Best Cell Phones for Sale without Plans in 2021

Who says that getting the perfect smartphone for your needs is an easy task. If stated with facts, hunting down the best phone requires a lot of hard work. And if we are talking about the best cell phones without plans, then it is really crucial to consider various options before opting for the superior one. Nowadays, people want a smartphone that suits all the requirements and considerations without going out of the budget. People now think beyond camera qualities and handset design.

In this article, we talk about the best cell phones for sale without plans. With increasing popularity, it becomes difficult for the buyers to get these phones on contract since they are very expensive in nature. To avoid such a situation, people prefer no contract smartphones.

Cell Phones for Sale without Plans

But with many options available in the market, what is the best phone, one can go with. To ease down this variable, we listed the best cell phones which are up for sale and can be purchased without plans.

Cell Phones for Sale without Plans

Following are the best cell phones for sale without plans.

1. iPhone 11

iPhone 11
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This particular product by the Apple Company is surprisingly one of the most affordable devices offered. The users can enjoy a massive and powerful 3110mAh battery and a dual-camera setup. The device comes with the fastest CPU in the market.

Following are its detailed specifications-

  • The screen size of the device is 6.1 inches offering amazing size.
  • The device comes with a powerful resolution of 828 X 1792,
  • The rear camera of the phone is 12MP + 12MP.
  • The front camera of the phone is also 12MP.
  • The device approximately weighs 194g, making it really easy to use and handle.
  • The storage capacity varies to 64GB,128 GB, and 256GB.
  • This iOS 13 device comes with 4 GB RAM.
  • The device has a long and powerful battery life.
  • It comes in various beautiful color options.
  • This device is not equipped with a high specification as other recent iPhones launched by the company.


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Another very amazing phone included in the list is a Samsung product – Samsung Galaxy S20. Equipped with some top-notch features, the phone is one of the best no-contract phones available in the market. The phone offers a large and robust battery along with an excellent camera setting and exceptional internal storage.

Following are its detailed specifications-

  • The screen size is 6.4-inch
  • The dimensions of this device are 151.7 X 69.11 X 7.9mm.
  • The Samsung device comes with 1440 X 3200 of efficient resolution.
  • It weighs approximately 163 grams. Easy to handle!
  • The CPU is Snapdragon 865.
  • The fronts camera is 10MP
  • The rear camera is 12 + 64 + 12MP.
  • The storage space offered is 128GB
  • Samsung galaxy has 8GB of RAM and is equipped with 4000mAh of powerful battery.
  • The Samsung Galaxy offers a high definition screen.
  • It has a very efficient and strong camera setting.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 is extremely expensive.


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This brilliant phone offered by the Samsung Company is one of the most demanded smartphones, which comes with no plan options. With an all-new design and grand display features, the phone grant’s best performance since it is equipped with various, efficient, and influential features.

Following are its detailed specifications-

  • The screen size of Samsung Galaxy S10 PLUS is 6.4-inches.
  • The dimensions of the phone are 157.6 X  1   X  7.8 mm
  • The device comes with excellent 1440 X 3040 Resolution
  • It weighs around 175 grams.
  • The CPU is Octa-Core Mongoose M3.
  • The storage space offered – 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB
  • The front camera is of 10 + 8MP.
  • The rear camera is 12 + 12+ 16MP.
  • The 12GB RAM phone comes with an all-powerful 4100mAh Battery.
  • Samsung galaxy S10PLUS has incredible battery performance.
  • The device has a massive Infinity -ON- Screen.
  • Since this Samsung Galaxy S10PUS is a newly launched product, is it really expensive?


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One Plus is one of the most efficient smartphones available in the market, which comes with a variety of effective and efficient features. In this list, we are talking about the newly released One Plus product-Oneplus 7T. The phone is equipped with outstanding specifications and is affordable.

