How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Carpet

The loyalty of a dog is not only heart-melting but also almost therapeutic. They are the first thing you meet when you open the door as you get from work. There he/she is, waging her tail happily as she waits for a warm hug or a gentle rub of your hand through her furry body. When they are in the car, playful all the way, leaving behind fur on your seats and carpet is inevitable. You’ve got to thoroughly vacuum it or figure out how to get the dog hair out of the car carpet

Even in outdoor activities, dog-lovers want to walk with them everywhere. On a road trip to the farm or to some camping vacations, a dog will always be there playing with your kids in the back seat. They are a happy member of the family to have around and we pride in parenting these friendly fur-babies.

However, having the furry pal in the car will only prove to be a bit problematic when you try to get rid of the pet hair from your car carpet. Many people get stuck here; when you have done all you can to remove dog hair from your car but you still find some stubborn fur on the upholstery. Truth be told, dog hair in the car’s carpet is the last thing you want. This article is meant to come through for you by letting you know how to remove dog hair from the car carpet.

The 5 Best Ways Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet

Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Carpet

1. Groom your dog

The first easy way to avoid or get rid of dog hair in your car upholstery is to make sure that your dog is always dressed up before they get in the car. Grooming the dog means they will not shed the fur on the carpet on the seats even as they move around or play with your kiddos in the car. In case the hair comes off, it will land on the dog clothes they are wearing. You will have solved the problem of having too much dog far on the seats or carpet. However, you will still need to complement this method with other ways because, practically speaking, you may not clothe your dog on the entire body. Dome furry parts of the pet’s body will still be exposed and some hair might drop off.

Even so, it is a preventive method that will see you have less dog hair in your car seats or carpets. Dog clothes can be bought all over the place in pet’s accessories shops or even order from online shopping malls. The point is, do it to get rid of dog hair from your car.

2. Using the Rubber kitchen glove

Kitchen rubber gloves are almost in every hygienic person’s kitchen store. Very few people are aware that you can actually use these rubber gloves to help you keep your car free from dog hair.

How it works

  • Put on your gloves and make sure they are not torn
  • Take a bucket of water and dip your hands in the water. Of course, don’t allow water to get inside the gloves.
  • With your wet gloved hands, wipe your carpet going in one direction and cover as much area as the dog hair is spread out. You will realize that some hair palls will start forming on the carpet, these are easy to pick with your hands, a squeegee or just vacuum them off.
  • Another way of doing this without wetting your gloves is to sprinkle some water on the areas you want to wipe the dog hair from. The intention is not to soak the carpet but to just wet it a little, then using your fitted-in dry gloves, wipe the carpet surface and collect the hairballs that form. You can use this method and do a fine finish by using the vacuum cleaner to obtain finer results.

3. Using air compressors

The power of compressed air is unbelievable. Air compressors work by blowing the target away as opposed to a vacuum cleaner which is made to suck off the dust or target dirt. This is done in three simple steps

  • Aim your compressor to the point of the target. This has to be the point where the fur is concentrated. You aim elsewhere and you will get the hair shift from one place to the other and end up with no results
  • Blow the air out of the compressor to jerk off the hair underlying in the carpet and seat covers or wherever the fur could be visible.
  • After blowing off the hairs from their hideouts, they will appear on the surface where you can easily squeegee them away.
  • These easy-to-do steps will see you get rid of dog hair from your car upholstery and enjoy a clean car all the time. Again the solution is not kicking your dog out of your car travels. It is adopting such methods to keep your car clean as you enjoy the company of your best friend.

4. Use of Velcro Curlers

Velcro curlers are commonly known to be used by women to help curl their hair. They work by trapping hair in them as the user rolls them through the hair. Well, it has been found that the same principle could help remove dog hair from car carpets.

  • You do this by rolling the curler on the carpet or seat where the dog hair is to be removed. As you roll through the carpet fabric, the dog hair strands will collect in the spaces by trapping them in there. With the small sizes of the curlers, you can reach every corner where the hair strands are buried.
  • Velcro curlers work best with carpets due to the furry fabric the car carpets have. However, they still can be used on other upholstery in the car like seats, but here you have to be cautious so as not to tear off the seat fabric with the rollers. Normally you use the curlers first on a small area of the fabric to reduce the risk of peeling it off.

5. A Rubber Broom

Remember the physics concept of static electricity? The electrostatic force of attraction? Well, even if you don’t remember let me help you out. When you put some friction on a plastic ruler or a piece of rubber, then place it over some cut pieces of dry paper, what happens? The dry papers will get drawn towards the ruler as though to stick on it (actually they do stick for a while). The force that causes them to stick is the electrostatic force of attraction.

