesn’t fit your feet and you will definitely feel uncomfortable. The key to the best shoes for flat feet women is the perfect fit. The shoes should not be too large or small. You will feel much more comfortable when the shoes will be true to size.


Stability depends on the outsoles of the shoes. The strong heels of the shoes provide you stability and balance for movements.

Types of Shoes

There are different types of shoes for different types of people. Someone can choose anyone from these, like Sneakers, casual shoes, sandals, Orthopedic shoes, or heel pumps. If anyone wants to buy shoes for sports or running exercise, she can choose Orthopedic shoes, because these are good for that purpose and also ideal for flat feet women.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes do podiatrists recommend for walking?

When it comes to buying shoes for walking, podiatrists recommend some comfortable walking shoes, particularly for travel or exercise. They suggest sneakers and walking shoes that are good for both men and women and give painless walking or exercise.

What are the best shoes to wear if you have arthritis in your feet?

If someone has arthritis in his/her feet, he/she should choose boots with low, more stable, rubber-soled wedged heels or flatter boots with good arch support. Hiking boots are generally sturdy and give good ankle support. Sturdiness is important, but hiking boots also need some flexibility.

What helps when your feet hurt?

If your feet hurt, you should take rest and ice therapy on your feet. And also you should Wear stiff-soled shoes or footpads to relieve pressure. 


Buying shoes is not a hard task. You just have to consider or think about some factors before buying or selecting the perfect shoes for you to avoid any foot pain, leg pain, or injuries. Taking appropriate shoes for you, you can easily get relief from many problems and painful feet. There are some best shoes for leg pain, which are fashionable too. Some of the best women’s shoes for foot pain consider comfort and durability and provide good support to use. Now, women can choose any shoes for foot pain according to their requirements.

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