Following are its detailed specifications-

  • The dimensions of the phone are 160.9 X 74.4 X 8.1mm.
  • The screen size is 6.55-inches.
  • The phone has 1080 X 2400 Resolutions.
  • It weighs 190 grams
  • The CPU of the device is Snapdragon 855.
  • The storage space varies from 128GB to 256GB.
  • The phone has 8GB RAM and 3800 mAh battery.
  • The front camera is 16MP.
  • The rear camera is of 48MP + 12MP + 16MP.
  • The phone has impressive battery life.
  • The device offers excellent camera features.
  • The One Plus 7T has no wireless charging facility.


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With the Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei has realized the bars. This device easily captured its spot of best no contact, soon after it was launched. It is one of the most powerful and performance-driven, cheap smartphones available in the market.

Following are its detailed specifications-

  • The screen size of the phone is 6.47 inches.
  • The dimensions are 158 X 73.4 X 8.4mm.
  • The device comes with a 1080 X 2340 Resolution.
  • It weighs approximately 192 grams and comes with 8GB RAM.
  • The battery offered is 4200mAh.
  • The CPU supported is HiSilicon Kirin 980.
  • The storage space granted is 128 GM to 256 GB.
  • The front camera is 32MP.
  • The rear camera is of 40 + 20 + 8 MP.
  • The device comes with eye-catching design and incredible camera quality.
  • Huawei P30 Pro has powerful and efficient battery life.
  • No 3.55m Headphone Jack is offered with the purchase of the Huawei P30 Pro Smartphone.

Buyers Guide for Cell Phones for Sale without Plans

Following are some of the most crucial factors which are necessary to be considered by the potential buyers before going for the final purchase option-

Look for the best Processor:

An important element to consider before the purchase of any smartphone is to look for its Processor and RAM. Since these are the hubs of a particular device, upon which the overall performance of the phone is based on, look for powerful and event processors. If you wonder which is the best processor  available in the market, then the answer will be Qualcomm and Mediatek

Battery Life:

People get easily confused with the number of mAh. They think that the higher the number, the more powerful the battery life will be. But do not commit such a mistake. Look for the devices which offer true and efficient battery performances.

Internal Storage and RAM features:

When going for a brand new smartphone, then always look for the internal storage offered by the phone device. Always consider the storage which is already occupied with the pre-installed apps.

The software integrated features:

There are many people who consider various software integrated facilities offered by smartphones like UV Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, or Built-in Fingerprint Sensor. Well, there is no harm if a potential buyer wishes for these features to be available in the smartphones offered in the market.

The buyer should be clearly aware of his needs and requirements. He should know exactly what kind of phone he requires the most. Is it the device with long battery life, or an incredible camera and video features, or with high storage facility. Consider these important elements and then opt for the best option available in the market, which perfectly fits according to your needs and purpose.

Short Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Q1. Does best buy cell phones without plans?

In the current scenario, there are many carriers that sell no-contract smartphones. They Either include a payment plan or exclude it altogether. Most of the unlocked phones come with no contract option.

Q2. Who has the best no-contract cell phone plan?

If wondering who has the best no-contract cell phone, then according to our research, the answer is Google Fi Unlimited Plan. It offers a calling and texting facility with just  $20 a month. It can charge an extra $10 for each GB of data used.

Q3. Can you get a phone without a data plan?

If you are planning to buy an Android phone without a data plan, then sorry to mention it is not possible. The carrier does not offer OS Security updates without the data plan.

Q4. Can I buy a Verizon phone without a plan?

In the earlier times, one could have purchased the devices of Verizon without any plans. But with recent updates, Verizon has recently abolished the option of buying a ‘Device Only,’ without service.

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Who doesn’t need a smartphone in this technological advance era? This device has become an integrated element in our daily life routines. They are really essential for us since they ease out our technical tasks and maintain our connection with the outside world. There are many buyers who wish to purchase their perfect smartphone, which fulfills all their necessary and crucial requirements.

Buying a cheap smartphone without any plans can be a smart move. The ‘unlocked’ smartphones can be easily purchased, and the buyers can choose a carrier with efficient prices. They are the best options for international travelers. So, if there are any potential buyers who are considering the purchase of the best smartphone, which is launched without any plans, then they can refer to this article, which exists some of the most incredible and efficient smartphone devices which are available in the current market.