  • Well, a rubber broom uses the same concept. When you brush through the carpet where the hair strands are located, some friction is created and an electrostatic force is created that draws the dry hair strands to the room and to the surface of the carpet. The ones that stick on the broom can be easily removed by hand while those that surface up can be vacuumed off.
  • Some hair strands also will gather at one point as you brush through the carpet (make sure you brush towards a single collecting point), these can be squeegeed and thrown away. The point is you are trying to kill one bird with many stones, the bird here is the dog hair and the many stones are the rubber broom, squeegee, and the vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantages of Dog Hair in Your Car Carpet

It’s indisputable that taking your dog along as you drive is much fun and everyone does it. But there is a risky outcome of having hair remain on your car’s upholstery; your carpet and seats. Below are five reasons why you should avoid dog hair.

1. Dog hair is no easy to remove

While you may as well rubbish this y simply saying you’ll just vacuum the car carpet, the truth is it takes more than that to get rid of pet hair from your car. Most conventional vacuum cleaners will not exhaustively remove dog-hair from your car carpet. This is because some and most of the fur strands get trapped in between the seats and the peripheries of your upholstery. It will take you both time and investing sizeable amounts to

get a thorough vacuum cleaner to get the job done. Considering this, you might wonder if leaving your fur bud behind next time you take a ride could be the solution. Well, we’ll see that it can be solved in the next section of this article.

2. Health risk

While many people hold on the fact that ingesting dog fur isn’t that dangerous, there is actually every problem with just doing that. What many are ignorant about is that these fur buddies do suffer a dog tapeworm infection called Echinococcus granulosus. The eggs of these tapeworms reside on the dog hair and if ingested by humans, these worms fill up the liver, lungs or even the brain. They bring about the Hydatid disease which is not what you want. That is why you need the tips to know how to completely get rid of dog-hair from your car carpet and anywhere else.

3. Uncomfortable hair stains

Having some dog hair left on the seats and the carpet could ruin a first date or a VIP appointment. Can you imagine you get in your car and you are going to meet your would-be significant other for the first time, and while you sit there you notice some white hair strands on your silk black Italian jacket? That’s pretty embarrassing and is the last thing you want happening on such an important date. It’s so much possible if you don’t get the dog fur removed thoroughly by using the unique tips that I am going to share. Stay with me to the end.

4. Can be allergic to children

There are very few dangers that come along with ingesting animal hair, and dog hair to be precise. However, it has been proven that if the dog was the type that causes an allergic reaction, the same could be infectious to humans. For example, if one is asthmatic or just hypersensitive to allergens, the very scent of dog hair would cause an allergic reaction which is often quite uncomfortable. You don’t want that kind of thing

happening inside your car where your kid could be the culprit of allergy. Avoid this by learning how to get rid of pet fur from your car interior to create a healthy driving atmosphere.

5. Though possible, it is time-consuming to remove dog hair from the car

Even though getting dog fur out of your car is very possible, it is both time consuming and expensive. I mean think about it, you have to clean up your car every time you come from a trip where your dog was on board. If you travel with them twice a day, or thrice every week, you have to do the cleaning all the time. Do you really have all that time? Talk about the investment you need to make to buy a good vacuum machine for cleaning up, it is quite an amount. I am not in any way discouraging dog travel, it’s just an honest observation. You could consider reducing the number of times you allow your dog to drive along with you, you know, just to save on time, energy and resources involved.

What type of vacuum cleaner should you use for removing dog hair out of the car carpet?

The methods of dog hair removal from car carpets that we have seen above are majorly supplements to the most common method of using a vacuum cleaner. It is possible to use a vacuum cleaner for dog hair removal from a car, but you have to use the right kind of vacuum cleaner to do this job. So what kind of vacuum cleaner should you use to remove dog hair from the interior of your car?

There is a difference between the conventional vacuum cleaner and a pet hair removal vacuum cleaner. One that is built to remove fur has two major features; they have a powerful suction capability and have a brush for stirring up the surface with hair. This is the perfect cleaner for removing fur from your car carpet and other upholstery. These vacuum cleaners could be the upright kind, handheld or the advanced robotic vacuum cleaners. I have prepared a list of the best hair removing vacuum cleaners you could choose to help you out.

  • The shark rotator lift-away
  • The Hover T-series WindTunnel (UH70210)
  • The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Corded, 33A1


Traveling and having your bestie is lots of fun, but it comes with lots of sacrifice and compromise. You have to compromise your car’s cleanliness at least for a while and put up with the furry seats and carpets. At the same time, you will have to sacrifice your time to clean away the hairy mess left by your doggy buddy. Nonetheless, with the tips learned here, there is no need of leaving out your best friend when you travel for fear of being messed up, you will always make your way out of it.